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It is not in common usage now , not in modern colloquial discourse anyway . If people want to show they adhere to another era they use it , or perhaps they want to stab at others and allocate them to a past era of their choice where these people are tortured according to the prevailing mores . they have never seen a kangaroo but run kangaroo courts – so stuck up . It is great how the – i changes the word . What have clams and claims in common ? —c , l , a , m, s —–claustro – Klaus .. am am

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one wonders – cl claustro clandestine – both are sinister . aims – what are my aims – to escape from this dreadful life , what have I done who have I inadvertently injured and plealse excuse the bad spelling if you lived like I do perhaps you would be happily dead now and why live – to suffer more , to suffer the revenge of others and why – what have I done ? I am anxious , my bones , my neck bones are going to snap and they won’t give me pills , I struggled on all my life , my teeth need treatment and I cannot afford the work . Evil has been spread about me , there is a Hate Campaign to make me succumb to life long humiliation and degradation . Yes it is all sinister – what about Wrights , what about fish . I am already tired and I have to go to the bus to go to to go to – ms , mslexia – there are claims on my time – , I wish there were claims on my time which would enable me to earn money . She claims she is innocent , she claims she never said what she said and she gets away with it all , she is —– a corrupter in many ways and all applaud her — clam clam clam , People eat clams , in American Literature I read about them , I never saw a clam , are they hard to open ? One clams up ie says nothing . I tried even though —- and I could not succeed . I was blocked and a trillion other things . Clamo – is it – I shout , what type of revolution is this ? where is Mao , the modern Mao ? it is like that – and who is running it all – allowing people to —- is it gone – it is mine – I am here to claim it ., im – is it butter ? as , is , lis- is that a fairy fort ? lissom – not used often . lis in urbe . I would not stand around a gallows and laugh at the people hanged , others do , their minds are filled with idiocy , they abuse time , they claim they live well , the do well , they do not want to think , they are not trained to think and because I was not rich I did not study Philosophy and those who did and did nothing have now succeeded and can beat me to death , they have already destroyed the small amount of things I was good at – they have reduced me to nothing so they can destroy me and mock me -my family they wanted my dear parents to die in extreme suffering , if I had been allowed to succeed I could have helped my parents . they deny how they discouraged students from certain paths , it is easier to blame a person like me , like they always have done . A disclaimer – what is it? maybe Lauren knows …

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S is for Sweep – whose alphabet is that ? Maybe it’s Mr Briggs the Butler ? Or Mrs T. the mean Housekeeper as she goes along saying , thinking Mr De Winter should never have married this silly girl – Oh I wish Rebecca was back and I will do everyting to make this stupid girls life a total misery ! anyway – who else thinks of Sweeps not Dean Swift because he was too busy with Saeva Indignatio and his Modest Proposal. I wonder if you play Quidditch , would you be good at chimney sweeping ? I think you would need a car to take up chimney sweeping – that’s nowadays of course . I think thin girls were employed as sweeps long ago , I am too old now to contemplate that job . It must have been exciting . It is not far from weep so I imagine sweeps wept a lot . I heard of a writer who got along well with his sweeps and that was John Fowles . Once when I stayed in a Hostel I met a really interesting man who worked as a sweep and collected books also . We had a wonderful conversation . I was amazed when he said he had met JOhn Fowles and also he read Iris Murdoch whose books he loved , he had every edition of every Iris Murdoch novel .

