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She smiled and breathed in the sweet smell of coffee. Staring at the blank canvas in front of her, her mind began to swim with thousands of little ideas all taking off at once, yet not a one seeming to grow to the potential that she wanted it to have.

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She studied him carefully, taking in every movement and facial expression. She did not want another manager like the last one. “I will not,” she continued, “stand for any tardiness. Not even if the world is ending, because I’ll need as many people as I can working during that time.”
He laughed and a small smile crossed his face, “Of course.”

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She walked into the kitchen and groaned. The water still wasn’t boiling. She turned to walk away, shaking her head when she heard that familiar chuckle. “Forgetting something, Ana?” She spun around to face the tall, lean man as he took several steps forward and turned on the stove, “It has to be on to work, Love.”

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“Did you ever hear the story?” Daniel asked, a mischievous glint in his green eyes.
“What story?” Alex asked, leaning forward in anticipation.
“The one about the angel whose wings were ripped off. These guys ripped them off and filmed it. Anyone who watches the tape goes mad and the angel comes to kill them,” he purred.
“You’re lying,” Alex laughed, tugging on Daniel’s coppery hair.
Daniel grinned and swatted at her hand, “Whatever you say, Dollface.”

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He was smiling as he took that first step out of the house. He didn’t seem to notice the blood on his hands, nor how the wind managed to lift away what was left of his shirt. The ribbons of it fluttered about but he payed them no heed. He ran a hand through his disheveled brown hair and laughed as the wail of sirens reached his ears. He’d done it. Finally.

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“Just try it,” she purred. A slow, sultry smile made its way onto her lips, “If you can amuse me, I’ll let you go.” She raised the glass of wine to her painted lips and took a sip, never breaking eye contact, “What do you say, boys?”

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She stared down at the old band t-shirt and sighed. It was old and a few sizes too large for her to wear, but it still held so many memories. She traced the faded signatures with her index finger and smiled as that day came rushing back. She folded it up and shook her head. “Not today,” she murmured.

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There was a loud clap of thunder. “No one will recognize me,” he whispered, his voice hoarse.
As always, there was that harsh voice responding to him, “Then make them.”
He shook his head violently. He just had to move a little faster, then maybe he could outrun it. He didn’t want to listen to that voice anymore. He didn’t want to be recognized. “Just a little faster,” he breathed as the rain began to fall violently, “Just a little. . . .”

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“Dude, are you ill? You look like shit,” Alexander said as he tossed a sideways glance at Davy.
“No,” he muttered, his voice hoarse, “Just fucking exhausted. I spent all day in a mosh pit yesterday.”
Alexander snorted and shook his head, “Idiot.”

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Felix stared up at the ceiling. He was stressed and afraid to think about what he was going to do. Violence was all he had ever known. It was second nature to him, and now he was being asked to stop and try to throw it all away. He felt the strong hands pulling at that part of him, his past, and violently ripping it from him. He struggled to resist the urge to cry out in frustration and simply buried his head in his pillow.

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“Fuck,” he groaned. He looked at the trophy case and wondered what he’d gotten into. He’d known that Andy was from a well-off family, but he hadn’t considered just how far that went. It was going to be a long summer, whether or not he wanted it to be.

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He smiled wanly and once again began to pick up the sticks. He brushed his a few coppery strands of hair away from his face as he focused on his work and trying to remain in good spirits. It wasn’t working. He wanted a cigarette but knew there was no way he’d get one anytime soon.

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He took a long drag on the cigarette and smiled at Abigail. Abigail took the cigarette and passed it down the line. “What’s on the agenda for today, Nab?” Daniel asked, his green eyes shifting lazily.

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She smiled and tugged softly on the little bow she had sewn onto her wrist years before. “It’s useless now,” she murmured. The promise had been broken, and the little bow was but a gentle reminder of times past.

