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Being emotional was like being drunk, brandon hated doing it and it always left him feeling so uncontrolled. Physical vulnerability he could handle. the limp on his left ankle still left him able to kick ass, but emotional limps? Forget it.

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the moonshine on the river reflected deep into the cat’s eyes as she stalked a fish that surfaced within visual range of the shuttle. Strem sat on its wing.

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The viewpoint from above always made the earth look both larger and smaller that it really was. Larger in that it was looming in the window, smaller in that if you lifted your gaze you could see the nigh unfathomable depths of space echoing behind it.

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Being an adolescent does not make you a child or an adult. THis is a fact that was a constant annoyance to Bethany Camerenson. She felt like a child in training most days, but she was stronger than the lot of them. She just didn’t want to fight. it wasn’t her fault she was born like this.

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Polar ice caps melt. Polar opposite, thats what we were supposed to be, parallel really. Parallel opposites. Left and right. THen he was shot. Killed in one swift bolt of kinetic fource

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Too many words go unwritten these days. It used to be easy. It used to be me and the music and that was it. I was *golden* Not anymore though. Not today Not when I’m getting older and so damn *tired*
There are days I wish I could go back. There are days I wish I never was.

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She delighted in her hair in the sunlight, but her boyfriend never liked her long, golden locks, so she cut them off and tucked them away in a box tied tightly with twine so that she, in the darkness when he was a sleep could sew them back into her hair

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Her hand streaked across the 142nd photograph she’d signed that day. This one was to “Erikka” With two ks. Sophie scoffed at this and kept moving on never doubting that one day her mask would slip and they’d find out who she really was.

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THe wind under his wings steadied the jet and his mind. It had been days, litterally days since he’d talked to Casey. Longer if you conisdered their last conversation was about breakfast over the previous breakfast. He missed this one shread of family he had left . He had his crew though, and that was enough. It wasn’t perfect, but it was enoguh.

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Black crows everywhere. Menacing glances our way. They scare me so much! Eating everything and taunting more than just the scarecrows.
Not afraid…plenty of them overtaking.

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He wasn’t gentle, but I should’ve expected that. It felt good, but my silence was meant to punish him. I remembered. It was just the same as always.

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Reminds me of the drop lets of water flowing down the window pane after a rain. The fresh smell of wet earth is mesmerizing. The drops of water are rejuvenating.

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The horse began to trot briskly as they neared the castle, as if even from a mile away he could smell the fresh oats and hot mash waiting for him.

The rider smiled at his steed’s eagerness. The thought of his wife, stirring a pot of stew, waiting for him brought him pleasure. In a few minutes, his children would be exclaiming over the trinkets he had brought them.

He kicked the horse into a gallop. A trot wasn’t fast enough for getting home.

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