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The cake was beautiful. I couldn’t eat it though. It was for his wedding. The man that I was in love with. Yeah, it was his. I had seen it in the bakery when I ran into him and her the other day. I’m in love with him and he’s marrying her? Great…

» Posted By AnonymousMe On 06.09.2014 @ 8:22 pm


The sly fox just stood there. He thought that the little rabbit wasn’t paying him any attention. He jumped toward the rabbit when all of a sudden the rabbit was gone. The little rabbit had tricked the fox.

» Posted By AnonymousMe On 06.04.2014 @ 1:39 pm


Reverence. I began to think. I knew that word. It meant. ummm. I forgot it. Can I have the definition please? No you may not. Um R. E. V. E. R. E. N. C. E. Reverence. I finally got it. I won the speeling bee.

» Posted By AnonymousMe On 05.07.2014 @ 9:06 pm


I was at the airport when I first realised how crazy I really am. Crazy about you that is. I don’t understand why but it is just the most amazing feeling in the world to be near you. I love the way we have little fights and then makeup. I even love how you drug me to this stupid airport just to remind me of the feelings we had when first met. Here. In this very spot.

» Posted By AnonymousMe On 05.06.2014 @ 8:05 pm


Fighting. Screaming at the top of your lungs. The air was barely seeping in. I had no chance of survival you were slowly killing me though this fight. I had no idea how powerful you were. I had no idea that you could control me.

» Posted By AnonymousMe On 05.05.2014 @ 8:12 pm

We fought all day. About absolutely nothing. It was stupid. I had never heard of such madness. It was like he had just completely died inside and I was talking to a lifeless body. He never acted this way toward me. I didn’t understand.

» Posted By AnonymousMe On 05.05.2014 @ 8:04 pm

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