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The motel sign’s flickered up in an unhealthily looking neon pink. This was it. The end. I had found back to where I began.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.27.2017 @ 4:50 am


The staircase was making unnecessarily many noises. I’m pretty sure that, if it wasn’t for that one squeak too much, they wouldn’t even have noticed I had dropped my gifts’ bag.
Unluckily, a few moments after, my red coat fell down because of a hook or something like that, and they called the police.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.25.2017 @ 6:34 am


Baguette. Camembert. Croissants. Wine. I couldn’t have been more cliché to meet in a French restaurant, not to mention the clichéness of the restaurant itself.
The only thing that bothered me was this constant shattering as skulls fell from the walls.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.24.2017 @ 3:54 am


The job was simple: find a host that fits you, occupy it, follow further instructions. Only problem? Human hosts had to be either male or female.
And when my time of decision ended, I still wasn’t sure which to pick.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.23.2017 @ 4:06 am


I remember watching an episode of Monk when I started feeling strange. As if I was being watched.
Later that evening, when I went to bed, I couldn’t keep off the thought of my house somehow betraying me, someone standing right beside me all the time.
Then, when I heard some footsteps down the corridor at two AM, I immediately felt better: I had a guardian.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.22.2017 @ 12:52 am

I remember watching an episode of Monk when I started feeling awkward. As if I was being watched.
Later that evening, when I went to bed, I couldn’t keep off the thought of my house betraying me. Somebody standing next to my bed all the time.
When I turned off the lights eventually, I knew the voices would be coming again. But I was prepared. I had a guardian.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.21.2017 @ 5:27 am


As all my dreams were swept away, I couldn’t have known I wouldn’t miss them.
Humans aren’t made to think rationally.
Appearently, neither am I.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.20.2017 @ 4:20 am


I am not miserable, I am questioning not being miserable.
Hard to believe, I know, but just question why. You might understand then.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.19.2017 @ 7:17 am


I don’t know what to write about this word, the word amplified makes me think of music, of bass, of a loud festival where everybody is wearing shredded tank tops and beaded bracelets, moshing to music that beat so loud your eardrums feel like they could explode. I think of warped tour, a messy, crazy place I wouldn’t want to be at any point in my life. No thank you.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.18.2017 @ 8:54 am

My thoughts are starting to get bigger and bigger.
Not sure when I’ll pull the trigger.
Thinking of everything bad in life,
every mistake is amplified.
I think I just died.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.18.2017 @ 4:54 am


I’ve already had this word, right? Why does it appear anyway?
To show some things stay with us forever? That history repeats itself?
It does, still no need to remember my little monkey brain.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.16.2017 @ 9:51 pm

As the memory system that is rooted in a human body seems to have existed since… forever, I literally cannot believe my ancient mind, which has gone through so many evolutions and has never been any more complex than right now, can’t think of a fitting short text for this topic.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.16.2017 @ 1:10 am


The Physicians is a thatre piece where there’s random people in a mental hospital murdering some other people. They claim to be Newton or Einstein or such stuff, and then they sit around for the second half of the piece and talk drinking tea.


» Posted By Anastasia On 07.15.2017 @ 2:46 am


It’s not her lifestyle, it’s her life.
She is not her friend, she is her wife.
There is no reason to question herself,
since everything she feels is good and well.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.14.2017 @ 7:16 am


Points, I surely did have enough of them. Good ones, by the way. Very good ones.
But when I first realized I had to explain most of them, I ran into a problem. Not many people would bother to understand a whole life story at once.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.13.2017 @ 3:27 am


I already had this one. I can’t believe I already had it.
Or did I just hallucinate a bit, since it’s so hot?
I’m not sure.
I’m not sure about anything.
I want to be, but I can’t believe. Can’t trust myself in the heat, y’know?

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.12.2017 @ 7:17 am

Rain after a heatwave.

It’s like letting go after holding onto a skin-burning rope for a long, long time.
It’s like breathing again after running a mile without stopping.
It’s like being alive after being losing oneself for years and years.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.11.2017 @ 4:59 am


The chamber of secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir… beware.

A sentence could change a life, but none I know could’ve changed my seven-year-old me this much. If this little sentence hadn’t been there at the right moment, I wouldn’t be alive.

Funny, how history always finds a way to move on.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.10.2017 @ 4:55 am


This is my zone, it’s where I go when I can’t find another shelter. It’s warm, it’s comfy, it keeps me safe and it’s already very familiar to me.
The only problem is that when I get inside once, the doors leading out lock themselves.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.09.2017 @ 2:33 am


I am giving you my all.
I want you to stay alive.
I don’t want you to go.
Here, please, take MORE
I want you to stay for a little bit more.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.08.2017 @ 6:12 am


I should’ve known I would be disappointed. I should’ve known I would be pointed at. I should’ve known the world was going to end in fire. I should’ve known humans don’t know anything. I should’ve known that I was going to encounter this world. I should’ve known I was about to be alive.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.07.2017 @ 8:38 am


The wheels were irreparably broken. Just like the steering wheel and the cuppling. The whole car was basically just another piece of trash to throw onto the dump.
It was only the memory that made her use it one last time, this time to take advantage of the broken motor’s gas, which kept creeping into the car itself all the time.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.06.2017 @ 5:54 am


I will defy everything I need to.
To win.
To lose just enough.
To be accepted by myself.
To find out what to fight for – you need to fight everything first, until you realize what you have to fight against.
you’ll be the one defied.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.05.2017 @ 4:54 am


Vaccine – saving lives or pretending to?
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but shooting your own death into your veins…
You will not grow on this.
Only a little closer to him.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.04.2017 @ 2:58 am


Futuristic depends on what you call it. The fact that I am pressing buttons on a device made of metals and hyper complex micro processes just to talk silently about the fact that this is futuristic is futuristic in itself, is it not?

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.02.2017 @ 10:07 pm


Fallen. Haven’t I had this word just yesterday already?
Where does it come from now?
Fallen from the sky?
Fallen from a tree?
Fallen into my hands?
Oh, what kind of irony.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.02.2017 @ 2:38 am

ever deeper, ever longer.
I don’t know what to think anymore,
for my whole existance is a bore,
I don’t believe I will ever die,
since I’m not sure whether
dying brings you to life.

» Posted By Anastasia On 07.01.2017 @ 11:30 am


The key to my heart – I’m not even sure if it exists or not. Just so I can get this straight, I do have a heart. I only have appearently lost the key to it. And even if there is one, I wouldn’t want to use it. Rather I would die.

» Posted By Anastasia On 06.30.2017 @ 5:56 am


Misery. Misery isn’t always what you can see. It doesn’t even look like it is what it is in most cases. The real misery is much worse; it comes from the inside.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re successful or not, if the idea of you being a loser once manifests inside your mind, you won’t be able to escape a mini-trip to hell. Maybe even something more horrifying.

» Posted By Anastasia On 06.29.2017 @ 6:00 am


The radius of the Earth’s constant roundabout was gigantic. More gigantic than anything her little child’s mind could imagine. The circles the planet was going by round and around the sun were the symbolic equivalent for the new goal she would get every time she’d come to terms with her first one. She loved it, even though it scared her.

» Posted By Anastasia On 06.28.2017 @ 3:36 am

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