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He traced the border of his new leather cover notebook with his finger. A gift from his friend who had just been published with a novel. He opened to the front page. “To L, I hope I inspired you – you inspired me.” It had been a while since he had been writing. Work, and the girl from North Carolina took up his time lately. She had actually become his obsession, with her accent and long legs crowding out any other thoughts he could put on a page.

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Eastern bound I was. Not thinking of where I would stay. But I knew she would be there, waiting while I took the time to walk the streets. Eating my way up to Midtown, stopping at all the places we used to go. She would send me a text asking where I was, not knowing I happened to be at the coffee shop on the corner, waiting outside sucking on a cig.

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Taking criticism is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do. Being in the cosmetology industry many people have their own opinions and it is something I must learn to accept. Yet it is no big loss to be criticized, it is a chance to grow stronger and eventually win.

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He sat there, staring down at me. Yet another day trapped in his office. The secretary avoided my eye contact knowing that making it with me would be futile, and laughing with me would only reward her with the grumpy gaze and a few harsh words from the principle.

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she pressed fer feet firmly against the cold floor. The wind rustling through the trees grew from a soft caress to a vicious whip cracking through the leaves.

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Stop wasting your time. Finish everything you’ve ever wanted to finish. Smoking, drinking, slutting. Never stop experiencing. You have until next century.

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There it sat, wrapped in mystery. Waiting for my hands. I ran to it, and tore off its fresh red seal. It was magical.

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I closed my eyes and began to type. Each keystroke became rhythmic as the letters jumped forwards begging to be pressed. I didn’t know what i was writing, but it had to be something. Maybe something that might inspire someone else to write something life changing. Letters.

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There it is. Not intimidating. Just metal. Ting. See, one stroke is fine. Ting. Not so bad. Just hold it. And tap. Ting.

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He slammed the papers against the desk. The sudden realization that the battle was lost was almost too much to deal with. The devilish grin draped from the defendant’s face struck him hard. Another goes free. He shook his head defeated, looked back and sighed. Another soulless lawyer.

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The night was cold, the winds and snowflakes rolled over the streets. They kissed the sides of my house; a blanket of snow and security. We were trapped alone in the night. Alone with the snow.

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