But really I’m sad for sweeps .
For sweeps who weep ,
Who creep into crevices .
Sweeps sob and sigh ,
They cannot lie ,
They say they disliked Mary Poppins , they were , were they – Jealous – no , it’s just they found her irrritating , one sweep tried to talk about Barrie and Peter Pan to Mary Poppins , she hissed at him , she vibed him . He had heard her talking to his colleague the day before and she really kept on trying to teach his Colleague . However she changed tactics and reverted to the safety of snobbery .
George Gissing – New Grubb St. I suppose the characters in that Street rarely could afford sweeps . That episode in Joyce’s Ulysses – Telemachus . Bloom meets a Sweep on the corner of Manor Street and Arbour Hill??? I hope that is right – the sweep is on a bicycle – something like the Lithuanian Painter who painted at low cost here – anyway you would need to be careful you could be made into a one eyed monster if you were going round a corner or standing at a corner and a part of a brush went into your eye . Tele – all sweeps are at a distance from me . The Chimney stacks in Rochford Manor – one wonders about the sweeps who worked on them . Poor Sweeps the soot seeped into their clothing , they didn’t live long due to inhalation of soot . I imagine they coughed a lot . Still it was an exciting job . Was there a guild of Sweeps who played Chess , did Crosswords , did lots of other activities at night . They were experts on chimneys and really could have been great in assisting Architects in the construction of Chimney stacks , also they could advised Mine Owners on how to deal with the problems young workers faced .
Maud’s Uncles house in Fingersmith – it must have been wonderful . There were firep[laces in all rooms so there must have been sweeps . Maud was a wonderful reader – reading aloud like I could have done if I could have taken that jjob as a Carer , they said it would not be difficult and I could read to the – anyway anyway some day I will have money .
I wonder if sweeps ever found wads of money hidden in the chimneys – behind a brick for instance.
I wish I could sweep all this house instead of hauling the hatefully heavy hoover upstairs . Chronologically I am old and my back is terribly sore – not as bad as at Christmas but still very painful.
Chim chimney chim chimney chim chim chimnee -==
I would love to see a poor sweep whoosh up a chimney , emerge on one of his longer brushes and fly far away , Peter Pan would guide him and they would land on an island where the young deprived sweep would study and learn so much that he could do the Entrance Exam to a Fab. Academy – I would like to be a Social worker who would concentrate on Sweeps , their talents , possibilites , problems . They were usually thin , if photogenic – there would be opportunities – lots- lets explore together – I could be their life coach . If they did not like my suggestions we could deal obliquely with problems . I know people would not give a capital to the word sweep , it’s happened before , they were/ are important and very important now because people can’t afford heat. I can’t afford a sweep yet , the last was a girl and very very pleasant. I hope to save for a sweep . But I keep on forgetting . Sweep – so many meanings .

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high society comes immediately to mind – a collocation which is common , not an entity I know . what are they like these beautifully dressed people whose clothes say so much to others who can interpret them ?whose communication at meals is secret ? It is not ‘table manners’ it is a way of talking with food . shaking salt means – I don’t believe you -‘ take it with a pinch of salt ‘. I am not Barbarosa , I heard of him , I never studied him . But people with red hair and these small beautiful noses , people love them on sight , these privileged people have wreaked damage on me . I once heard a man say his Dad worked in Guinness and once’ en route ‘to work he saw a red haired woman , he turned back home and his Boss took it as a valid excuse for not going to work as it was then thought these fortunate people brought bad luck if they crossed your path . I hope a few black cats cross near me today . I will whisper to these beauties to help me . I love them and someday I hope to call one my own , it will be my lap top and purr happily and in a contented trance sit heavily on my lap . I hope to be happy someday. Socius – does that mean a friend or an ally , so – is a coming together . there are so many different types of society – I enjoyed a lot of writing groups , I could suggest changes to others’ work and they helped me . I used to be a good writer , before I became ill in 1975 I could write very quickly and well . But since then I have been blocked , sometimes I could not even write a letter , I simply could not put words together when I attempted the RSA Diploma again and when I did it before I nearly filled two answer books . then people blamed me that I wrote the poor letter on purpose to wreak the plans of the righteous . I was blocked . it follows me still , that I am the coarse Hyacinth Bouquet when I think of my sister and her family I am forced to be that person – really I am not – but I have been forced into this to be mocked by others , like in the court of was it the sun King where a courtier hanged himself because of ridicule . Society – people who are in certain groups – together they can deststroy people like me . I like the classical society but it has changed and now I feel bad and nervous there , in 1969 I did Pass Leaving cert Latin , in 1970 I did Hons. Latin , 1971 – first Arts Latin , 1972 – second Arts Latin , 1973 – third Arts Latin . I attended the Classical Association Meetings – some in TCD and I enjoyed them now due to – well what – a certain group – society – I am in a very negative situation .socity – so society is linked with city in lots of ways . A forceful person in a group can sway others to do wrong , in fact they can justify many actions which are wrong , which harm the individual . I know that certain ways of behaving were told to certain favoured people – the chosen ones so they could delight in the destruction of others , as one of the favoured with relish mocked – ‘there’s one for you now ‘ and who do I think I am ? she knows- not alone has she a wonderful job where she is paid to learn so much , she has been shown how to maltreat people she could not understand as her own life and psche is not examined enough and she has accused me of being jealous of somebody of whom I was not , she showed- I won’t go on , but it is the hatred of others because I became ill in 1975 due to many things and society without knowing me judged me . Different society groups – maybe they are like different ships , I would have loved to learn how to fly , I love looking down at the , is it topography? I love the take off , the landing . ‘Earth , sea and sand ‘- a long time ago I read it and it seemed a wonderful job of adventure for St. Exupery . There are so many society groups and they often act duplicitously towards disadvantaged people , then it is so terrible to learn that for 39 years I have been deceived when I have been hugely disadvantaged , when it was so difficult to learn how to manage with medication , it was like trudging through waist high sticky sand often , like pushing through brambles and these fortunate people who never told me anything – they know nothing of the despair I felt , the depression , the deep sadness that I could not help my family , to endure the lies which were spread , to see evil promulgated , to be the object of judgement by those who do not see their own faults because they do not accept the Socratic idea of the examined life, they send you books like ‘ The unequalled self’ and echo the remark of the powerful who said I was patronising in Oct. 1970 – all I knew then was that the Medicis were Patrons , maybe I was pretending I was a Medici . Always I have wished I could stand up for myself but maybe it is useless because there are plots and people in society learn things and know how to trick me . I knew a long time ago when I went into Kafka in Rathmines what was happening , I wrote a poem about it but now I can’t write poems and when I was a teenager my speeches were written fast and they were amusing and I won . I am totally blocked , why did they do it to me ? Their vengeance lives on , it breathes , it advances and they can destroy me every day so easily. Is that society ? I don’t know .