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“Don’t be stupid, brother,” she murmured, her green eyes piercing his grey ones. “Have you forgotten the meaning of the word ‘etiquette’?”
“I may be drunk, Liesel, but I’m not stupid!” he cried, standing abruptly and knocking several empty bottles to the floor. “I. . . I just hate sleeping alone,” his voice was now a harsh whisper as he stared at some stain on the old oak floors of his sister’s new home.
She cast him a sympathetic look before chanting her numerous apologies for his poor behavior.

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He chewed absently on the straw he’d shoved in the now-empty glass of coke and ice. His eyebrows were drawn together as he concentrated on some far-off spot in the distance, a scowl playing across his features.

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There he stood, tall and passive, with a wicked gleam in his eyes. He had never been a very pleasant person, and as a child he had been downright mean. She watched him closely and wondered what she found so alluring about the man.

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Daniel growled and leaned back against the cement wall. He sighed in agitation and threw his head back to look up at the glaring fluorescent lights. His white lab coat and maroon shirt were covered in dirt from the scuffle at the bar and residue left over from the dirty cell floor. He needed a cigarette. Badly.
He ran a pale hand through his long, copper-colored hair that fell in utter disarray. People were staring, he knew that much. He refused to let them get to him. He knew what he was there fore, and so did they. He was an example.

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She absently twirled the stem of the daisy between her thumb and forefinger before suddenly dropping it. She raised her eyes to the sky and smiled a slow, wicked smile. Jeremy glanced at her curiously but said nothing until she turned her gaze to him. “I hope you have an idea, Alesennia,” he purred.

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She had assisted him in several different projects already, yet still he seemed unsatisfied. “Alessandra,” he would murmur into the painting-filled room, “Cheeky little Alessandra. You do not know yourself.” She would scowl and stalk off, whispering that it was he who did not know her.

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Abigail cast a glance at the petite brunette and smiled. He watched her crane her neck to try and get a better view of the stage for a few moments before he casually lifted her onto his shoulders. “Better, Esther?” He asked, a mischievous grin dancing over his face. She blushed and nodded, swallowing the protest that was on the tip of her tongue.

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“I’ve given you everything,” she murmured, tears threatening to fall from her large green eyes. “A house, trust. . . everything you asked for, Dante.”
He looked down on her with those emotionless red eyes and whispered, “That’s where you went wrong, Aleera. You gave me your trust.”

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She ran her fingers through his silky soft brown hair and smiled as he let out a muted purr. She began humming as her fingers skillfully braided the long tresses. “Are you enjoying this, Jeremy?” She asked with a laugh as the purr became noticeably louder.

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“Be honest with yourself, Prettyboy. Do you really think that this gang life is going to last?” the tall blond man asked as he pulled on Daniel’s long, coppery hair.
Daniel growled and threw a weak punch at him before he wiped the blood from his mouth and readjusted his thin, wire glasses, “it’s good while it lasts, asshole.”

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She laughed and tugged on his hand, “Come on, Alex! Let’s go wade in the water.”
He smiled and let himself be pulled along as the petite blond dragged him along the hot sand. “Slow down, Marie,” he called, “It’s not going to magically disappear!”

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Sitting there, the priest beckoned her forward. Her eyes sparkled and she jumped to do his bidding, a pleased smile on her face. “Felicity, what price should one pay for falling to lust?” He asked, staring into her large, golden eyes.

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“Morals,” she snorted. “They expect me to have morals? No one has morals anymore. None that really mean anything, anyways. It’s all a twisted picture they decided to conjure up for pure fucking amusement,” she hissed as a sneer crept onto her face. She whirled around to face the tall man and he shook his head, smiling.

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She stroked the smooth surface of his antlers and watched his face in awe. She had yet to discern whether this was all real, or merely a very realistic dream. “There’s no way this could be happening,” she murmured, watching the pleasure cross over his face as she rubbed a particularly sensitive spot.

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He didn’t want to admit it, but he had failed. Completely and horrendously failed. He realized this as he stared at the blood so clear on his hands, and oh, so very red!

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She smiled ruefully, “I guess that’s why I ended up here, sitting in this office with you.” Carefully, she lifted the foam cup to her lips and blew, savoring the sweet scent of cocoa and warm honey, “It’s because we want to make history,” she murmured.

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