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“You deliberately disobeyed me!” Mufasa said to Simba. PLOT TWIST: Mufasa was actually evil and Scar was saving Simba’s life. When a son listens to his father, he is endangering the God-given freedoms and natural right that everyone deserves. One should deliberately disobey any orders given them by immediate family, or risk establishing a communist, totalitarian, dictatorial regime in the comfort of their own homes – by accident.

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tandem bikes are cool because you can pedal together and cruise down the road at double speed together simultaneously at the same time. tandem means two people working together and a tandem bike needs two people working together to cruise at double speed together simultaneously. working in tandem is fun!

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While walking through the forest, I came upon a broken tree stump. Its name was Groot. It said, I am Groot. Groot was my new companion, and came along with little protest. We were walking together through the forest when we came upon a furry raccoon. He took Groot. I left.

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The spacecraft hover inches above the ground, the barely perceptible gap the difference between a quick escape and a trip to the repair shop. Buzz jetpack-hovered his way over, then hopped in and hit the ignition. The ship quite hovering, and blasted off at light speed.

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The road to nowhere is a lonely road. Nowhere is there such a place; nowhere is as nowhere else does. Nowhere is the void, deep black and blue and purple all over; nowhere is the zone, where ideas grow and minds belong. Nowhere is there a place full of free history papers.

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The laundry detergent, ON, was pouring into the washing machine, the viscous blue liquid cleansing clothes as it went. It foamed and frothed, scrubbing the dirt off crisp white pants and pullovers. As the cycle came to an end, the detergent slinked back down the drain in retreat.

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I felt like an underdog when I was battling against the ever flowing tides. It made my life hell, but I kept going because there was an underdog heaven waiting for me at the end.

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When the underdog attacks, everyone cheers for him. You know he’s the underdog when you see a small, shriveled shaped facing down a hulking beast from another dimension. Or when the number of spelling errors in a paragraph doesn’t stop an author from aspiring for fame. Or when you write this in 60 seconds.

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The pod stood alone on the desolate plains, with dust drifting around its smoking hull. The glowing red sun superheated the metal until the poor lizards taking refuge in the shade had no choice but to scurry away.

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There was a stillness in the air as the cops waited for their quarry. Nobody moved. The air weighed down on them with a thick, heavy humidity that squeezed every last drop of sweat out of their nerve-wracked bodies. An unfortunate black cat…

To be continued!

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At dusk, the sun goes down and the moon rises on a new world. Dusk is the end of the daytime, when mortals roam the earth. It is the beginning of the twilight zone, when you can’t see when a beast is about to pounce.

» Posted By Andy S On 04.22.2014 @ 8:49 am

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