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So many words to describe it. If you come from a certain place, a crib is a home. It’s your ‘place’. It’s the part of you that you want others to see and identify with. At the same time, a crib is a place where you first lived – not the home you reside in now, but a home you had first starting out. Not everyone gets a crib, though. For some it’s just a bassinette. For others it’s a crook in your dad’s shoulder where you lived for a few months. For even others, a crib is confining. Maybe you needed to bust out. Maybe you needed a place to branch out into and the crib wasn’t quite the place. I don’t remember my crib. I’ve seen pictures – a beautiful, blue rocker with the family name painted across in bright, golden yellow. I don’t remember it. But I love the idea that that’s where I was nurtured and cherished. And I’ll remember it for that — always.

» Posted By AugustBeauty On 09.28.2013 @ 11:41 pm

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