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They sat on a tiger pelt and drank port. He thought that he would rather be sipping on a fifth of whiskey. She thought this had to be the most romantic moment of her life.

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I feel crouched when I walk down the street, even though I am standing, intentionally tall, willing my shoulders back so I might, from a distance, appear confident to a stranger. But mentally, I am crouched down so low within myself, not wanting to be seen. Because the person I am right now is not someone I want to show off.

» Posted By Arelle On 09.20.2011 @ 12:31 pm


You said I should watch this movie “Brick”. I watched it alone and was utterly perplexed as to why you liked it, but when you asked me what I thought, I said I loved it. We haven’t hung out in a while, but I think if you’d ask me now I would tell you that I am pretty unimpressed.

» Posted By Arelle On 08.08.2011 @ 2:45 pm


the dirt infested her fingers, worming its way deep within safe crevices. She was hoping the tulips would cheer him up after she’d gone.

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I never want an even plane. Never want equilibrium. And when I remember that I cry because of lack of stability in life.. in relationships, I know I am being silly. The thing i cry for is intensely boring.

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She sat with tiny hands clasping her tiny knees, her sparrow-like neck outstretched over the banister. The dancers twirled, seeming to look right at her, seeming to dance merely for her amusement.

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little girls with hair so tangled by the blanket that embedded the two in warmth and comfort shrieked with joy as they heard the storm outside their houseboat boom. They didn’t notice their father’s face flush gray, but they looked up in time to see the back of his weathered head ascend onto the deck.

» Posted By Arelle On 07.27.2011 @ 7:54 am


When I don’t write and find that I talk around all the things I wish to say, inept at articulating simple thoughts, this when I know I’m ill.

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I don’t have what it is but that’s all I have. To gain is to lose it, so I will ever be wnting. I want too much not want, and when I have it all, i don’t know what to do Let me be ever restless and never satisfied.

» Posted By Arelle On 08.29.2008 @ 5:51 pm

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