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high society comes immediately to mind – a collocation which is common , not an entity I know

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In the times of the bible people were beloved , there was a beloved. I too know someone who is beloved . He is beloved by many , but is he understood ? In his tsotality he is not . I am of too poor a background for him . he said I was a cripple but it’s , it was,- my life which made me different .

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it was painted green , a llight pale green , the windows were brown and she felt still undecided as to wheher she sshould knock or not . still she had come so far that she could not turn back now , not at all she thought . She went to the door – a cream door and she began to yawn that was always a sign that she was nervous , was there a bell – no , not there there was a knocker – big and brass and shaped like a dolphin . Seh rembered the book she had read years ago – Green dolphin Street , wasn’t it set in New Zealand ?

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thehsound of the wonky bit of chalk on the blackboard went through his head and screeched like a Harpie , like a Banshee it was terrible , horrible , awful – I mean I nearly died it was so awful I just didn’t know what to do at all , it really was dreadful . the teacher was such an idiot he just went on blahing about the SEcond World War , well I thouhgt this is torture maybe he knows the Natzis used this torture too . I don’t know its sos awful , so terrible . I was so sick of listening to the teacher he was such a pain, even to look at he was horrible , some of the kids kept screaming luvly ugly , luvly ugly he kept on trying to teach he didn’t get the message he wasn’t eye candy , we didn’t want him anymore , give us a young teacher we didn’t want him , not at all , never again, ever . And believe me we got rid of him , he has no job now and we are happy . We are rich , he is poor , he is old , we don’t care or maybe we do maybe we want him to find a suitable job , teaching is not for him , not at all. Megan sadi he is signing on now at the Labour Exchange , we hate him and we hope he suffers .

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it is intriguing when i see a limo. often people have won a prize of a drive in a limo to a party or whatever, i don’t know really. Some are very famous so they hahve smoked windows . it’s all really internesting really . limousine and limo – how they differ. limousine sounds like the car – long and slim and streamlined . Is limo llike a lime and are people jealous , I don’t know really, not at all . I’ve passed by limos and I have seen people , vaguely seen people with drinks . it is intriguing . You could grab somebody from the pavement and take them away in a limo, couldn’t you?

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Hope was the last thing left in Pandora’s box, Hope helps us Despair plunges people into a blacknes in which they drown . this ink black substance is sticky and it’s victims can hardly breathe ‘ they are like the eagle who is pinned to a rock for hundreds of years and birds peck away at his liver , When they pray for

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‘is there something Jewish about pretzels?’ asked Susie , as she pulled back the thick lank dark hair whic hung over her eye. they serve them to make you drink more ,’ they are salted , said Anne. I remember having them in the Hofbrau Haus in Munich with my boyfriend , he drank a lot of the steins . they are like a decoration you could put on a tree , edible really . In the Sound of Music pretzels and noodles are mentioned in a song. ‘.

