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Like drawers and shelves, cabinets have a sense of belonging in the modern kitchen. Whether you want to hide something from view, or simply cover it in food for those peckish days.

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Exercise, health. Healthy food gymnastics. Ballet. Muscles. Inner hamstrings. strength flexibility water. up right position. skills. Agility. Pain. splits

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She’ll return soon. That beauty, my prize. She will come back, as I sit here in the sun. She’ll return to answer my question: After all these years, do you still love me?

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Darkness consumes me. It confines me, to the dark cage in my mind. I’m suffocated. But I continue through my day, confined only in my mind. Not being able to fly, not being able to sing. Just sitting in the darkness, past midnight.

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She looked at it; the brooch her mother gave her from that trip she took. Her parents went on a trip for their anniversary when she was eight. Upon her return, her mother told her to take good care of it. But thirty seconds ago it broke — more like shattered — and she was unsure how to feel about that.

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“What do you mean it’s gone?!” He asked, a shrill quality to his voice.

“I’ve looked everywhere, I’ve been out here digging since 5am.”

He knew that was true, he had heard the sound of his brother’s old truck as it sped out of the yard. The sun hadn’t even been half way up the sky then. Still he refused to believe him, couldn’t believe that it was truly gone.

“You must not have looked properly, you were always lazy, you always do things half way! We can’t do this half way! It’s there, it has to be, I buried it there myself. It has to be there!” He tried to take a breathe, to calm himself down. His despair was now evident in his voice, seeping through his words.

His brother grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him violently. “It’s gone Jack! It’s gone.”

He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. Suddenly all he knew was the pounding of his heart in his chest. He shook free of his brother’s grasp and ran blindly through the woods. It wasn’t long before his feet betrayed him and he fell to his knees. It wasn’t until he had wiped the moisture from his cheek that he realized he has been crying.

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He was a mad man. He knew that as sure as he new the sun would rise up in the morning. Everytime he closed his eyes he could hear her screams echo in his ears, bouncing off the walls of his skull. What do you call sounds you can’t make go away? A living, breathing nightmare every minute of everyday, haunting you. They had commited him to the sanitorium three weeks prior.

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Y….hmmmm i need to do exactly what needs to b done at home, work, and in my marriage!!!! God has always done exactly what he’s promised

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“You want me to chose?” I asked.
“No,” I said. How could I chose between the lives of my two best friends?
“If you don’t all three of you shall be slaughtered,” the man said, his lips curling in a sneer as though he found the prospect of three dead teenagers appealing. I caught eyes with Blake and Jemma. Jemma looked terrified, but Blake was trying to look strong.
“Then kill all of us,” I said, “and never find out where we hid the key.”
The man scowled- he seemed to have forgotten this essential fact. I smirked at his expression.
“You can spend another night in the dungeons to think it over, otherwise we’ll start using other measures to change your mind.”
I tired to hide my terror as the guards came and dragged me, Blake and Jemma back to the dungeons.

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“I dare you to jump,” he said.
She leaned forward and watched the pebbles fall from the cliff. She shifted uncomfortably and he noticed.
“Trust me, Laila.” And she took his hand.

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shape change substance, those are just the things I think when I´m going to bed, I don´t know what is about transforming, I just know I like the change, but not into a bug.
“What a weird thing to say” yo might think, and yes, it is a weird thing to think but is because I am weird :) . And you?

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There it was again, the screaming man staring out of the page with a main of scraggly black hair,eyes gleaming with pure rage.

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Her build was slight. Her slender frame was more agile than any cat’s and the grace with which she sprung through the treetops was astounding. She made no noise and was hard to spot, what with her auburn hair camouflaged in the autumn leaves.

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The raft dritfed down the river, floating onwards calmly. Despite the bright autumn sunshine making the frosty stones on the banks glimmer like diamonds, I was utterly miserable. My clothes were soaked with iy water and I was shiverring on my makeshift raft.

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“Oooh, temper temper!” jeered the girl. She snarled, her perfect red lips curling upwards.”I’d stay away from us if I were you,” she spat. “Come on ladies, we needen’t hang out with this piece of muck.” And with that te two heavy girls who had been holding me back by my arms, threw me to the floor and stalked off. I let the tears fall.

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“No Homework! No Homework!” chanted the children as they marched up and down the school carpark like a line of soldiers. the teachers were a mess, shouting and bellowing at the kids, but their cries were lost in the furious cries of the students. “No Homework! No Homework!”

