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The wolf looked down in shock as blood pooled beneath Granny’s body. ‘Oh god,’ He thought to himself, ‘I’ve killed Red’s grandmother.’ It was an accident, she slipped and managed to hit her head hard enough to split it open. But who was to blame? Was it the wolf’s fault for startling her and making her fall in the first place?

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Everything fades away. The prized car of yours; your loving dog; sturdy house; yuor hubby. So why worry?

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she used to draw me without fail. she would look at me and see things that even i could not see. and when i told her about my true soul she continued to draw me. but it was no longer bright colors and trees but suddenly it was dark hallways and holes of despair. and it wasn’t because she was sad or because she was angry but because my colors had changed. i had become something else.

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There are stacks of bodies all around. İ’m just about ready to cry. What have İ done, I think, how could I have ruined so much?

How could İ have ever expected it all to turn out this way?

I’m just a little girl. What can I do?

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I felt no despair as the clock turned back an hour and everything before me faded like vapor that would only be caught by my mind. Who cared that no one would remember how strong I’d been? How I’d stepped up and saved the world? I know I sure didn’t. I was happy that things would go back to normal.

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