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The one in my closet wasn’t as shocking as the one under my bed. And the one under my bed wasn’t as terrifying as the one in my head.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 01.27.2016 @ 5:08 pm


It was a hazy day, one of those days where you can’t really see where the clouds begin and end, that she told me she was leaving. At long last, after five years, she would be gone.

I had a mixture of anxiety and relief as she told me where she would be.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 01.26.2016 @ 4:23 pm


It gave me a special kind of ache in my heart, to know that I was officially alone. There were millions of things in the world that gave me heartache – not one of them felt as low as this. I could almost see my future crumble, though, I suppose in their eyes it already had.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 04.30.2014 @ 9:09 am


There are people who seem like roarers, but in reality they are not. I think that you will find that the quiet ones with a lot inside are the ones who can really roar about something.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 11.09.2012 @ 11:30 am


the sky is blue. we look at it every day. Am I the only one who finds myself wondering what the sky feels like? if one were able to say, grab a handful of sky. Would it be smooth?

» Posted By Anna Rose On 09.02.2012 @ 11:05 am


“We will discuss it,” my mother said firmly.
“But why can’t we just do it now?” I pleaded. “I mean, it’s not every day you get a pet dragon…”

» Posted By Anna Rose On 09.03.2010 @ 11:19 pm


I was overjoyed to see her; I hadn’t in so long! Finally, the Fae have let her come to me, without anything bad happening.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.26.2010 @ 8:42 pm


The mist was thick; I could barely see a figure through it. The figure approached me, and as it did, I felt a wave of warmth. I was no longer cold.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.24.2010 @ 3:16 pm


I heard a rustling in the bushes behind me.
Sure, it might have just been a bird, but something told me otherwise…I crept toward it, in case I would have scared it off. What was it…? I hoped it wasn’t dangerous.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.23.2010 @ 4:27 pm


Under the earth is where you need to go. Under the trees, the roots, the soil…you will find your destiny, Alanni. Your destiny lies beneath the roots.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.20.2010 @ 8:07 pm


I stood there as if I’d forgotten how to walk. “You–you gave it away?” That stone wasn’t ordinary. Yet she had thought it was.
“Yeah…” She frowned. “Is that…bad?”
“Bad? That’s an understatement. Now that it could be anywhere, it could fall into the wrong hands…” My mouth went dry. The stone’s magic was only for those who understood it. If the wrong person got hold of it, chaos would ensue.
I had to get it back.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.19.2010 @ 11:28 am


The Fallen had come to us. An ancient civilization, now here to tell us the truth, what had happened, why they no longer exist. Such a sadness came from them that I had a difficult time standing in their presence.
The Fallen were here.
It was time to listen.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.18.2010 @ 11:59 am


“I will be eternally yours.”
That was what the bird said. It would be mine forever. It was my guardian, to be here with me forever. The bird and I would never part.
I still have to name it…

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.16.2010 @ 6:51 pm


To my delight, it was blue! Blue, the color of peace, of freedom, of my own joy. The bird would be my friend. Uncaged, it would visit me only when it wanted to, when it needed to. Or when I needed it.
Thank you, Mother.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.15.2010 @ 8:40 pm


Only seconds passed. I was the first out there, and they were years behind me. Years. It was so unreal; normally it would have taken me that long to get from there to here, but with the Mechanism, it only took a few seconds. I hoped they could make it here okay…

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.14.2010 @ 10:56 am


“It’s not probable…” he said. I said, “Well just try it…nothing TOO bad can happen, right?”
He took a moment to think, and then decided to help me. Even though he thought he shouldn’t.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.12.2010 @ 7:00 pm


I absorbed it all. It was amazing; I was like a sponge. It was kinda scary, the things that hat did to me…it’s like it made me smarter, more clever, sharper…I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t take it off.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.11.2010 @ 3:07 pm


It happened so long ago…yet he could remember it well; yes, he recalled the candles, the dark-colored room, and his sister–his sister…she was the one. She was always the one.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.09.2010 @ 4:04 pm


I created it for you. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? How the stars shine in the sky, their yellow, indigo and violet; don’t you just love the trees, how they seem to touch the sky, break through the clouds? Look at all the creatures, here to stay with you. This world is for you; thrive in it.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.07.2010 @ 8:05 pm


There was nothing left. All her memories, visions of her former life, her family and her friends–gone. None was left. She opened her eyes and looked around. Why was she here? How did she get here? When she was asked how she was feeling, Ezri replied, ‘Who are you?’ It was then that the person’s eyes grew wet, and they said, ‘It worked. Welcome to Lerna.’

» Posted By Anna Rose On 08.02.2010 @ 12:03 pm


It was decorated, as if it were a holiday or something. I resented this; they would force me to do it, saying it would “help.” That I’d walk away with a good feeling.
It did nothing for me.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 07.31.2010 @ 10:05 pm


It was near dusk when it began. The 20 of us gathered around the tree stump in the middle of the clearing. I didn’t want to do this, mind you, but I hadn’t a choice. I was chosen to do it, and this was what I had to do.
We began.

» Posted By Anna Rose On 07.29.2010 @ 8:12 pm

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