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Back and forth through the cold, damp air; back and forth through the misty fog; back and forth over the white-blanketed ground. The child’s tears froze on its face, but it continued to cry. There was no one else on the field, just the skeletal, frost-covered tree where the wooden swing hung and hte child swung. Back and forth, back and forth.

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i come to the playground, look around and all that i see is a swing, a ball and a jumping rope. no kids. no families. no laughter. i sit down and swing to and, fro thinking about the true meanings of life, while the swing squeaks with every time i move.

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I could do this. I was a professional. Well, as “proffesional” as you can get at chasing half-bird men with huge, feathery black wings and clawed hands who have captured your family. I raced after them on the ground, my feet hitting the ground. I crashed through the brush, the twigs stinging brutally as they whipped against my exposed flesh. I was berefoot, yet I couldn’t feel the stones and pine needles that littered the ground like shards of broken glass. They were too fast though. I had trained, I had practiced and I had worked my self to the bone, yet still I could not beat them. I growled fiercly with renewed determination. I HAD to do this! I Couldn’t let the men escape with my family! With renewer vigour, I carried on plowing through the brush, a red blur amongst the greenery.

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To be honest, it looked more like a pile of mud that had been rouchly sculpted into what he assumed where houses. Perhaps the architect had been blind? Even so, it was Ethan’s home, and so Stefan followed him down into the valley and into the town. Perhaps it would look better closer up. He was wrong. If anything, it looked worse.

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The womans hands flitted back and forth across the loom, creating a magnificent piece of cloth, as soft as a newborn’s skin. Her ancient, gnarled hands were more graceful than any swan and her eyes, though small and wrinkled, saw more than any child’s. The villages always marveled over old Celina’s work, but payed her little attention as they passed her cottage where she sat weaving on her rocking chair day and night. Still, she would continue her work and sell her makings to the villagers. Little did they know however, that her woven blankets held not only protection from winter chills, but also protection from things far more dangerous…

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Sitting there beside her, I couldn not take in what my eyes were seeing. It was simply too terrible. Her face was like marble- icy and pure white, and her eyes were clear, unseeing, pale blue orbs. I choked back tears. The smell of disinfectant was making me feel ill, but I refused to leave her side. I could simpl,y not grasp the fact that Helena, my little sister, was dead.

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Like a planet orbiting the sun, she darted gracefully in circles, her body rising and falling in an undulating motion. Her copper coloured leotard completed the vision exquisitely.

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I held it up and looked through the lense. Lana was grinning at me on the other side of the camera, standing in front of the monument of the man on his horse giving me thumbs up and a cheesy smile. I giggled as I took the piuctrure and the camera flashed brightly for a split second.

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“GO!” bellowed Mr. Chase, pointing to the door with one thick finger. Teriffied, I scrambled to my feet and hurried to the door.
“I- I’m sorry Sir,” I stammered, “when would you like me to-”
“I SAID GO!” He bellowed again, louder than before. I jumped and flung open, sprang out of hte clasroom and slammed it behind me. I was shaking. I’d never been yelled at by a teacher before.

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Once there was a girl named Champagne she was a lonely girl in her little world, her world came crashing down and she was never the same.
Poor Champagne.

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She sat on a log by the campfire wrapped in her winter jacket as the winter wind whistled around them making their hair whip around their faces.
“Here you go,” said Ammelie, her best friend, handing her a marshmallow. She reached out and took it. As she withdrew her arm, she felt flames licking her skin. She looked down and saw that her sleeve was a blaxing inferno that was slowly creeping up towards her. She screamed and pulled the jacket off her. Her shirt underneath was smoking. Ammelie threw her hot chocolate over her arm and the smoking ceased. On the floor, her winter jacket lay, the sleeve in flames.

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A flowing, pink silk dress embroidered with fine golden thread, blond locks falling gracefully down her back, a sparkling tiara perched on her brow, bright blue, smiling eyes. This is the princess, the heir to the throne.

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The snake slithered along through the grass, the darkness concealing it. It hissed into the night air- a malevolent sound that would have ensued fear into the eyes of even the bravest men. None would withstand her wrath.
She snuck into the warriors camp. Yesss!

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As she stood on the brink of the mountain ridge she knew that she might never return from the lands beyond. She might never run through the meadows of her home whith her little sister or bake bread with her mother or help her father fix the thatched roof of their cottage. She sighed. She knew she was doing the right thing. By leaving now, she could save many lives. She took a deep breath and pulled her ricksack onto her back. Then she stepped over the ridge nad began the journey forth into the unknown.

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