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It was amazing. The feeling of an epiphany. It was sudden, but very strong, like a wave blaasting over someone standing idly on the shore of a great lake or at the head of the ocean. It hit like a winter blizzard, unexpected and from the hozion least expected.

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It was their sacrifice. It was somthing they had to do. Not just for the world, not just of rGod, but for themselves too. They freed the world. They freed themselves in the sacrifice they made, it was for the best, and they all knew, the eight knew, as they boarded the train that it was worth it all in the end.

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He was a shpeherd. He still is a shepherd, except not to just sheep, but to millions of people. everyday, he leads them, and he tends them. The Lord tends to them all, he takes care of all wounds, all illnesses, he helps those who suffer from emotional pains and from physical pains, even the ones who deny him, even the ones who do not believe, the Lord still is a shepherd to them, because they are his people, and he loves them so. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Psalm 23

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it was weird for her, her of all people to be holding a semi automatic gun. she hated guns, swore off from using them ever again, and yet, here she was standing with a semi automatic gun pointed to the other woman’s head, the betrayers head. it was not right for someone to betray someone else, and selene, well she took it alot worse then most people would; she would make sure they paid, and they always paid in blood for their mistakes.

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we can all take comfort in the lord. it’s something we can always trust in. no matter how bad or how dark it may seem, because God never leaves us, even when people die, and when those candles are put out, the Lord is still right there, ready to hold us, ready to wipe away our tears,a nd ready to set us back on our feet again, but, even if we are not ready to be back on our feet, than the Lord will place us upon his shoulders, and the Lord will carry us through it.

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it was a radical change moving across the country. moving from london over to a small town by the name of summersville missouri, it seemed almost a waste, almost stupid. thats why it was so radical. it was weird, but it was a job, one that she would neve rforgot all the time remaining on her days. but, radical wasn’t so bad afteralll…. or so she found.

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it means to connect or be related throug blood to a person. relate is also something we do when we speak, we relate, we just say it, we just go with it, and we just hsare it, no matter how dumb it may seem, we just relate it, because in all honesty we can relate to veryone one and everything with no issues, there is soething we will all connect on, whether its not to lie, or because we like to knit, there will be something we can relate with, with someone else, even if the person is someone we don’t like, there will always be one thing in every person that we can relate to, just like in every plant, animal, technogoly and such, there is something in all of the other things of the world and of the spiritual realm that we can relate to on one thing, one thing. A good example is we are all made by GHod, God planted every seed of knowledge in us for all the things we have, and grew every flower, and made every person himself, by hand, he knows how many hairs on our head, and how many breathes we will take. Thats how we relate.

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He loved castles.

They were large, vast, unexplored, and beautiful; they held secrets, undiscovered mysteries. Many were the wonders of the castle. Not including the view, or the things near to it. But, Reymond loved castles for other reasons too. They made him feel secure, powerful, and guarded, especially Blexuim Castle, of Eastern Corderis, it had many fortresses, helms, and shields in the path of the enemy. Blexuim would be the last Castle to fall out of the Order of Caslltees. Reymond knew that well.

And Reymond used that knowledge of the Caslltees for more than just that, but for the protection of the weak and vulnerable.

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Lissie was cold. Cold and dead. Her partner, laying, cradling her dead body. It was a hard job, he tried to stop her from going into the gunfire. He tried to prevent her, because they were partners for 15 years. If only she hadn’t gone into the shootout, if only she had been sick, he wouldn’t be holding her dead body.

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The elastic hairband stung when Lillian snapped it on her wrist, trying to calm the thoughts to harm, the thoughts to die, she snapped it again when she wanted to feel the blood running. The elastic snapped against her wrist again when she envisioned the blade of a razor cutting her arms deep, cutting them wide open. Lillian snapped it again for the eighth time when she wanted to be pale, covered and blood, without a pulse, or a breath, she had snapped it again when she wanted to be dead.

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Lillian watched the water boiling over the edge of the werid bowl shaped pond thing. It was odd seeing that, it was odd in general and completely uncalled for, but in thgis strange world the grass the pink grass brushing against her feet.

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A muse. It’s a funny word, or to people who don’t write a lot or don’t think a lot, or even draw a lot. Muse. Hm… Muse is what happens when I think of my boyfriend, I muse about him, and what it will be like the next time I am with him, and what we will talk about. I muse about how much we will kiss, and about how much closer we will get.

