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I wish our country would have a breakthrough in regards to the polarization that threatens to tear us apart. I keep waiting for the space alien invasion that will unite not only our country but the entire planet.

» Posted By Andie On 05.19.2017 @ 7:28 pm


With a welcoming hand, India beckoned Mbala in to the stables. “Here are my charges,” she said as she skipped from stall to stall, gracing each occupant with a nuzzle or a flick behind the ear.

» Posted By Andie On 11.30.2015 @ 3:23 pm


All those adorable videos that clog my inbox and muck up my Twitter and Facebook feeds have a dulling affect. Cute kittens and other baby animals are featured—rarely human babies. Do we not like our own species as well as four-legged ones?

» Posted By Andie On 03.11.2015 @ 7:08 pm


I like to use natural juice as a mixer for cocktails—lime, lemon, cranberry, grapefruit are all common. Try mango, papaya and pomegranete. They’re all delicious—especially with vodka!

» Posted By Andie On 03.10.2015 @ 5:31 pm


“I’d like the premium option,” she said as she leaned on the counter under the weight of an oversized suitcase. Airport food was never her favorite, but this place looked interesting with it’s Polish-Itaian sandwich combos.

» Posted By Andie On 03.09.2015 @ 10:13 pm


“I’ve got the goods on you,” she said as she watched him head for the door. He stopped and turned slowly. “What goods would those be?” The corner of her mouth raised up for just a second. “You know. Now what will you give me to keep quiet.”

» Posted By Andie On 03.07.2015 @ 9:15 pm


I could never be accused of discovering myself when I was young—for I am constantly in a state of flux, changing with every decision I make, with every decision made by others that affect me. There is no constant but change. The trick is to be open to discovery of the new person you will be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and on.

» Posted By Andie On 08.11.2014 @ 3:44 pm


the fisherman had the red ruddy face which was well weathered from the salt spray of his life on the ocean it became him it marked who he was and that he could take all that life threw at him

» Posted By andie On 05.13.2014 @ 4:04 pm


She wanted to cry. Wanted to cry really bad, but couldn’t afford to be seen as weak. Although a lot of people say you’re not weak when you cry but to her it was ultimate sign of defeat. So she just blinked back the tears that were threatening to fall down her cold cheeks and smiled.

» Posted By Andie On 04.27.2014 @ 7:33 am


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» Posted By Andie On 03.20.2014 @ 6:59 pm

Shades of gray and black and awhskdnaxoc

» Posted By Andie On 03.20.2014 @ 6:58 pm


Dealer? Really? I don’t even know what to say. It reminds me too much of the things I don’t wanna think about. About the way he could be destroying his life and I can’t even do anything about it, because he won’t let me, damn it.

» Posted By Andie On 03.13.2014 @ 9:24 am


Grandfather clock ticked three times. It was her cue to leave. Getting up, she approached the door, looked back once, trying to imprint the image of her room in her memory and left.

» Posted By Andie On 03.07.2014 @ 3:42 am


If I ever feel like I’m selling out, I’ll be ready to pack it in. I’d like to believe that I don’t have a price, that there’s nothing that would tempt me away from the things I believe to be true, from what I know in my heart.

» Posted By Andie On 11.23.2013 @ 8:12 pm


jude me
rub me
chafe my skin
I care about what you are saying
So say away
Rate me
Bake me
Serve me up
Show me off
Silver Platter

» Posted By andie On 05.03.2013 @ 4:29 pm


He was always mumbling so she could never really make out what he was saying. It took her years to realize that it was just a cover for the fact that he never listened to a thing she said. His mumbled answers were his only way of responding without having to worry about making sense.

» Posted By Andie On 04.16.2013 @ 10:08 pm


The sanctity of marriage is a bit of a crock. I was brought up Catholic, and marriage is one of the major sacraments—akin to communion and baptism. But few people treat it as such. And really, should they? It’s just a contract between two people who are often too young (well before their frontal lobe is fully formed) to truly know what they are doing.

» Posted By Andie On 02.15.2013 @ 9:54 am


What’s it like to be cool? I don’t have a clue as I never was—not in high school at least. But then, what is cool? It varies from place to place and time to time, and can only be measured in increments of status as fleeting as the seconds in a minute.

» Posted By Andie On 01.27.2013 @ 10:29 pm


She presented with a normal case of hiccups. An in and out sort of deal. No brainer, as they say. What nobody predicted was the deadly outcome. Out of left field. A real shame. The worst is writing the report to the family. Death by hiccup.

» Posted By Andie On 12.11.2012 @ 6:39 am


She was 12 years old and had never seen the world from such a tall perspective before. Climbing onto the roof was forbidden, but like all young girls, she had a predilection for all things which could be described by that word. As she sat there watching over the world, she decided that one day she would become the President so as to always retain the feeling of power she felt that night.

» Posted By Andie On 12.07.2012 @ 3:15 am


wow past is a lot… i mean theres a lot thats happened in the past, things that i cant even begin to think about and some things that i want to think about.. idk i think i think i regret some things or would take back things from the past but really i dont regret anything at all cuz i wouldnt be who i am today. past is a big word. bigger then me. past is everything.

» Posted By andie On 11.28.2012 @ 8:48 pm


I don’t want to cause a scene, but I need to know why you left. Even if I have to travel 18 hours to come find you, I’ll do it. I tried, and you gave up. For once I dove in only to find out you were only going to watch me drown.

» Posted By andie On 10.05.2012 @ 11:25 am


i used to love taking pictures with my camera. the iphone has made it obsolete. i would still like to own an amazing dslr and keep sooting

» Posted By Andie On 08.02.2012 @ 10:38 pm


I’ve never made the attempt to count my losses—I guess it’s a number I don’t want to know. Besides, counting my wins is a much better use of my time. My losses can only lead me to despair, but the wins—oh they can take me to incredible heights and I can know that I can achieve things when I put my mind to them.

» Posted By Andie On 07.30.2012 @ 6:07 pm


The configuration of the various aspects of my life is constantly changing—especially the parts related to my work and activities. The one constant: my family. My love for my husband and daughter will never change, except perhaps to grow.

» Posted By Andie On 06.28.2012 @ 9:33 am


Bowl full of…sweet but only good for you if taken in moderation. Personally, I prefer jam with its bits of fruit and seeds. My raspberries have gone insane this year, so I’ll be canning up a bunch of jam, and freezing puree for ice cream later in the summer—yum!

» Posted By Andie On 06.07.2012 @ 9:08 am


We’ve managed to agree on a treaty of some sort. I’ll try to forget. You’ll try to remember. It won’t happen again. Our détente is tentative at the moment.

» Posted By Andie On 06.06.2012 @ 7:58 am


Running, always. Outcast from the world. Fear of the streets, fear of the people you meet. Your neighbors. Your friends.

» Posted By Andie On 06.01.2012 @ 8:33 pm


Well, it sucks. We all know that, I think.

» Posted By Andie On 05.31.2012 @ 6:43 pm

Traffic is such a hassle. Today I tried to attend a volunteer breakfast event hough I should have stayed at work. I gave myself 30 minutes for a 20-minute trip. An accident blocked traffic and it took me 45; I was 15 minutes late. What a pain—and always worst when I’m at my busiest.

» Posted By Andie On 05.31.2012 @ 4:22 pm

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