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Whenever you enter a bathroom, typically, the floors are tiled. Why is this? Now, in most instances, the tiled bathroom floor serves more of an aesthetic purpose than anything, however, I believe that the purpose of a tiled floor goes far beyond simple aesthetics. I believe that this method of tiling a floor prevents the damage that could be done to other materials, such as stone, wood, and carpet.

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The girl dodged like her life depended on it, knifes practically surrounding her as she ran across the field. The natives threw rocks, spears, and even thorns and teeth at her. She’d never been so bold in her life.

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There was a cabinet that lead to a secret stairwell below the house, where it went, few knew or cared to understand if they did know it’s existence behind the cabinet. But the treasures it unlocked was unfathomable and could not be described other than the solid real dirt that lay on the floor revealing its reality.

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The texture always takes some getting used to. And sweating takes forever. But get it just right, and roll it about in a bit of teriyaki and you have an awesome dinner. The skin crisps up so nicely…

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He and I lay next to each other in the darkness. He says, “Baby…” I quietly reply, “Yes, darling…” He whispers, “You truly are my one and only, never forget it.” And I never did.

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Rafters! It’s always rafters! What is your obsession with these little beams that fly overhead, stationary in their arrow like pose, so dusty and inhabited with spiders and rumours of bats? Why? They’re there for support but this is just a bit too much, this obsession with wood that mars the vaulted ceiling that is this house.

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Why the rafters?
Melody grimaced as dust stuck to her palm, and then, as she reached behind her to wipe it off, realized it was a spider’s web, sticky and gross but luckily spider-less. “Bryan.” She growled under her breath. “I’m going to slay you alive once I’ve- eek!”
She nearly lost balance and swung over, s

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The master of the books was in his office all alone thinking about how things were so bad, How did they get THAT bad? Was it his fault? Maybe, now he will never know.

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Bandages are used in first aid practices. Often when someone has a small injury such as a cut or burn, it can be protected from infection by placing a bandage over the wound.

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This dilemma is too hard for me to figure out on my own. I need you. I need you more than I can put into words. I just… can’t.

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I looked at her, and she looked back at me. She’d smile, and so would I. Then we’d look away. And so the pattern repeated as it did, and little did I know, this time it had a different sequence. For that night, was the night that changed my world forever. I looked her dead in the eye, and she didn’t hesitate to say that magical word; “Yes.”

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I made my way to the temple, unsure about what he was going to say when I walked in. He was unaware that I was going to be there today. As I pushed myself through those doors, he looked at me dead in the face, smiled his bright smile, and dropped everything just to kiss me.

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My view is very different than others, I feel as though I am different. Like I wonder constantly about if other people think like me. I’m scared if I am so different, no one will like me. No one will ever see the real me, who I truly am. I’m frightened…

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She looked through the envelopes as she slouched on the sofa. She came across the one from him. On the paper, in ink, was written “I love you, please come back.” And that, she did.

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Today was the worst day anyone in this small town has ever experienced. As soon as they announced his death on an already gloomy day, a downpour, of not just rain, but tears and depression, sorrow and despair flooded across town.

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I swiveled around in my chair, laid a hand on my chin, and thought about everything that had just happened. The sweet combination of sugar and spice, all in that one conversation. I’d finally been invited on my very first date.

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Her husband looked at her when she spilled the dark, hidden secret. I wondered if anything would ever be the same. But she never looked back, she never even stuttered. What was said, was said. There was nothing she could do.

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Still, I wondered whether he heard me as I called forth to him that I loved him. He never acknowledged it, but I feel like he just knows… I froze, as still as a statue.. waiting for the response. But never, even to this day, have I got one.

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Brick by brick, she climbed the wall. She never looked down. She always had the thought in her mind, that it wasn’t what’s at the top of the tower, it’s the journey; the climb. Brick by brick.

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I’m here to tell you a story. A story that will torture your thoughts by day and poison your dreams by night. And though I will do my best, there are no words that can be written, nor brush strokes laid on canvas that can describe this dark and utter horror of the night that Annabel died.

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She abruptly dropped to the floor, gun in hand.
Never had a slight thought about who’d cry for her.
She didn’t care. She wanted bliss. She wanted an end.
The end, for her, happened to be a skeleton. A skeleton of her life.
Which was rotting, as she sleeps.

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I hate when my mom tries to braid my hair. it’s not pretty. if i don’t have my hair down, who will know i have worked a million months to grow it! it wouldn’t be fair to assume i love the hairstyle she chooses! but i don’t hate her….maybe i’ll just let her…. because i love her, not the braid.

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Honest, is to not lie. It is to be truthful.
Ana told me to be honest with her, so I could not bear a lie. I had cheated. And now I’ve grown to die.
Lololol, where the hell did that come from?! :D;

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Consoling is the act of making something better, right? Like, a crying child. If you wanted to console the baby, you’d hold him and rock him, or give him what he wanted to stop the crying? To make the crying child feel better? Wow, 60 seconds. I don’t even know what to write about this word. I console myself a lot, I suppose. I’m an emotional wreck at the moment. Who’s going to be reading this? Reading my rambling about Console?! Whoever it is, please don’t think I’m an idiot. <3

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I look into the sky. What am I in this galaxy? In this world? This country? This State? This City? I feel so small. But am I insignificant? No. I am Me… and thats what matters.

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digital. cameras snap a picture of you. snap and yo0u are there. push a button and it is gone. no more developing. goodbye accidental photos forever existing as a beautiful memory. hello erasing a memory accidently.

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None of us were able to stop it, watching everything blow away in the wind. All the destruction and pain seemed endless.

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I hate that song fireflies, actually I dont. Im not sure why I lied. everyones says they hate it, I guess that makes me a follower. My mother would be so disappointed. She raised me to be better than that.

Neuratic much?

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My childhood was relatively joyful. Adulthood, seeing my parents age and dad with Alzheimer’s, is not so ful of joy. It’s taking it’s toll on mom and I keep telling her try not to take it so personally when he gets grumpy, although I know it’s very hard not to and think of ways to help ease the situation for now. Other aspects of life, removed from home are also not too joyful. There seems to be more bad news or natural disasters happening at an alarming rate. I think that the times when we are blessed to feel joy then we should spread it like a plague and enjoy every single moment of it while it lasts!

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I lost my best friend this past year. His name was Lee mills. He was more than a friend, in some ways like my brother, in some ways like a boyfriend, he was just amazing. I also lost my father. It’s painful… I miss them and my heart aches every day for what I could have had. :(

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