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She flopped down on her back while glancing up at the sky. It was beautiful. She was on the roof of the mall that had just been renovated, now sporting a satisfied smirk after finishing her meal. An empty white carton box was sitting next to her with a pair of used chopsticks on top of it. And she was happy. She felt free and she felt like she could be herself. The sky above her, bright and infinite, was the most comforting sight she could ever think of. It had always made her feel protected and it had always helped her find herself when she was lost. She always took comfort in looking up at the sky, as, no matter what happened on Earth, the sky would always be there when she looked up. Its constant presence was to her a constant reassurance that everything would eventually be alright. Always.

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He had been accused of so many things before. And yet he had never caused harm to anyone. Somehow he just couldn’t understand why everyone would turn against him like this. Indeed, he wasn’t the most noble or kind person and he could be quite rude at times. But he would never cause any harm intentionally. So why was everyone so set on the idea that whenever something bad would happen he definitely had to be at fault?

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He just sat there puffing away at his cigarette. Every week he would come to the small cafe I owned and puff at his cigarette while drinking his coffee and watching the people passing by through the large windows of the shop. He never made any small talk and neither did I at the times when I would sit at the counter. I loved being there and interacting with the clients, but there was just something about him that told me he wasn’t up for any bit of conversation. And I was okay with that.In the end we did have quite some customers who would always keep to themselves and only enjoy their time here quietly without bothering to speak more than a few words to the baristas. They seemed, however, to be quite comfortable here. And that made me happy. It meant I was doing my job well.
I often used to think about everything that had happened in my life until that moment and realize how my life had somehow ended up orbiting around that precious coffee shop. It seemed funny how I had always pestered my mom about being such a workaholic and being too dedicated to her work when I had somehow ended up the same way. But the truth is, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. That shop made me happy. The people that came there made me happy. The people working there made me happy. To me, they felt like a second family. And to top it all off, my actual family was doing well, I was managing to keep in touch with everyone I cared about and I was even managing to squeeze a bit of time for my hobbies. I had to admit that life was pretty sweet. It did get difficult or monotonous at times, but it was good and I was alright.
However, I was soon to welcome in my life a few aspects that would make me even happier, and show me a whole new side of life. With it, came a lot of new things that I did have a bit of trouble adjusting it. But I loved it. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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I stood there angrily poking at my annoying pimple in the mirror of my tiny bathroom. I just couldn’t believe everyone and their stupid accusations. I should have expected to never be understood. At that very moment I couldn’t even remember why I’d thought this was a chance worth taking in the first place. It turned out to be nothing but a waste of time in the end.
Maybe I should just work on myself more. As much as I hate to admit it, at the amount of issues I’ve had with communicating and getting my message across to those around me, I’m starting to think that I really do have a problem. And it might finally be time for me to start working on it.

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I had always put value on different things than the rest of the people around me. I didn’t want to just live and get through life safely. I wanted to make it count and i wanted to really get to know every aspect of it. Because i loved it all. Even the things that others viwed as bothersome. I kept pondering over this as i listened to the clanking sound of my boots on the tiled floor and i remembered all the times when i would voice my thoughts and was only met with blank looks. I remembered all the odd looks i got when i would tslk about how i didn’t want to just settle and i didn’t want to make things easy and live peacefully. RtIt might have just been time for me to maybe move out of this little town. Change terrified me, but i knew i needed it. I needed to make something of my life in a place where people were more open minded. That was the day i had finally decided: i was going to move to an entirely different place and turn my life around.

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I sat silently at one of the empty desks, intending to think seriously about setting my priorities straight. However, in order to do that, I had to first figure out what it was that I really wanted from life. I did have a broad idea. But I didn’t like it. Because that would mean that I would have to change my ways. And I was terrified about that. I loved the way I was and the way I lived my life. It was too bad I couldn’t go on like that anymore. I had to face the facts and realize that little happy-go-lucky me would never get anywhere without a drastic change. I had to finally face the fact that I couldn’t just do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to anymore. And that simply terrified me. At that time I simply wished I were stronger and more capable of dealing with things efficiently. Instead I just wandered about, not sure about anything anymore. In fact, I didn’t even think that I had ever been sure about anything in my life. To me, everything was just a wonderous fairy tale. In my head, I was at the top of the world and everything was beautiful and perfect. When it came to facing real life though, not so much. I sometimes just wished life was just as easy as reading and writing stories.

