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“This is insane,” said a very confused Daryl. His voice was calm overall, but the statement rang out over the group with truth. It was hard to save the world. One person couldn’t do it.
“Arthur, why don’t you give us an idea? A simpler one?”
“Well, all we need is…-“

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He watched over us carefully.
“Well done today, people. We’ll need to pick up and continue our caravan in the early morrow. It’s a miracle we’ve been able to get this far.”
He smiled and set a blanket down. it was time to sleep.

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She slouched uncomfortably in her seat. The clock ticked slowly as it could, dragging each minute to feel like hours.
“Find x, then give me an example of how it relates to y,” called a just-as-slow math teacher. She raised her hand quietly. Then the bell rang.

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The little boy had no name. His father was a retired shepard so he spent much of his time alone. he lived in snowy mountains, only ever dreaming. His dream was to escape. To become a lion.

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“This man claims he is innocent,” cried the judge before the court. The adventurer adjusted his pith helmet as he nodded. “I did not steal the artifact; it was a simple find. It was by luck that it was your’s, and I am here to return it.” But they did not agree.

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She turned her face towards the sunlight, seeping through the dismal trees. Its golden rays bathed her face over and over with their warmth. “I can dream again,” she whispered to no one. “I can breathe.”

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His voice was powerful and full. “We have an issue here. Our people are leaving us as we speak. We are a council; we must find the problem at the source and destroy it.”

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On the sea
A place for provisions
A feast for a pirate soul
A fight from scurvy;
In a room
A silent hall
For toys; adventures
Perhaps more
Any other space;
It is simply, a barrel.
Who knew?

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I kicked open the barrel that lay in front of me. Many provisions spilled onto the deck of the ship.
“It seems like enough,” I noted, nodding to the quartermaster, “but who will know until we run out? I demand seventeen more barrels soon.”

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