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“This house could be flipped”, she said. as she looked at the 30 year old shag carpet, the low, dark ranch almost bursting with potential. “But God, the amount of work to do,” said her husband, looking at the hideous wallpaper, the dated but not remotely cool kitchen cabinets. “but we could do it,” she said.

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Holding a door open for someone or giving up your seat on the bus isn’t chivalry, it is just common courtesy. Don’t confuse the two. General standards of politeness aren’t some relic from our medieval past, but rather treating others as you would like to be treated yourself.

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The letters were there, from so long ago, beckoning her back to a life that was long gone, that never would have worked anyway. But still they gave her pause – asking her for marriage, for moving to another town to be with him, all the things he could never say to her in person. Married with kids now, both of them, but still, calling to her.

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Delving deep into the heart of the matter can yield answers that might be better off left un-found. Think before you act – do you really want to know the truth? Are some things better left unsaid and unknown? You can’t put the genie back inthe bottle once you’ve let it out.

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Despite the prevalence of electronic files, she couldn’t quite shake the paper habit, and so her desk was cluttered with printed material – some stapled together, some put neatly in files, the majority strewn across the surface like a puddle, begging for attention, important facts drowning in the pulp.

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A brand I work with here at my agency has a “personality” described as irreverent. It is a carbonated soda full of sugar and caffeine and is marketed to young men who may not take things (like their health, apparently) very seriously. I always thought it was somewhat ridiculous but for the past 20 years, this has been the key brand attribute of this drink.

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Unwritten rules are often the hardest to stick to – you just have to know what’s right and wrong, what’s acceptable behavior and what is verboten. You need to be mentored in, taught the ways of the society you are seeking admittance to, without trespassing or stepping on any toes.

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Wrought iron takes a hard, seemingly unbendable piece of metal and makes it into a thing of beauty. Curves and twists, shaped by heat and force and the seat of the artist, transforming the ordinary and utilitarian into something more, a piece of beauty and design.

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The photo was backlit, obscuring all the details of the subject’s face. Through the haze you could make out sunglasses, and short hair styled in the trend of the day. And..blurry through the haze – a wry smile at the photographer. Not joyful or blissed out but in on some kind of joke, maybe some affection even.

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No longer just the domain of middle aged men who never left their parents’ house, living in the basement, eating chips and drinking Mountain Dew, video gamers have become established members of society, with the industry reaping more income then the Hollywood entertainment complex.

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The influence of peers is often referred to negatively as “peer pressure” but sometimes it is a good thing; not all drugs and sex and wild behavior, but striving for athletic performance, for bettering of one’s self, for friendship and camaraderie. I see this in my 3 year old and hope he remains susceptible to the positive influence of his friends’ behaviors.

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All is derived from a single atom, the world being an oak and from an acorn, sprouting. A life of love and compassion is derived from kindness and patience and joy shown a child; an aggressive dog coming from harsh words and smacks and impatience. All is connected, everywhere.

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Wistful thinking, she thought, as she puffed on her cigarette. Surely I’ll be fine, hell, people live until they are 95 smoking a pack a day, and why, I don’t even smoke a quarter of that. I’m young (at 41, she knew this wasn’t exactly true anymore) and just because both grandparents died of complications caused by smoking, she’d be fine.

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He was a willful child, they said, but his mother shrugged it off without much thought. Much better to have a child with a strong sense of independence, with thoughts and opinions of his own than a meek and subservient creature who didn’t question the established order of things. He would grow up to do great things, she knew, and was not about to stifle his willful nature.

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Steady as she goes…. stay the course and don’t let distractions or emotions pull you from path. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep on keeping on – all platitudes but all good words to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Just do it.If it’s important, you’ll make time – and if it’s not, you’ll make excuses.

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She blamed her recent cigareet smoking on all the usual factors; stress at work, stress in her marriage, the weather being too hot to run. But really she was regressing, falling into patterns established as far back as high school and college. Event the black clothes came back; it was if each puff pushed her back in time, when emotions were stronger and more pure.

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She wa scared of developing arthritis in her hands. Both her mother and her grandmother suffered from it, and after a hard day of climbing – especially if she was working on a route that was full of crimps (the smallest handholds) her hands would ache so much she could hardly hold her toothbrush.

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The house was up on stilts, standing above the water, out of proportion to what you’d think a regular house should be – tall and lean and somehow ready to take off at any moment, the waters still, for now, 10 feet below. You could only get there by boat and that was part of its charm. The barracuda infested waters surrounding it – charm or detriment depended on the personality of the owner.

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She was adorned to excess: silver chains on her wrists and ankles, bells hanging from her nails and ears, making music as she walked the city streets. “You sound like a horse,” a random passerby commented, and she smiled. Not practical at all but it didn’t matter for sitting in class or dancing in clubs and by god, did she look good. Silver rings on her fingers, black clothes contrasting with the metal, eyes picking up the sparkles, jangling making music whenever she moved.

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The shells were small and sharp, and the beach seemed more full of them than sand. Barefoot wasn’t really an option here, for they would cover your feet in tiny cuts. But now and then, as you trudged along, you’d find a big piece or maybe even an unbroken one, white with purple swirls, and you’d feel really, really small.

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Pairs of birds, mating for life; pairs of running shoes, some so toxic they are banned from the house before being washed; lost socks, no one to pair with at the sock party…is two the magic number or it three? Should there be a pair of children or is one enough?

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She was strung out, unable to focus, every bit of stimuli too loud, too distracting, unbearable. Everything hurt and she just wanted to shut it all down. “Get it together,: she muttered to herself, her old roommate’s words echoing in her ears. “Get it together and keep it together.”

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or the wrath of a mother who feels her children have been wronged. And when momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. So look after the woman in your life or be prepared to suffer the consequences.

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Flee the drudgery and the monotony of everyday life – shake off the shackles of mortgage and a regular job and income and go where your dreams take you!

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Life coach, career counselor, athletic coach. Helping others realize their full potential, helping to guide their way, shines back on the giver – nothing quite so rewarding as running into someone years later and they remember you,and they say “hey, thanks. You taught me a lot.” If only those lessons could also be applied to the teacher.

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She did not suffer fools gladly, and because of such, was often called abrasive, cynical, outspoken, a bitch. But better to not sit there nodding and smiling dumbly while seething on the inside, letting injustices or falsehoods prevail, she thought.

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And now it’s time for a montage, a montage, the best part of any ’80s movie, showing a lot of stuff happening in a short time – training, failing, trying again, finally rising triumphant, ready for the big match, yeah! With awesome music played on synthesizers and the best of ’80s fashion.

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Pieces of a yearned-for life make up the page, rough edges, sticky glue, dreams caught by someone else and run in magazines, torn out and stuck together to make the impossible goal.

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The house felt secluded, even though it was surrounded by others. Perched at the top of a five mile hill – so high that snow came earlier and stayed later – it was warm, and cozy, and full of light – but damn, that hill made it hard to get anywhere and so anything other than snowboard in winter and go for brutal hikes in summer.

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It comes and goes as a fashion trend – the pick of teen girls in the ’80s, with hairspray and baubles and sunglsses; now it has resurfaced (again with the sunglasses) and perhaps most annoyingly, with children’s clothes. I guess it makes them easier to spot as they careen around their world, unaware.

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