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She sat on the stairway sobbing her heart out for a few hours. And it felt good. It felt good to finally get it all out of her system. She was tired of always pretending that she’s okay and that she can go on. For the first time ever she admitted to herself that there are things she can’t do things she doesn’t want to do and things she doesn’t have enough energy for. And for the first time in a long time she was happy. Happy that she could finally let go, happy to realize that it’s not only the ones around her that matter, that it’s not her job to please everyone. Because after many long years she finally realized that no matter how hard she tries they will never be pleased with her and they will always want more. So she decided to stop trying to please everyone and try to find the things that would make her happy. That night she realized that the only person who had truly been there for her through thick and thin was her own self. And it was finally time for her to show some well deserved kindness to herself, to live and to rediscover all the little joys of life.

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I ran quickly through the dark hall, hoping to get there in time. I was running late and, besides the fact that I still had a bunch of work to do, now I also had to deal with both this annoying cold and the anxiety that the thought of screwing things up always seemed to trigger in me. All I really wanted in that very moment was for the day to be over sooner so I could go home and get back into bed. Hopefully everything would turn out right and I would finally be able to catch a break.

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“Why are you so annoying?”
“Why are you such an idiot?”
“Me?! You’re the idiot here, you dumbass!”
“What the heck is your problem, you brainless prick?”
“It’s you, you insensitive punk!”
“What?! I can’t believe how much you annoy me! You-you-you-you TOADSTOOL!”
“Haa?! Toadstool? That’s not even a word, you-you-you- AH, YOU ANNOY ME SO MUCH I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO CALL YOU ANYMORE!

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Hmph, they’re wrong. Speaking out is not that easy. It’s not just all about letting your voice be heard. At least not to me. I’ve never been able to make myself heard and there haven’t been many people who seemed to care about my existence. To me speaking out is something foreign, that belongs in any other world but mine. And yet, isn’t it fascinating how people seem to be so alike, and yet, they each live their own unique lives.
Anyways now, isn’t autumn simply beautiful? There’s nothing that can compare to the cold November wind. And isn’t it utterly unbelievable how no matter how many days go by, every single one of them will be different from all the rest? And doesn’t the same thing happen with every week, every month, every season, every year, and just like that, with every life? Also, with decades, centuries and millenniums? I know all this is absolutely obvious and unimportant, but i just can’t help but be amazed. Also,.. Oh, the bus is here. I should take it since it’s so cold.
However, I’m wearing plenty of clothes. And I don’t mind walking a bit more. In the end, for all that I know, this could be my last autumn. Or my last month. Or my last week. It would be such a shame if I missed Christmas though. Hmm, life’s a funny thing. It’s also an unpredictable bitch. And yet, I love it nonetheless. I sure hope I’ll get to see more beautiful autumns with annoying, frustrating days.
“Hey, Spencer, what’s up?” Oh, greaat, there goes my happy moment. You know, life, when I said I’m looking forward to more annoying times, I didn’t mean RIGHT NOW! Gee, you bitch.

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“Hey there!”
“Soo, still not feeling well?”
“Oh, babe, I’m perfectly well. Just because I happen to dislike all of you, that doesn’t mean I’m not well. You just suck and I want to have as little contact with you as possible.” I said while taking another puff out of my cancer stick. “I just wanna go home and be done with all this” I breathed out.
“Yeah, whatever. Teach told us to meet her at 5 in front of the embassy, so we ought to get going. Come on.” Tsk, how annoying.
“Don’t sweat it, they can’t leave without us anyway.”
“Ughh, why did I have to be paired up with you? You make me look bad.”
“Honey, trust me, it’s not me, it’s you. You’ve always looked bad. You’re only now realizing it because of the contrast between my gorgeous self and you. And I’m not just talking about looks here.”
“Why, of course, how could you ever limit your magnificent self to only insulting one aspect of someone’s existence?!” At that, i couldn’t help but smirk.
“You’re annoying.” He added, after a minute of silence.
“Hmm, am I? Or am I just too great for you to bear it?”
“You sure like to flatter yourself, because your situation sure proves you’re anything but great.”
“Oh, really? Well, to someone as close minded and limited as you, it sure might.”
“Eh-excuse me?! I’m at the top of the class!”
“That’s got nothing to do with it, stupid.”
“It’s 5.”
“It sure is.”
“I hate you.”

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I felt like the centerpiece of a large collection. What was the world anyway? And what was with everyone else? And in what ways was I similar to them? Was it wrong to consider myself better than them? I mean, I was better than them only to myself, I hadn’t bothered anyone else with this thought, had I? Maybe I had just been cut off from the real world for too long. Did I even know what was real and what was not? Wasn’t reality relative anyway? Sometimes I felt like I truly did not belong anywhere. I felt as though I was foreign to each and every world I could ever perceive.
And yet, despite all this, I felt more alive than ever. I felt more alive than any other being in this world or any other. I was supposed to be in dire straits, and yet, I felt happier than ever. Was it wrong for me to be happy? I hated everything, I even hated myself, and yet I felt so good in my skin. It felt natural, it felt as if I was where I was supposed to be. And yet, I was missing something. Something essential. But what was it? Just what was it that I was missing? It seemed like I just had to live on and hopefully find out.

