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I actually don’t know the meaning of facsimile. It sounds like a metaphor for a simile. I need to read more.

Facsimile – noun; an exact copy

Sometimes I feel like I am an exact copy of what people expect from me, that no matter what I will behave as tho tied in strings of expectations and responsibilities. Only when I am alone I feel that this mirrored world becomes opaque and doesn’t reflect the facsimile of their minds.

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Dishonor on your family! You’ll bring dishonor on your cow!
-Mushu, The Great Dragon

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Drink, the finest brew around. In this life of lies, might as well enjoy this.

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It’s pink. Like a flower in her hair, it frames her face beautifully. White, pearly white cristals adorn the crown of the loveliest in the land. Power, a sign for the people, royalty. The queens jewels protect her from harm’s way. Or so she thought.

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The gift, only the best of you, you gave to me. No words to express how grateful I am that this happened, the way that it did. I truly have no regrets. Thank you.

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There’s hardly any chance I wouldn’t take, barely breathing as the smoke circles around my eyes and the light is barely there taking over the darkness of my pupils. What would I give to get out, to find myself back in the misty fog where I left her, what would I give for the clock to go faster faster and suddenly slower, just barely, alive.

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As the sounds of the waves reaches his ears, he gasped, unseeing the world that was before him. Mythic was the feeling coursing through his veins.

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The man sat waiting in the fine diner, checking his watch every five seconds or so. The fancy table included 7 different choices and his hands were burning

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The worlds were constantly slowing down…the end was coming and they are latitudes appart, something she could never forget herself. If time stoped right now, this moment will be for eternity and he would never ever know.

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the shriek was alarming, powerful and high-pitched, that traveled through the caverns in which she was being held. No time for survivors, I think.

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the opposite of a hero, who helps him some way that makes the difference in the story. When will the villain have his chance? He is only just a victim of the chaos of the world, after all. Life is messy and complicated, nothing is ever black and white. Decisions makes us or break us, only if we let them. To all the villains:

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The water spilled all over her. She didn’t see the mocking faces of the crowd that suddenly formed around her in the rush hour of the cafeteria. She only breathed the flour stash that came as quickly as the bottle of water. Humiliation was pouring from her in massive waves as the hot build of tears began, she wished she was invisible. Only she didn’t knew that one person who really saw her ran to her defense, the person she couldn’t think of that would come to her rescue. That was all missed by her running prom that place that would haunt her forever.

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the darkness loomed in the atmosphere. His eyes were piercing her soul and left a mark that she couldn’t erase form her skin, leaving a sinking feeling

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She was always the one ensued. The consequence. The product. The fatality. The end. She never was the source, the origin, the reason. The aftereffects were always harsh but not always bad. She would never get to be that person who brings smiles, the root of their happiness, the beginning of a story. She was always the After.

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the metro station was rapidly screeching its way towards our destination. This was the start of my journey. My new life is here, in the bright lights of New York City.

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Beauty. She’s covered the birthmark on her face so many times in her life, hiding, always hiding. Trembling, she hears the taunts of her peers.
“Looks like the mark of the devil”
Somethings cannot be erased.

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The dark spots covered his vision. Laughter filled his ears and he was soaking wet.
“Johnny! Come back here!”
Smiles all around.
“Why don’t you join us?”
Being dirty doesn’t make me straight.
A warm kiss on his cheek.
Playing in the rain wasn’t bad after all.

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He had only one job: being balance to the world. His crew supported his decision to follow his destiny and not his heart. Tears were shed, anyways. The man created the plague, something so unnatural and repulsing even the Avatar couldn’t take it on alone. The virus was spreading and there’s no much time left.

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“The masked man was surrounding the castle, one by one, moving through the floors like a wave that cannot be stopped. His clothes were elegantly elaborated, fine silk and gold threads made by only the finest in their land, the colors rich and captivating. Like a whisper he traveled the rooms, leaving only death in it’s wake. As for his mask, is was as grotesque as they come: diseased and bloody, showing it’s true purpose coming to the party. Death surrounded him like a pitch black cloak. Silent and vigil, he was waiting for the moment to strike.”

“Why he would do that momma?”
Helen looked at the eyes of her youngest, scared and open, hiding behind the threshold.
“Because he was bringing to them what they deserved.”

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The rustic materials has dust covered in them. The crew was amazed by the treasure before them, all kinds of history that they have encountered.
“Remember all, nothing is worthless. A man’s trash becomes other people’s valuables”
Of coarse they did. All their lives they have been waiting to make this expedition come true, this thirst of knowledge finally has been quenched. They were people from all around the word striving towards the same goal: the hidden treasure of the fountain of youth. They have encountered many obstacles but managed to get through them without much difficulty.
This was an education experience, in search of knowledge and science for the greater good. That thought didn’t register at all in Nicholas’s mind, as his plan to sabotage the treasure was going perfectly.

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everything has a purpose. Everything has a past, an ancestry, an origin. Almost everything you eat is made out of wheat. Is the source of all bread, pasta, dough, cookie, pizza, cereal etc. Every nutritious meal includes the offspring of wheat.

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You grow, you grow like tornado
You grow from the inside
Destroy everything through
Destroy from the inside
Erupt like volcano
You flow through the inside
You kill everything through
You kill from the inside

Tornado – Jonsi

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The winds were picking up their speed. The rain was louder in his ears, as he got closer.
“It’s so beautiful” he whispers, his eyes trained on the phenomenon.
“It’s also the most dangerous” his partner replies.
It’s always gonna be that way.
It defines the course of our lives.

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We are destined for greatness. Our choices are made, our path decided. But, she knew she was different, was destined for something else. Something powerful filled her veins, making her aware, making her think. She came from the sky to set us free.

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boots? again? what? boots are important to the body and soul. It protects from unknown fears that crawl from the earth.

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Small boots, big boots. But the ones i love are the leather boots. The stitching, the smell, the comfort. It brings up the memories of camping and roasting marshmallows on fire.The smell of trees and the chirping of birds. This is home. This is what I’ve been waiting for. They are my journey to greatness, my reminder to always come back, that I am not alone. I am never alone.

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