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She tried to escape, but it was no use. The stream pushed too urgently against her torso and she could barely keep her head above water. She heard the humdrum cackling of the fire in the cave behind her, saw the mighty silhouette of her captor glaring on the cave wall as he slept — which contrasted sharply, she thought, with his underwhelming stature.

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My grandfather has a wrinkled vest that he keeps in the corner of his room. In it’s pocket is an old pocket watch. When I asked him about it, he smiled and leaned back in his chair.
“That’s an old watch. It belonged to my grandfather. He gave it to me when I was ten.”
“Why did he give it to you?” I asked
“It’s a family heirloom of course.”

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People think. People tend to over think. I am one of those people. The people that cant just have an answer, they need to know if that answer has an answer, if everything that they’re doing is right. And being one of those people suck.

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Half of my life was perfect. i smiled, I danced, I cheered. But the other half, was a nightmare. The other half was the real me. Not the me I wanted to be, of course, but the me I was, none the less. I was an actress, not by choice, but by survival, by need. i had learned growing up how to seem like the happiest girl in the world. How to fake it.

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another day goes by and i still cant draw. i dont even know if i really want to draw. i just want to create. I spent so much time collecting items and utensils to build the perfect toolbox for creation. However, my mind is still lacking inspiration.

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bones and hurt and sad and casts and hospitals which are scary because of doctors and lots of pain. People sign this cast you have. and sports and dangerous and people worry because you are hurt and people then treat you differently because you are hurt and you cant do all the things you could do for a while

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some people are, but i am not. unless i get really angry. weird huh? it ruins relationships. couples must not have to go through this. tv and movies influence people a lot. makes us think its ok to be violent if its justified. i still don’t think its ok, though it makes for good entertainment sometimes.

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there is almost a story about the one time you sat on the bench in the park and buried yourself in thought. You almost reached your point. You almost understood what it was that had been causing you so much troubl efor so many days, weeks, hours, miliseconds, all the time you couldn’t put your finger on but let slip away as though it didn’t matter at all. You almost got to the start of why you let her go, why you lost, why you even loved to begin with.

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Lens are in glasses. I used to wear glasses but then i switched to contact cause i hated being made fun of and stuff so i pursuaded my mom to let me get contacts which are pretty cool

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propel yourself forward towards love goodness happiness light and laughter. Never stop this endless forward motion. Propel yourself into a beautiful future, all dreams to come true!

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I went camping the other day and I didn’t realize how unprepared I was until it was too late… My gear was all wrong! Damn that high-tech hippie selling me these no-good gadgets! *Throws 300$ water-purifying pen on the ground*

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I belong to a world with a million tears. I need to find a way to know I’m here, confusion has me blind to what is real. I hate the lies and the games he likes to play, my mind says no, but my heart begs me to stay…

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She glanced out the window that morning and she could see forever. She had been in that room at the top of the tower for 16 days now, and she saw no end in sight. How did I get here? I just awoke. Am I still sleeping?

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