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AFter the silent w comes anger , the wrath of the gods has wreaked destruction on the world , it has caused hurricanes , tornados , tsumanis , earatahquakes so many many acts of god . people have a great will to go forward , to bring calm again to horrendous situations .anger is dangerous , anger is infectious . Virginia Woolf that play showed anger riding high , it makes people say things they would never dream of saying , of doing things they would never do . I love , I also have got angry which is bad , if somebody is disabled and they don’t see the things others see then they are living in a different reality they have different laws in their land , anger management , how to direct your anger that is important , not to destroy that is vital

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it must be great to live in domestic bliss. I imagine people sprouting wings when they come in , floating up to the ceiling her duster more coloured than a rainbow with which they flick miniscule pieces of dust to the floor where the ground staff sweep it up into jeweled dust pans . the dust turns to gold dust then and is saved for the community artists . food is bliss , you just write out what you want to eat and insesrt it into a machine and wow out comes what you want – lasagne and chips , galss of wine and cheesecake , all beautifully prepared . you take them to a table with a view – you can choose the view , Italian to go with the lasagne then you will find yourself sitting under a canopy , very warm so that you take off that warm jumper you bought in Marks , lucky you are wearing layers . you want a companion and you write down a name of an old friend you haven’t seen for years – the friend materialises , you take up where you left off talkling twenty years ago – l’esprit de l’escalier comes to the fore , and your friend laughs and you say touché, it’s fun . it’s bliss!

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She was a domestic godess. Her kitchen was pride of place , the floor was like a mirror , it shone from constant washings , everything had a place and solidly sat there – the pots and pans shone , the cutlery shone . In a place where food ., messy food was a principal player there was never a crumb anywhere. She lived for her kitchen it was the stern of her ship . the rest of the house followed suit – she governed all rooms , all rooms bowed in order and clenliness to her , nobody dared disobey her neat clean strictures , a stain was a sin . the house was sinless , those who lived there were given a philosophy f or life – Godliness is nothing to cleanliness and order the last come first, better to scrub the floor than go to mass, laziness , dirt ,.grime – these will be punished , first by onlookers , then by my God who will cast you out for a crumb astray .

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I wondered how the cinversations got around how things I had said were obviously bandied then I reallised there had been a mole in the group . He was reporting back to somebody on top. it happened in sseveral groups , it all seemed very EAstern European and who better than somebody from the lands of spooks to do this ?

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Jane thought she had a suberbo memory , but no , she had forgotten a lot and it was painful when her memory was jogged.he had retained memories about victories not defeats and failings and when she won a major prize for her peotry collection , people who had known her through the years surfaced . it was as if she was wandering by a lonely lakeside and slowly heads and bodies emerged from the water, drifted up near water lilies and they all had things to say about a girl Jane didn’t recognise at all and that was her . Each person had things to say about her , she shouted out no , no no , I idn’t do that , that definitely wasn’t me . then a chorus went up from the lake people ‘ it was you , yes yes yes Jane it was , how could you forget ? how how how . Around by the lake there were Aubresia bushes – yellow and green clumps llike the yellow and green payment slips from the sub jobs she did when things were good.

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they sued to say I drank an orange flavoured pop and that was before alco pops . I loved it the spirit and the concentrated orange , loved it with a cig or two or three. Much nicer than a coffee and a scone whivh are nnow acceptable to me because of age restrictions. You would have to b e mad or bad to drink vodka now , like it’s a symbol of a long departed Russian system , silly as vodka sis exist in the TSar’s time. I drank vod in so many pubs , in the North and the South . I know I could not afford it now , not at all . It’s so long since I ‘ve drunk it , I can’t relive the taste. I drink wine now at times with a bag of crisps or tortillas . it’s good , it’s a liberation from mundanities , from being so alone , maybe if you drink witwh a spirit you are with somebody , with soething which has a life – a spirit , not the Holy Spirit no, but are alcoholic spirits profane and bad – possibly if you drink them in a non responsible way and then do bad things because of diminished senses.

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the world is a wasteland , that is a point of view. the amount of waste paper, food, cans , bottles , clothes ,hangers and cartons and so on and so on is mind blowing . These could be scattered all over the world . Planes could go up and throw down all the rubbish , scatter it all over the forests, mountain tops , everywhere and then a Charity could set up and say they want people to be sponsored to pick it up. From the point of view of human emotions and thoughts the world is a wasteland . How often do you think about things which are just waste of time to think about ? You would be better off tidying or cleaning or writng a letter to a lonely person or hundreds of thousand of other things. your emotions are wasted often , you feel happy – this is good but if you waste the emotion it is bad , when you feel happy try to make another person happy too, or do something difficult because you have the emotional energy, try synergy , try to link up the emotion with somebody else.

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in the picture the iron was glowing as the Blacksmith bent over it with his anvil, all around him were varying degrees of darkness.. as Jane walked throu the gallery she thought of louis , the French man she loved. Her heart grew warm and she felt her body was glowing like the piece of iron she had seen , she would never speak to Louis again , so somebody somewhere was like the blacksmith and was forging something new from her love .She would use her love in another way and in this modern world in what way ? You now take responsibility , you go forward , it was before in the time of the picture that the blacksmith took control . How could she , she was not able in many ways , she was not totally the artist who drew and painted her own life , there was another artist who would draw the next sequence , who would then use colour to show the iron glowing within her and take it from her to another picture where she would be another and help others with this iron glowing through her body.

