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There were spikes adorning her blue velvet shoes. They stared into the soul of the gravel beneath her feet and asked questions as if they were king of the concrete.

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She was carefully jealous while debating the idea of human symmetry. What was the purpose of conformity? Should every citizen dress both arms in black jacket sleeves, string a thread of gold around their neck, and smile when the mouth yearns to fall slack against polished teeth? No. Symmetry could not solve nor be the answer to her pondering.

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There was a domestic beer left on the polished wooden table. It stood alone, with a peeled label and lip marks pressed to it stout. I envied lips left their mark and someone used their finger nail to undress the bottle. How lonely it is to be lonely.

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She counseled from afar
peering over the much too tall podium
her heels cracked with the excitement which comes from power
As she sucked in her first breath of air…

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I flipped through channels as if something would magically present itself for my personal entertainment. Truthfully I was not interested in the how to make a perfect omlette or newest reality stunt. I was searching for something real, something that resonated with my mind in this solitude. Not people talking about tangible things, which don’t matter. I wanted real. I wanted you.

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The sun illuminated day break as violet, tangerine, and bubble gum pink stretched their morning limbs across your eyes. I never knew it was possible to blend sensations

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Your forearms felt like a fortress surrounding my sanctuary. Protecting the inner vulnerability from cruelty. It was nurturing to be wrapped in in between your palms and body.

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There is precision & there is accuracy. We tend use the terms interchangeably, yet they are as different as lightness and weight. I could tell you things you wanted to hear, all similar ideas, but they could be no where near to the truth. This is precision. If I was speaking accurately the nail would be hit on the head indefinitely. Pain would permeate every strike as it sunk into the deepest of spaces. That is accuracy.

» Posted By AshleyKay On 11.22.2015 @ 3:19 pm


Camping reminds me of all the trips i’ve taken this year. Learning card games and pretending to be older than i am. watching the campfire & being accompanied by the milky way. theres something so lovely about waking up early in nature. i love how the coffee feels as it drips down my throat, and the sleepiness in everyones eyes. bagels taste amazing and the crisp air feels like a cold kiss. I love the feeling of the forest and mist. Its something i never would trade.

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Taupe stripes blended softly into the bed linen. It reminded me of the way caramel is swirled into grocery store vanilla ice cream. I could not remember if the morning was warm or contained an autumn chill, all I could see were stripes permeating through the sheets.

» Posted By AshleyKay On 11.14.2015 @ 12:28 pm


The ocean was clearer than a scrubbed window pane. The air tasted like honey on my lips as you kissed every inch of my frame. I never thought salt could be so sweet between my teeth.

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I want more than the sometime, I want you everyday; coffee eyes and morning breath. I want to say goodnight to your skin with the moon illuminating the constellations on your shoulder blades. Sometime will never be enough.

» Posted By AshleyKay On 11.08.2015 @ 5:04 pm


It was the tug on a sleeve, a breeze running along side of me. I could not shake the feeling I was about to partake in my biggest mistake wholeheartedly.

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I saved the seat next to me, placed it on reserve. Others tried to sit, but alas I never let them stay for long.The sign became crumpled; almost fell to the floor, but I refused to move its fraying edges. I patiently waited on a date whom may never come. I believed in the idea of “something higher” and stubbornly anticpated the moment to return.

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In chemistry we memorize systematic formulas, in hopes we can find patterns, predict reactions. But what they loose is the risk; the chance it will all blow up in your face and become catastrophically wonderful

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I decided it was the right amount of disaster and newfound liberty to succumb to my desire, his honey dew lips looked delightful and I ached for a bite.

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I was a prisoner to my own design. Crafted from iron, loved like wine, and unable to bend bars controlled by time, i was trapped inside a cell of closed minds.

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You were cut like statue brooding and cold. What the others didn’t see was the softness in your eyes when you stood in the pouring rain or the warmth of your finger tips when you picked flowers that reminded you of my name.

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Her tan legs outstretched on the sand, like a cat waking up from its favorite napping spot. His eyes traced the length of where the towel kissed her silhouette and longed for her to lay those legs along his

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I long for the weight of his words to pin me against these paper town walls. I want to watch them crumple because I found a feeling heavier than a ship, yet gentle as birds in flight. I wish for the weight to be my demise, then to arise from the ashes and become light.

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I did not want to be illuminated by the street lamps powered by sodium ions reacting with each other. The yellow light was harsh against the uncertainty in my eyes, which was attempting to hide.

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Sun glistened off the water while sand wedged itself between skin cells. Salt stung my eyes but I didn’t mind – it felt like home

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You had sunshine eyes wrapped in a sea of green, they reminded me of the asian tea you brew in the middle of July. It didn’t matter if the thermostat read 95, you believed that it was essential to start every day with a taste that reminded you of me.

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His hair looked liked a braided river; intertwining at the most unusal places. I could play on his river banks or hide in the streams of the nape of his neck. I never felt more at home as I did resting on his chest

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You’re trying to stall time as if it was a person or tangible thing. Time does not listen to excuses, it is cruel like the horror movies that keep you up at night, yet the most stable idea you will ever come in contact with. Time is rational, nothing you confess will make it slow or cease to be.

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I was in a panic when I arose from my bed. The air was filtering through my window as it always does, my stepdads heavy footsteps came down the stair case monday through friday like clockwork. Everything was distinctly yet eerily untouched, but I was undone. Could it have been a nightmare? I wasnt wearing the matching boxer shorts and silk shirt I put myself to bed in, there were no traces that I experienced the horrible events my mind clung to except for a moon shaped bruise on my wrist and this baseball tee I was sleeping in.

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Her voice sounded scripted as she tried to explain what she was about to do. It cracked in all the right places, softened at her command, and felt like the world under me was shattering like in the movies.

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It was central park where my eyes first became aquatinted with your face. I swear my heart knew it would find you, through the masses of tourists, artists, dogs and homeless, you were standing – looking back as if you knew everything running across my brain. You made the rain stop. The birds even faded into the background. My life came to its climax when I met you.

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If it was any indication that faint love marks resided on his neck and his hands twitched as if they were childs eyes that lied, it was proof – once again she was the right girl at the wrong time.

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i looked at my knee torn and scuffed but every injury remind me of the love i had for the world. from the salt in the sea to cleanse my wounded knee to the wood chips on the play ground I saw a little piece of the places ive been.

» Posted By AshleyKay On 11.13.2013 @ 6:12 pm

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