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She could hear the ships horn bellowing, as she walked over the wide planked walk at the top of the house. She clutched the scarf closer to head, and peered into the fog, but could see nothing. Pausing at the edge closest to the sea, she began to pray.

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She pulled away from the window, drawing the thin lace to cover the glass.

“What is it?” Her sister asked from where she was crouched on the floor, eyes bright with excitement.

“Savages.” She whispered to her sister, bending down. She hiked the edge of her skirt, and pulled the gun from its holster.

Her sister grinned. “How exciting.”

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She tugged her hands sharply, and the fabric pulled at the front of her waist. The skin parted in smooth rolls underneath it, and she smile down at the little boy, and he ran towards the softness of her, and the smell of flour that wafted up from her skin.

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His fingers seemed to burn against my skin, the heat of him stunning. I blinked up, saying nothing, and he crouched down beside me.

“Lucy, are you hurt?”

I blinked at him, fire running across my skin outwards from where he was making contact with me.


He shook my arm slightly, and I didn’t resist the motion.

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I was left sitting there, my hands in his fur, with a sense of gratitude. It was annoying, having them so worried, but it also wasn’t. I had been afraid I would take this badly, and they had been ready to see me through it. Annoying, yes, but it was an annoyance I was glad for.

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I was positively sure that Xan wouldn’t complicate things by making some special allowances for the senior officers and the thought of Xin suffering in the rain was enough to make me feel slightly better, until it occurred to me that he could still take his frustration out on his horse.

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The scout looked over the small bush, his eyes narrowed as they picked colours out of the surrounding environment.


The scout looked over at his companion, a smile on his face. “Berries. Might be-”

His companion reached over, grabbed a handful, and shoved them in.


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The iron was cold against her finger tips, the texture of it grainy. She stared at the wrinkles in front of her, barely able to make them out in the dark, and wondered how she would manage to get all of her chores done now that the power was out.

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She looked down. Was that an ant crawling its way up the white edge of her sock towards a skin. She reached down to brush it off, and it jumped up to her calf. She yelp, and ran for the tub. ‘Not this again’ she thought as she ran the water. ‘Anything but fleas.’

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The division of self… it’s a dangerous thing. The more you divide the more pieces you lose track of, until one day you wake, covered in blood without any idea how it got there.

At least that’s how it worked for her. Maybe other people just went quietly insane.

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Pass it

Pass wot?

She pointed, a flailing limp-wrist-ed gesture which took in the entire landscape of the table. Dirty dishes, used utensils and condiments galore.


The not salt

He lifted the pepper and his left eye brow, and with a frustrated sigh she snatched it from his hand


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She made no verbal offer. She laid the case down and let that speak for itself. He couldn’t know exactly what it meant. For how long, and how much. But it didn’t matter, because it meant something. And he was already moving towards her, smile firmly stretched across his face.

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In was a second chance. She knew that. And she was trying to be grateful. Really.

She scrapped the mashed potatoes off the five cent tip her last ass grabbing customer had left, and promised herself that tomorrow she would try a little harder.

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The elastic was sorely tested by her girth. It bulged and puckered and sank into her skin, cutting red angry marks into the rolls of her flesh. She leaned forward, straining it further, all of her wobbling within its confines, and he looked away, mumbling his order to his place mat rather than to her, terrified he’d be looking at the moment the elastic of her bodysuit failed.

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She veered, one wheel taking the curb, her hands pressed flat against the horn. The pedestrian, who’d been angrily prodding at their phone looked up, startled, and shuddered with the realization of how close they had come to injury.

She let her blood cool, forehead against the back of her hands and reminded herself of all the reasons she did actually like driving.

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The light bulb swung slowly at the end of its chain, a quiet clink echoing in the small empty room when the glass connected with the metal pull that switch it on. The light was on now, dim and dirty, with one improbable fly caught in the inside of the glass, and a faded set of fingerprint smeared into grim on the bottom.

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He wasn’t on the level. That much was clear. It wasn’t so much the horns he was trying, and failing to hide, under his hat, as the all too innocent look on his face, and the shuffling of his hooves that gave it away. She’d seen the type before. And it never went well if you took them at face value. She set her brain to a grain of salt o meter and listened carefully to his tale of woe.

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Follow the steps. One two three four. Don’t step on anyone toes. This is the key to a happy life.

Or the key to successful ballroom dancing.

Which could lead to a happy life.

So that’s all good. Win.

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“It amuses me, you see.” She turned to him, a slight smile on her face.

“I don’t see how it could,” he replied flatly.

“That’s because you are so terribly human. Don’t worry. It’ll pass soon enough.”

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The band sat beside the stage, the drummers foot banging out the beat to their best song against it, the tip of his shoe dragging through the leftover refuse that littered the floor. A janitor with a push broom worked quietly across the room, but the man with their paycheck was nowhere to be seen.

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The lightning touched down on the rosebush, and split it to the ground. The air was filled with the scent of them, and the scents of ash and fire. The rosebush never recovered, never grew or bloomed again.

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The bones were old and dry. They were almost warm in her hand from the sun as she picked them up. The sand shifted under her feet as she moved silently forward, and raised the femur, the tip of it lost in the glare of the sun, and then brought it down to spill blood across the sand.

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My grandmothers name is violet. She is one of my favourite people. When everyone else cannot understand me, she can. Her genetics are strong. I will become my mother who is becoming her. But who will become me? My grandmother wonders about that.

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She was violent. It wasn’t her fault really. She, like everyone else, was a product of her environment. The only difference was she had flourished there, taken to the hardship like a duck to water, until violence was the only way she interacted. The only way she could.

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He lifted the megaphone to his mouth and yelled “RUN.”

The feed back made the people around him flinch and the sudden sound made the man he screamed to stumble, but neither had any effect on the Zombie in close pursuit.

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“Sticks and stones” she sing-songed, dancing away from the edge of his staff.

He followed, annoyed by her cavalier attitude, and lost his footing, and fell as over tea-kettle at her feet.

She grinned down at him.

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The cigarette was a dull orange speck, like on off coloured speck of night sky fallen into the dirt. An hour later, it was gone, consumed by the blaze it had begun, that made the night sky dim like a second sun, lethal and close, on the earth.

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The plague started in a small town, It was a hamlet to tiny to have a dot on most maps, but one that all the locals proudly named whenever they ventured abroad. It was less proudly mentioned, and more carefully mapped, after the plague.

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She didn’t mean it. She never did, but the feelings bubbled up until suddenly she was screaming, hurling expletives and kitchen knives while he cowered away behind the stove and waited for her sanity to return.

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It stemmed from fear. No deep desire or simple aversion, but all consuming fear. That’s all there was to the behaviour. And he accepted that.

Even if she couldn’t.

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