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Boney , they called him boney since he began to walk. He could eat and eat and never put on weight. As he grew older and learnt more he heard Napoleon was called Bone too, then there. was Boney M the band .and other Bonies. It was what lasted not flesh he knew so they were calling him a name which lasted for a long time . When thy disenterred him thy would say I wonderhow Boney is getting on they would find a mound of his bones deep down in the earth after the oak coffin had given up and turned to dust. Bones don’t turn to dust easily. He was never fat , never fleshy fat flesh is for maggots to eat eventually . Why turn your body into a paradise for maggots ? Most people do .

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Stevie smith’s poem , there was a waver in it , nobkdy knew on the beach but this person was waving and drowning. it was sad.

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allumez les feux! so she said as she drew out her makeup bag, a small grey shiny leather pouch. She sat before the mirror , quickly appled moisturiser, then a pale foundation , after some matt powder – it had been expensive and was very old , she wasn’t adept at using eyeliner but she managed to make herself look a little Panda eyed and took out a brown box which was a palette of colours – purple , mauve , white and another colour which fitted this Gothic team . Like an Artist she wielded these colours , then applied a few different mascaras.. Now she was ready to face the fray at the company , ready for her fieldwork. It was Monday , she had no boyfriend now , maybe by Friday . Then she could dream of giving up the job and running his house and family . She longed for the power it would give her.

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W hen the soldiers left the camp it was Aurora , first light . there was only the sound of a few small birds chirping in the fresh Spring air . they wore heavy armour and trudged along the open plain , they didn’t talk . the GEnernal was tough and he punished any man who spoke until they got thesign from him that talking was allowed. Marcus looked up and at seemed a great distance up he saw an eagle . iit was a magnificent bird , it soared through the air it’s wingspan very very wide . He saw smaller birds lower down and wondered if the eagle would suddenly swoop on them and carry one away to eat in his eyrie which was probablly a cave far away in the mountains at the end of the horizon. this was a very long time ago and the camp where the Roman soldiers were is now a town wiwth Boots , Next , Debbenhams Waterstones and it is called Newchester.

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Was the dinosaur or dinosour ? I’ve seen plastic models of dinosaurs and never liked them much . I never really got into the whole dinosaur world , I wonder why it all started up . who initiated it and why ? But I’d say through History certain things make comebacks and I don’t know when dinosaurs were of interest , at what time before. I don’t think the Victorians were interested.

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the band was called bandana , i think a bandana is a type of hat and the 5 members of the band wore bandanas . the bandannanas were of different colours – red, brown, yellow, black and grey.

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‘You’re in clover’ , this means , i think that things are very good for you . I know I saw clover when I was a child . I would now mix it up with four leaf clover which is clover really.
clover and cloven are close word associates the cloven foot of the devil and the plant whatever just have a last different letter.

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Ever year my part was in the chorus . I just melted into invisibility while the big names in the school sang solo or duo or triplecet or stood at the front of the stage . I returned to school every year thinking it ‘s invisible time again and it was . Endless hours rehearhals to be part of an unappreciated bunch of the mediocre . Just once I felt I really must be someone not just a just ok voice mingling in a group , who am I , if I’m nobody can I be somebody .. Most times it’s impossible for nobody to become somebody . They are so broken down into being kept down as nobodies they can never rise up .

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He puhsed her twards the shed ,. she made a sound like a whimper , He was big and his skin was red , he wore a green T shirt , and brown trousers, black runners . She wore a black top and a green short skirt.. You won’t get out this time he manaced . ‘ Leave me go ple ase, I did nothing She saw him looking at the deadblot on the shed door and knew what he meant to do.

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Trailer- trash , he didn’t actually say it but he was cutting her beautiful red hair and when he asked where she lived , she thought of answering Nutley Lane as it would not have provoked an adverse reaction but she thought oh well I ‘ll go for hte truth and it now hung in the air separationg them , making her lesser than less . He stood there scissors poised just gazing at himself in the mirror . She could never retrieve herself now .

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what do I think of first , it should be the trailer of a film which so often gives the game away and shows the whole film straightaway and ruins it for you . then there is a trailer – a car sort of , a kind of vehicle in which you can store things and pull along with you .
I sat through the trailer and I said definitely not on for me , so often trailers ruin films , then there is a trail , a trail left by a snail the long beautiful silver trail which glistens in the morning light that is a trailer too.

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