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Slowly the lightning struck, or so it seemed that everything was moving slowly, including the sound of thunder roaring, it all came out differently; much more slowly than usual. Everything was running in slow motion, almost moving backward, or that is how her mind foresaw it, because everything in the world was odd, different. Something was not right, because it felt like she was running backward when she remembered running forward to stop that from happening.
A cold grim fact struck her as the lightning struck again. This was the end.

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The skeletal remains of the girl, of Lyca, was a terrible sight to see. Anyone who knew her was devasted, and those who did not were at a loss of what to say or think, because there were the remains of that little girl, of a little girl with a promising future, that was abruptly snuffed out a year ago by a bad man and his lustful desires. He took her, he raped her, and he murdered her, and now her family was left to pick up the pieces; including of her skeleton, her little bones.

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Violent. He was violent. The blood on the planks. The innards scattered. The dead lying everywhere. The water flowing into the ship. He was violent. Than, he saw his Helen, cold, pale and tiny against the hard planks, she was even prettier in death, the hints of blue etching into her forever smiling face. Helen is what made him do it. He could not stop it. She had been poisoned. He could not take it, losing her, and he went into a violent, mad, frenzied rage, he destroyed everything. Everything he knew and loved at one time was going to sink and fade away at the bottom of the sea. He knew that.

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I heard the megaphone and it sounded distant, it didn’t sound loud, like it would normally when placed near someones ear. No. It sounded like it was across fields and plains, across rocks, running brooks, ocean tides, and forests with bustling with activity. It did not feel like it was close, it did not sound like it was close; not anymore. It was like it was drown in noises that did not really exist, it was like it was really not even there either. The falling rocks, the falling bridges, the collasping people, the sounds coming over the megaphone, the cries, it was like they were there, but they weren’t actually at the same time, because verything seemed so silent except a loud roar in my ears, it was like everything was playing slowly, dancing in slow motion ever on to wahtever they might lead to. No matter what, in those long moments, it sounded like the Megaphone was so far away, until the moment broke away. And than I heard it.

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Gabriel found out something about his charge, and he was not expecting it at all. Really, everything about her, was not what he expected form observations, but she only gave off what she wanted others to know or think, otherwise she was closed and reserved like a building that is being rebuild or modified for benefits, so was the way Lucille was as well, she was very much like a building, sometimes a old building that is ruined or tarnished is like a palace on the inside. Lucille was definitely not what Gabriel was expecting, and he was sure he did not like all of it, nor did he dislike it. It was here nor there.

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Lucille knew that chores were hard work most of the time, though often she thought her chores fun, at least, when she was a kid she did, as she got older, the harder they seemed to get, and the more she seemed to have to do. It was not fair, but, who ever said life, or chores was fair, if anyone could say that, they were dead wrong 99.9% of the time, though they probably would never admit they were wrong.

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Gabriel had watched so many people, living their daily lives, going about everything, from warwaging to cooking, to household duties, to cleaning the stables, and it all came down to the catergory which it deprived from, and that catergory is chores. Chores are something every place has, and every child knows and knows to dread at times, as well as adults because they are heavily laden with chores that are expected to be done, for wars, for family, for anything.

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Gabriel loved the color maroon, it reminded him of blood, something he thought was beautiful, because of Jesus’s sacrifice of his own blood. That’s why Gabriel loved blood, that and the fact that it made the impurities leave in a semi pure way. Gabriel, for as long as he could remember loved maroon, it had always been a well known favorite of his. Even when he was alive a very, very long time ago, he remembered liking the color, but, at that time it was just known as red or bloodshed color.

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Lucille hated the color maroon, she never could like it. It was distasteful, but Gabriel, he loved it, he even gave her something of his that was maroon; Lucille believed that was the only way she could like it, because Gabriel gave it to her. It was a ring with maroon stones in it, a rose gold ring, and it was precious to her. Maybe, maroon was not so bad after all.

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it was surpsing when one would find Antlers in upper city New York, but not utterly so surprising that it never happened, becaus ebelieve it or not deer would indeed come into yards, gardens or other areas of upper city new york, but not as often as out in the country where folk could find a stags antlers during hte time of year when they would shed.

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