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Oh, she had so many stories. She could fill up your whole afternoon with tale after tale about the adventures that she had with John. But I never listened. She deserved to be listened to.

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I looked into his eyes, and saw a flicker of remorse. But that’s all it was; a flicker. His eyes quickly filled with an undeniable tinge of fury. He looked fierce, ready to explode at any minute.

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Where you are, I will be also. What you think, I will think also. What you want, I will want also. Who you love, I will love also. Because that’s how I work. I have no life outside of you.

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When she returned, she found him kneeling, begging for her forgiveness. But his incompetence yielded no reason for her to forgive anyone. He was an inadequate and unintelligent fool, and he would never deserve her affection.

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I looked up, and there was the lamb I had heard about since life. He was bloody and bruised, but held a high place of power in that place. Around him were clouds and fire, coexisting beautifully and violently.

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And that instilled in her a new thought, a new purpose, a new drive. This elation he had given to her was unlike any motivation she had ever experienced.

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The walls bled, or cried, or sweat. The mind gets confused when inanimate things become animated. Any way, the behavior of the walls matched mine.

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As she proceeded to lead her embellished life, so beautiful, so pleasant, so deceptive, she realized that she did not really live at all. Her entire existence was a lie.

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There she sat, in her ornamental robes, holding the traditional head of the dragon. The man next to her snorted sloppily, looked at her as if seeking something, and then looked away.

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It was dark and hollow, with a sitting dampness over the whole place. The light shone through the cracks in the makeshift door.

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The train shuddered. He pulled the scissors slightly away from his mustache, glancing around the room without moving his head, as if anticipating a larger shake.

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He deliberated the situation. Whether he should tell her about his experience on the fourth of June at 7:35 PM, or whether he should continue to mask his traitorous euphoria. But she would never know.

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