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For about a minute she considered spending the coin on something pretty, shiny, useless. Or perhaps she would buy a treat, sweet and decadent. With more thought, she changed her mind. She held the golden coin up to eclipse the sun, and squinting at it, knew there was a better way to spend it.

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The corridor is long and there are no doors or windows. I’ve been walking for hours and haven’t seen another soul or the first hint that there is an end coming soon. I don’t dare turn around tonight, however. With the moon this full and the veil so thin, I can’t turn back.

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The stubborn weeds grew all along the edges of the garden. I pulled them up by the roots, viciously yanking the unwanted vegetation, thereby releasing a small part of my frustration.

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It lets you down slowly, unlike most things in life. It doesn’t drop you to the lowest place you’ve ever been without thinking, without looking back. It’s gentle with you, and it isn’t real.

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Backseat drivers, one bathroom houses, bad grammar, terrible breath, no coffee, calories.

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I put myself back together one aching, jagged piece at a time. I try not to pay attention to the little drips of ruby splattered at my feet. I try not to look at the pieces too small to go anywhere. Eventually I will fill those holes in with new material. It’s all part of the reconstruction.

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Running through the crystal shining night, sliding on the icy patches and catching on thorns and briars she doesn’t think. She doesn’t stop. She only runs faster. At the end of the narrow path there is a chance. If she can make it that far she will have one final chance to show them that she is not timid.

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Steady the beating rhythm. Count your inhalations, exhalations. Don’t think too much. Just move steadily forward.

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Lovers promenade in pairs down the streets of Paris. But I’m not in Paris, am I? No, I have a single lonely shadow to walk with and no other. My company is my own to keep.

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Striped socks. She tried to warn me. How many times did she say it? How many times did I fail to listen? And this is where it has landed me. Or rather, this is what it has landed UPON me. Next time I will remember. “When you’re a witch, striped socks are like a neon sign on your back begging for a flying house to fall out of the sky.”

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She sat on the rooftop, her feet dangling in the chill November air, whilst she puffed away on her clove cigarette. Below her, the pod family that claimed her jettisoned an object rumored to be made from the hide of a former swine. They hooted and yelled and made her want to vomit. Her life. Was so. Oblique.

Honestly, she wasn’t sure what it meant precisely. But she was fairly certain that it fit.

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Grass on the field, blowing gently like waves. Crickets singing softly. Water in a small stream glittering like crystal and chiming like a bell. All while his life is shattered.

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I used to freak out. Like really freak out when I broke something. A plate, a glass, a lamp. It was ingrained in me from childhood. Breaking things is BAD. Then one day someone said it was okay. I didn’t need to cry about it, because it was just stuff. Just things. I didn’t get cut, did I? Good. That would have been something to cry about. But not spilled milk.

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Right into the very thick of things, out of the frying pan and into the fire, as they say. I was catapulted out of my old life, my old, stagnant way of being and the blur of new motion disoriented me.

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Auburn strands fell across the Princess’s pillow. She’d been sleeping there for so many years that her tresses had become quite tangled. Asleep, she may have been, but it clearly had not been peaceful. Even as the handsome adventuring prince watched, she began tossing about on the mattress, the sheets were tangled around her limbs and the heavier coverlets and pillows long since discarded to the dusty floor. Pretty though. Even with the drool running down the side of her face.

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To gain credibility in her classmates’ eyes, Sylvia knew she had to make it all the way to the top. One sun-scorched, paint-peeled bar at a time, she pushed herself to the top of the junglegym. Her plastic baggy of yellow goldfish crackers clutched between her teeth, juice pack wedged precariously in her pocket, she would eat her lunch at the top, with playground royalty today.

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wasn’t this the word yesterday? What time did i do it…..? hmmm… confusion ensues….

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The ensuing onslaught of unkind words was more than she could bear. She had no other choice, truly. The only recourse left to her by this utter nincompoop, was to curtly nod her head in his direction and wish him better luck in finding her replacement.

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Murders of them, covering the trees and blanketing the rooftops. They chitter and banter with one another, sharing bits of shine and morsels of food. They are a great deal more social than I.

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flailing down in a spiral until i hit something soft and dark and warm because it’s just the bed. I was dreaming and I’m not falling at all. Just flailing in the dark.

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Back and forth on the front porch, her chair rocked solidly forward and back. She watched the grasses sway in the field and listened to her apprentice grumble behind the warped old glass of the window over her shoulder. Smiling to herself, she began to hum an old witches’ song.

» Posted By Ama Marie On 10.22.2012 @ 4:39 pm


I enjoyed our chat immensely. When you said that you found the symphony this season to be a trifle cloying, I agreed and said that I’d thought precisely the same thing. In truth I thought it was the company which was cloying, excepting yours of course.

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The walls are dark and dripping with natural spring water that carries ancient secrets away into the earth.

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Silver branches drip rainbows in the morning sunlight, birds sing joyful arias to the glorious dawn, the winter’s chill a kiss on my skin as I lie in the snow and gaze up into your eyes.

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Ratings are as follows:

Execution: Decent. 5 of 10 points. Five points lost for lack of gore and ingenuity.

Presentation: Passable. 3 of 10 points. Dyes and designs unoriginal, but homey.

Element of surprise: Excellent. 9 of 10 points. No one suspected the egg hidden under Uncle Winston’s toupee.

Overall: Enjoyable if disorganized. 17 of 30 points.

Egg Hunt.

» Posted By Ama Marie On 03.20.2012 @ 9:50 pm


You must nip it in the bud. You mustn’t let them get out of control. If need be, and push comes to shove, you may be forced to break necks and crack skulls. Here. Let me give you a demonstration.

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She was a flirt in the womb. She came out coy and sweet and darling as you please. By the time she could walk, she had already promised her hand to three little boys. At 16 hearts are sure to be broken.

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Concealment of emotions, of truth, of stories, these are all tragic, missed opportunities to share something of our human experience with another. Why not be honest? What are you so afraid of?

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Sparkling stars, hidden between branches. I look up and I can see only a few of them. It is cloudy tonight and the moon is young. Or old. Tomorrow will be the new moon, and that makes tonight a night of shades and spectres; and they sparkle, too, with sorrow or malice.

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Lillies are wonderful. Why? Because they are creative, intelligent, unafraid and fabulously unique. At least our Lillie is. <3

» Posted By Ama Marie On 01.08.2012 @ 11:56 am

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