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I felt my thought move through the floorboards. They wanted to make it to my mouth my my lips couldn’t form the words. Stuck, beneath wood and nail. Shifting but staying stagnate in their truth. They want me to tell you that I love you but I can’t even get myself to tell you that I like you. Complex

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He developed into a sturdy man. Always recording his thoughts underneath the closest hidden piece of paper. Thoughts leaving his fingertips onto the paper. Onto the table. Onto the wall. Words fading into the reality of things. Reality being what he could see. What he could touch. Feelings he wished to let go.

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When the sixty seconds were over I knew I had bad

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The chopsticks were placed incorrectly in the dish-wahser again: right through the holes, right where I couldn’t pull the rest of the bottom shelf out to get the cooking pan.

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He stood in the backyard, staring out into the distance. The sunset over the river was marvelous. Whatever happened, he knew it would be spectacular. So he stood, until the sun passed over the hill. The stars arose, and he smiled. Finally, he headed inside, knowing the next day would be a new day.

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I have seen this word so many times.

And each time more and more memories come back.

They come back at full speed and slam into me.

And each memory is more painful than the last.

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simplicity is beauty. Simplicity is understanding. to simplify can be boring. to simplify could be interesting. Complexity is what the world is built on. but simplicity keeps it going round. Simplify life, cherish life. the end.

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think thought thunk thank. Thank yoou think you can you think are you who you think you are? thoughts threw thrust three think of those trees. Thunk tunk dank dunk think thunk shmoke dank dunk. Water trees freeze thought thank thunk tha – a – nank. Thank. Think.

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Game. She said the meat was too “gamey” but really she just didn’t like giving blowjobs. Head. The dirty throat coat game. You know, what the real gangsters liked to play. The “players” as she would call them. Gamey meat, she loved the meat

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I sat there in silence, a look of pondering inquiry upon my face, and thought. I thought about nearly everything, from life to death to everything in between .

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she stared at the entrance to the cave for about a minute before finally walking in. The first thing that hit her was the smell. The stench of bats and fungus smashed into her like a sledgehammer. the next thing she noticed was the sound of rushing water, the spray of water on her face. she must be close to a stream, she thought, as she took out her flashlight. she turned it on and looked around, the wet walls of the cave glistening in the light. the cave was a glistening ebony.

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she stared at the entrance to the cave for about a minute before finally walking in. The first thing that hit her was the smell. The stench of bats and fungus smashed into her like a sledgehammer. the next thing she noticed was the sound of rushing water, the spray of water on her face. she must be close to a stream, she thought, as she took out her flashlight.

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Civilize with the I’s and dot the T’s. There was nothing quite like him. They told him he had one year to live. One year to find. One moment to reenact as your last. He shined his bones and polished the joints. Enscribing his last words into the marrow.

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The creature stirs at the edge of the bushes, listless, ready to bolt. Her restlessness causes the hair on the back of her neck to stand on end, until finally, her pent up energy releases itself in one huge surge. She bolts across the railroad tracks, hears a high-pitched screeching noise, turns her head and encounters a bright light searing her vision, and then…darkness.

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Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. How do we fix the things we’ve knocked out of balance? Destroyed? It’s hard to put things together when you were never really sure how they were were to begin with.

» Posted By arielle On 06.27.2012 @ 8:38 pm


He’d captured her heart. Every crack that the rest had left, his love filled and she could not imagine spending the rest of her life with anyone else.

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I lost my temper the exact moment he spoke my name. It was done it that one particular tone of voice of his. The one that sneaks under the skin with its biting criticism, nipping at the nerves and boiling the blood without my permission. In an instant, my brain wasn’t responsible for my actions and it just snapped. “Rose.” he breathed and I was gone.

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Her belief in the goodness of all people was slowly but surely waning. How could one man make her hurt so much and change her view of all people.

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Belief is the bond between you and God. Beliefs can change over the years because you grow out of old behaviors, because you get to experience the word differently. Belief is the power which keeps you go forward and dare to love.

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I wish more people recycled. Even I’m guilty of being just too lazy sometimes, but honestly, it’s the difference between the blue can and the green can. If it’s going to save our planet, isn’t it worth it to throw the can, bottle, cardboard box in the right bin?

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The professor at the front of the classed droned on and on until he was just a slightly annoying buzz in his students’ ears. His demonstration was like every other one this year, no new material, no new speech techniques. I sat in the front of the class, hand in cheek, losing interest fast, more fascinated in the blue ink spot in his pressed button-down than in the words that were spewing from his absurdly large mouth.

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The creak of the old wood echoes out into the dark night. I tuck my cold bare feet underneath me, my loose skirt flowing off the porch swing I dangle precariously on. My thoughts drift as I focus on the obscure shapes in front of my eyes, they move ever so closer. Closer.

» Posted By Arielle On 03.06.2012 @ 3:36 pm


My mom always wanted to be a professional ice-skater when she grew up. Now she’s a professional-nothing. Sitting on her motherly bum and smoking cigarettes. My bum is not motherly, nor does it smell like nicotine. I’ll set my sights a little lower than my adolescent mother’s and pursue to become a professional-whatever. A professional-anything-but-her.

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A little town sat nestled in a valley of green trees and blue lakes. A boy by the name of Jacob Hornsby spent his unimportant little life living in a house in this village. He never thought much of this town, not until the flower princess came to live there.

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Mama runs her fingers through my thin waves, weaving the three distinct parts into one entity. Her long dark hair falls across the bare skin of her left shoulder. I envied that hair. My father used to braid Mama’s hair too, using his thick meaty hands to hold the strands back from her face. That was the only affection he could show her.

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God. He is a lantern onto our path. A beacon of light, given to us to guide us on our journey. He has our destiny set and already knows everything in our lives, past, present, and future. He shows us the way.

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Her skin was cold. Hard. And cold. The curvatures of her body held tight to each angle. It was a majestic type of skin. Gold and shadowed with thought. Beauty. Ice. You could watch her. You could talk to her. But you could never see inside.

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The typewriter echoed slowly off of the brick walls. Papers of all sort lay eschew on the floor. The most organized disorganization. He typed and typed until his fingers were numb trying to put together the pieces of the night. Trying to understand the

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It’s like a flood is being generated before my eyes. I can’t stop looking from outside the bus shelter, and seeing the rain pelt down on the people and vehicles surrounding me. At the same time, I can’t get over how stunning it is, all this water.
We truly do take these things for granted, don’t we?

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I’ve never had the heart to kill bugs and things. I feel so awful taking any form of life…. like… I always feel like breaking the little bugs is like breaking a human and I feel so sick when I do it. I’m told that once when I was very small I stepped on an ant, and bent down to “kiss it better” even though it was dead. I felt so dreadful stepping on him, I can remember the little ache in my little innocent heart if I think hard enough.

» Posted By Arielle On 09.05.2011 @ 9:57 pm

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