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She knew it was true. Why else would he look at her like that? She glanced around the corner. He was still standing chatting with his friends. Taking a deep breath she pushed herself away and walked toward him. He turned and smiled. Her heart did a little tap dance. “Hi,” he said.
“Hi,” she smiled at him, destiny shinning in her eyes.
“My name’s Brandon.” He stuck out his hand politely.

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CRASH. The impact shook the library. CRASH. The second impact sent debris cascading over me. The rumbling made books tumble off the shelves and people started falling as they tried to run out of the disintegrating building.

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Dark fell before he left the theatre. by the time he was almost home, the streets were deserted and shadows flickered in the light of dying street lights. From a distance away came the ominous sound of a lonely pair of heels. He listened to their rhythm closely hoping he wouldn’t hear them shuffle or speed up. Then they stopped. Why?

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Pop! The balloon exploded at the touch of the needle. It startled even me.

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It was a simple thing I did. I took a bite. The taste of bloody lamb exploded in my mouth and then he made me laugh. It was a simple thing I did. I inhaled. Down the bit went, trying to find its way into my lungs. It was a simple thing it did. It lodged. My face turned blue and his face turned white. One big thump and then another. Hands beneath pumping my ribs as the world became sprinkled with black. His arms were warm around me. It was a simple thing I did. I slept.

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Nourish my body, nourish my soul. It isn’t that hard, I swear. Spend a little time. Show me what you know about how to give me what I need. It’s not that hard, but, also, it’s not that simple.

» Posted By Anabel Crowe On 04.12.2012 @ 1:27 pm


Pins and needles travel down my spine as I walk cautiously through the underground parking structure. I rummage through my purse discreetly. Or at least trying to be discreet. I can hear my rummaging bouncing off the concrete walls. I’m a sitting duck. I feel hundreds of eyes watching me creep to my car. The pins, the needles, they’re starting to hurt. I find my car and all but run to it. I disable the alarm and it blares into the silence, announcing my presence. I fly into the drivers seat and almost slam the door on my leg. Then, silence. I’m home. I’m safe. I put my key in the ignition and drive out of the empty lot.

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Stand straight! Stand proud! Slouching by is no way to say I will not stand behind this! I will not say okay! But do we really want a change if all we do is sit on our couches, eat burgers and complain about the situation?

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Sweat drips down his forehead and between his shoulder blades as he jogs around the track. It is an uncharacteristically hot day and he’s been here two hours already, running to clear his mind.
The chaos is still crashing in waves against his skull.
Right left, right left, is the only thing that keeps the thoughts from exploding out of him. So, he runs. He runs, and he doesn’t stop.

» Posted By Anabel Crowe On 02.17.2012 @ 1:17 pm


Lights shimmered and popped, people milled around, and I stood alone. A carnival is no great place to be a single soul but there I was, watching you have a good time. I watched you eat a turkey leg and buy her an ice cream. I watched you put your arm around her waist and kiss her lips. I saw you see me, then I walked away, through the front entrance.

You will never see me again.

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There wasn’t a moment during the whole process that you voiced your fears. It wasn’t until a little 6 year old girl refusing to hold my hand walked in that you stared and went right upstairs. Later when I asked what happened all you could say was, “She’ll never be ours, she’ll never be mine.” She’ll be mine forever; you won’t be.

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They are closing, falling, crushing, crumbling. Slowly the walls I built around me turn into ruins. They are easily scaled and nature has already started taking back her own. As I stand staring out past the wreckage of my barriers, I see you standing on the other side with your hand outstretched, beckoning me into the light of day.

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The wagon clattered down the overgrown path. It caught potholes and got stuck behind tufts of grass as it carted its small parcel. After several hours in the hot sun the driver pulled over at a little house and jumped out. Carefully she lifted out of the wagon a small, blanket covered basket. She walked to the front door of the small cottage and set the silent bundle gently on the stoop. Then she calmly got back into her wagon and urged the horse back the way she came.

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The smell of it filled the air even from where I stood a block away. Every direction I looked, people were meandering towards the center of the city. I could almost see their mouths watering hoping for a taste of fried food and public displays.

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Oh, I know how this works. I say I love you too when you say I love you. Happily ever after we’ll be. But, only if, every morning we fuck without speaking and every night I hug you to avoid looking at you with loving eyes. And, in a word, we will function.

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Look around you, what do you see? A free America? An America that once screamed, give me liberty or give me death? I don’t. I see a mass of people shuffling around, staring into the sun to blind themselves from the muck being poured on them. I see us imprisoned by our own freedoms.

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Simply said, its in a jar. I’ve tried to remove it, but it just wont budge. Beneath the porcelain lid it lies, waiting, submerged in dark. I reach my fingers in, gently grasp and quietly pull it out of the jar. I close the lid and enjoy my cookie in the wee hours of the morning.
Mommy will never know.

» Posted By Anabel Crowe On 01.13.2012 @ 7:35 am

I slipped into the room trying to conceal him behind me. He was small so I thought it would work. He was noticed instantly. He stepped out from behind me and held out his hand. “Hi, I’m your son.”

» Posted By Anabel Crowe On 01.12.2012 @ 2:04 pm


Such a simple thing you are, oh tasty treat. I find you at the end of a meal or, if no one is watching, and it is just you and I, I will enjoy your scrumptious bits before I satiate my nourishment needs.

» Posted By Anabel Crowe On 12.28.2011 @ 12:16 am

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