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The word established is used in magazines and is of course a company that has established in what year. Many companies have been found in the past. Wells Fargo has been found by two men in the Gold Rush, and now it is a bank. Wells Fargo has been found by a guy named wells, and a man with the last name Fargo. Many restaurants and companies around the world has been successful and has been features in magazines.

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Earrings can come in many forms. I love my dangling earrings as well as the hoop ones. It looks like the ones worn by gypsies.Very exotic looking. Studs are very practical, simple, and elegant.

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I watched as he relaxed back into his chair, totally ignoring the exam in front of him and the clock ticking down insistently.

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The way he loved her was savage. There was no other word to describe it. It was brutal and it destroyed everything in their path. She liked to dream of a world where love was kind. She simply couldn’t.

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it soaked into the air , forming a cloud. It was ready to see all the little people down there. It liked hitting the people who scared spit, or the person crying. because somehow that rain droplet was a vapor at one point, and it is a part of your story.

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As she sat in her bed she thought of how the polar caps could possibly be melting . How everyone thought that their problems were bigger than something that could possibly alter our entire lives, but we were too stuck up our own butts to understand this concept.

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The bipolar woman now in her twenties felt as though her only grip on reality was slimming through her narrow finger gaps. She was tired of being here. She downed the last of the pills that controlled her. She felt as though society was controlling her. Why couldn’t she be the way she was without the little demonic pills? Why couldn’t she feel more than one emotion at once? She’d grown up this way, so why couldn’t she feel it? “Because it wasn’t acceptable or mature of her” Oh yeah. She was tired of feeling as though she had to behave and lock herself away from the free breeze that blew through her shiny, straight hair. She just wanted to feel as the tigers in Africa. As she felt the darkness caress her lonely,trapped soul, she thought of the way her parents looked at her when she went through these “episodes.” Fear ran through their eyes. She knew as her mother laid in bed, she thought of the failure her body had created and entered into this world. No matter how hard she tried, her mother would never accept that she was broken from the way that people acted around her at such a young age. Her mother blamed herself for the actions and tried fixing her, but it never worked

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it was the simplicity of the piece that was so unnerving to him, that it was very simply just a red canvas.
But he didn’t see it that way, instead he saw so much more in there, with every different shade a different shade of blood or gore, or the red silk of a dress.

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What is really worth measuring? Time? Love distance? Growth? Sometimes the most valuable things in life are too brief or elusive to keep track of…my favorite things are expansive.

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the modem is slow. Too slow. I hate that stupid thing. But it does provide me with internet access. Damn it. I can’t work with it and I can’t work without it. What am I supposed to do? I think this problem needs a resolution.

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A word that when writen in another spelling, is bad. But this could mean to Pour you heart and soul into something.

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christianity. superstitions. religion. feng shui.

false. not true. not proven. cannot be proven by science. opposite of science. old people.

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i’m like so totally awesome yea yea yea ye yeay yayeae why am i so awesome??? i have awards for it too. i got trolled last night, you know why? ‘casue i’m freaking awesome!!! OMGGGGGG!

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Stacks of newspapers lined the halls of the old mans apartment. He started hording them since before I can remember. “Might need them for something someday” he always said.

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The bow in her hair was a translucent pink, and she hated the damned thing. Being a bridesmaid was the worst thing she had ever had to go through, especially when the bride was such a dictator. Everyone had to match, bows and all. This, she thought, is the most ridiculous wedding I will ever attend. Why am I here?

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He walked in, and the class started to bow respectfully, as was the custom. He accepted it graciously, as he always did, and continued to strut across to his destination. The students all marveled at him silently, and he knew this went on the entire time. How could you not marvel at one so confident?

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I see what he writes. His hands dusty and dry. He tells me its not about me, but I know. I know. My head is heavy. My heart aches more now then ever. He writes. I read. I smell the chalkboard.

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Happiness and love deep from the heart gives a certain glow, a glow that I long for. It’s my fault that I have let it go. I wonder if I can be sincere with my heart.

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Uhhhh…you’ve caught me at a bad time. It’s the weekend…my brain’s turned off.

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fondue fountain streaming sexual desire and lust, child like and adult in one moment of exhilaration. why?

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I am sick of them. I am sick, so maybe I’m biased. Maybe I wouldn’t be so sick of them, if taking them actually helped me not be sick. But alas, I am forever to have the sniffles. Useless little monsters.

» Posted By Athena On 02.06.2011 @ 6:28 pm


the summer is hot new lo9ve arises and old love grows stronger summer is

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The route I had chosen turned out to be the wrong one. It took me down small winding roads with trees encroaching on the pavement. I was afraid I was lost, but the GPS told me to keep going. Boldly, I followed it’s directions, feeling more and more like I was stuck in a bad horror film.

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I stood by the wishing fountain, penny in hand, wondering if these things actually work. I feel like I wish for the same thing every time but it never happens. I just wish because that’s what you’re supposed to do. You throw in a penny and make a wish. I don’t even know where the penny goes when it is eventually cleaned out of the fountain.

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I thought they were just myths. But as I watched the fairies dancing around me I, I wondered if they really did exist, or if I was just on a really good drug trip. Either way, the fairies’ wings sparkled beautifully in the moonlight.

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I thought it was obvious that things had gone wrong. The oven wasn’t working. The rest of the food was burnt. Whoever decided to have us host dinner was obviously out of their minds. We were not cooks.

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I stand beside the altar with my book in hand, tears streaming down my face. The sound of explosions and screaming stream in from outside. I wonder if this is the end. I wonder if I will die here tonight. Is this it? Is it all over? Have our Gods abandoned us to live as slaves to the new religion or die?

» Posted By Athena On 12.24.2010 @ 6:17 pm


the seat of a car is where i wish to sit in the mornings. but all day long i think about wanting to find a seat right next to him. the one i think i love… forever and ever into the future.

» Posted By Athena On 10.17.2010 @ 5:15 pm


One of those things that you wish you could do with your life. Just put it in the wash like a stained white shirt and wipe it clean. But your life is not a shirt or a bathtub, and moving away isn’t like bleaching it out. You can’t escape your past, it’s who you are, but you can change who you will be.

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detour make you go somewhere else. somewhere you didn’t expect to go. someday i would like to live in europe. i wonder if this is a detour to my goals, my future. to having a family. but as long as i end up there, does it matter how it happens?

» Posted By Athena On 05.01.2010 @ 5:54 pm

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