” What are you standing there for? Hurry up, you’re gonna be late.” Aishh, I hated it when people interrupted my thought process. It was difficult enough to figure things out without them butting in and distracting my attention. Too bad it couldn’t be helped. I guessed it would probably be quite boring without them around anyway. Indeed, I had already decided on not driving them away anymore. Being all by yourself is not as fun as it seems to be at times.
” Oh, I’m coming! Gee, I’m always late, so what does it matter anyway?” I eventually yelled while making my way down the stairs. “Do you really want me to get started on that? Just hurry your ass up already.” was the same old answer I got.

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I had no idea how large the terrain he owned would be. I was hoping it wasn’t too large. I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Too bad i couldn’t teleport. Well, that would’ve been pretty cool. But, oh, look, too bad, i can’t.
Ok, now, which way to i fucking go? Ahh, i hate my life. Seriously, why the heck did i have to get involved in all this?
I wanna go home. Or soewhere else. I’ll just go somewhere else. Hopefully somewhere nice where i can start over. Or not. Knowing my luck, i’ll probably just end up in a dump. Ooohh, wonderful. Don’t you just love this sweet, sweet life, Cole?

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It is rather funny how time seems to pass by. It passes by and changes everything. Seeing the way people change is quite bizarre and leaves me with a strange feeling that i can’t quite identify. Everything seems to be moving while all i do is think of this little world of mine. All i do is think and imagine. It’s all about story worlds to me. And yet, i’m thinking, what about me and the relationship between me and the world i live in, the world from which i take only the elements that i like and can relate to? Am i not seeing something? I feel like there is something that needs to be done. Is it about me? Do i have anything to come to terms with? Do i have any wounds that need stitching? Am i just oblivious to anything? What’s going to happen to me? And what is with all this? Whenever i take a good look at the things in this mundane world i somehow lose myself in.. mundane feelings? Of weakness? Of ignorance? Of stupidity? Although, to a certain extent, stupidity is not only a mundane trait? I’ve heard so much, i’ve also seen and read quite a bit, but suddenly i realize that i rarely ponder over everything. Is it just a mind play everyday? Am i even here? Yes, i am. But what am i doing?

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He stood there in front of me without moving a muscle. I knew there was something extremely odd about him. And that something sparked my interest. However, I knew that trying to figure him out would bring nothing good.
I couldn’t make up my mind, so I just stood there as well, looking into his cold eyes; eyes that somehow completed his stern look in an unexpectedly delicate way. For a moment I was inclined to think there might be a broken, beautiful and delicate spirit hiding behind that icy look. Yet, I remembered that only happened in stories. In the end, there was nothing beautiful about that arrogant know-it-all who thought he had the right to come stomping into the affairs of other people.
He could even be “god” himself, i still wouldn’t give a fuck and waste no second in showing him to the door.
And yet.. WHY THE HECK was I just standing there doing nothing instead of kicking his ass out of my goddamn office, and maybe also out of the building. I’m sure I’d be doing everyone quite a favor.
And yet, my mind is on full blast and my stupid body ain’t moving a muscle. WHY, body? WHY?

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It is, however amazing how a simple novel can sometimes bring you back to life and how a few simple words can turn situations upside down. In all these years, I would’ve never thought I’d come to see life in such a way. It simply amazes me how there are so many aspects of our existence waiting to be discovered. And how some of them are so great that we can’t even begin to comprehend them.

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“Dignity is one of the most important values of my life. No matter the situation, i will always keep my head high. I will never give in.” That was what she always said. And i didn’t really get it. It wasn’t as if she needed to state all those things. Keeping her head high was in her nature. With or without those statements, she would have always acted that way. Why did she keep on saying those things to me over and over again?

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The air was humid and cold. I reluctantly made my way through the park, hoping to get home soon. For some reason, the gloomy weather, was starting to get to me. For some reason, i felt afraid, i felt lonely, and i felt helpless. But, most of all, i felt angry. Angry with the world, and angry with myself.

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I brushed past him, making my way out of the dining room and into the kitchen. He came after me with the same old smirk painted all over his face, making it seem like he was mocking me. Which he was and which he had always been.
“So, what are you gonna do now?” he asked. I decided that this time i was just going to ignore him. But, of course, he wouldn’t have any of that.

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The building collapsed right before i had the chance to speak another word. We all tried to run as fast as we could in order to escape, but many of us remained trapped under the heavy blocks of stone. For some reason, i felt completely lost.

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There was a strangely welcoming feeling that seemed to be enveloping me in the kind of wamth i hadn’t felt in years. “I think I’ve just found my new home” I said to myself.

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