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I stood as quickly as I could, there was nothing I could do. He wasn’t going to admit anything. in the frenzy I whipped everything off the table I yelled “WHY WOULD YOU KISS ME BACK?!” I stormed from the room and left him to himself, he wasn’t worth it. But, my brain was a whirl of crazy and there wasn’t anything that could be done.

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She coughed, and I wasn’t sure what to do. She wasn’t feeling well and I knew this. so I started humming softly something my mother used to sing to me when I was sick. “Mmm” she said snuggling up to me holding my hand “I haven’t had anyone sing me a lullaby in a very long time” I smiled though I wasn’t exactly singing I could tell that she didn’t really care.

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It is freezing out on the rooftops at night, but it is my haven. I can lie for hours looking up at the infinite sky. The stars twinkle benificently down at me and I cannot help but to marvel at how tiny we are in existence. All of our triumphs and despairs are nothing more than a blip in this tiny star system, which really is only a small part of this vast, vast universe. It is humbling. It is humanizing. Some nights I wonder if anyone else stares up at the stars and feels the same way that I do. Other nights, I think of absolutely nothing at all and drift away while the stars continue shining down on me as they always have.

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He sat at the front of the classroom talking to the students. Our teacher adviser. The same man I’d been seeing all summer, the man that I had made believe i was a college student. I mean, I never said that exactly. I told him I was a senior and he assumed that I meant in college. He saw me that first day, and now things have become complicated.

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I had a blast from the past when I saw him standing in the corner of our high school reunion. I whispered to Michelle, my old best friend and said “Is that Pimple face?” And it indeed was, but his acne had cleared up and he was now one spicy bit of man beef.

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It must have been a curse. I’d never had issues with my hair falling out while brushing. I think I know who was the blame for it too. It must have been the little quiet girl from math class. She’d always been jealous of me. She even said “yes, your hair looks so pretty today” when people were complementing on my new hair color.

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There was a small place off the coast, where i would go when I’m angry. It wasn’t much but it was a shelter from the elements and a shelter from my negitive feelings of home. I always made myself let go as I listened to the waves crash around me. It was raining heavy today, so I know they will be worried. But I could not bring myself to return just yet.

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She has blonde hair like i once did, she looks like me and sounds a bit like me too. I wasn’t ever able to be a sister to Autumn, but, somehow it seems like fate that we were able to find eachother. They say the internet can do almost anything, but i didn’t think it would bring me and my birth sister together, but it did. I just wish I knew how to be an older sister.

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I met him on the hill. I didn’t even think that there were still shepherds these days. He said that he came from down south, but I didn’t hear it in his voice. We talked late into the night by the fire sheep were wandering idlely about.
“why do you do this?” I asked
“Who doesn’t want a Job they can spend under the sun and stars?”

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I was warned that this would be hard. Not having been a student in so long, I was doing overly well for my first two weeks, now it feels like it is weighing on my shoulders. Trying to write well, I thought I was a writer, but maybe I was wrong. I cannot write at all. I have been warned that this would be hard just because something is going to be hard, doesn’t mean i should not try.

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There was an insect inside the hardening amber liquid on the tree—someday this would be worth millions but right now, It is not. I watch as it twitches and slowly and dies someday to be put on a pendent of someones necklace

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The mist surrounded her body. She was frantically looking around it. Why? Why did it haunt her? Would she ever know? She didn’t want the mist. It had scared her. It had forced her to loose her friends. The mist continued to surround the lady. She screamed out, “Help!” The words disappeared into the mist. The words were gone.

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There was a sinking feeling in my chest whenever I thought about going to college. The financial aid departments of all schools didn’t want to give me any money so i could go. My parents aren’t paying any money for me to go. But, weren’t they paid money every year they had me…by the state of mass because of my adoption? where did all that money go? How can i not be pissed off. The only way i can go to school is if I’m married or knocked up. and If i have to start paying rent, to stay where I am, I won’t be able to go to school.

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I watched carefully as she raised the glass to her lips. Just one more moment and i’d never have to deal with her again. My sister was more poisonous than any snake around these parts. But, the suprise in her cup was a more lethel poison. And I would be happy to be rid of her.

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What am I supposed to do, I missed the bus and there wasn’t anyway to transport myself from point a to point b. I coulden’t fly and my doctor was off in his tardis with some other girl in a far away place…ugh

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I missed more than I hit it seemed these days. and there wasn’t anything i could to about it. I wanted to go to college but lack of funds prevented me from doing so…what could I do? Where would I go if I coulden’t make it anywere. Maybe death missed me when i was a child, when nothing was in my favor when i was born: I should have died and i survived. Maybe, I even messed up at dying

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It took everything I could to figure out where I wanted to go in life, I have no choice but to succeed. If i don’t succeed everything is lost—And I cannot lose now. Working this hard to make something out of myself when there wasn’t any reason i should have lived through what i did. I was still alive. I was obviously meant of something.

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It’s something that hurts to repeat in my head. He never really cared—and all i could do was stare at a screen and wait. He never talked on the phone anymore…and the only time we seemd to get along was in person. and i think that was because neither of us were the type to want to hurt someone so close…It might not make any sense but thats how it was for us. Neither of us could pull up the strength to break up with the other.

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I pulled the thread through the needle—this was harder than i thought it would be. I just wanted to make a dress and of course mother dearest was too busy to help me. I wasn’t sure what i was making, but it certainly wasn’t a dress. More like a wump of fabric.

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I sometimes just wish he was more near to me, so maybe i wouldn’t question us all the time. I never question us when he is near me and he’s looking down into me, I know that he just gets me more than most people, and it’s so exciting and scary at the same time.i never know whats wrong with me when I question if he’s right for me, when he’s around

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She walked out of the cave into the sunlight to discover that many of the trees had fallen in the storm. The trees that caused humanity so much pain, were slowly being taken down by the earth itself, the planet was terraforming itself into something that could thrive. It was both reassuring and Alarming.

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There were too many questions to get all the answers. I wasn’t sure where to start. It seemed impossible to find out everything I wanted to know. my mom had dissapeard three months ago and then dad just showed up out of nowhere, he seemed suspicious and I could only ask so much. And I was so angry, mom woulent run out on me, he would,

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He had laid the brick of this house brick by brick—he worked so hard on it and now it was falling to the ground. It seemed so stable all the years I had lived in it before. Then the earth throws a temper tantrum and shakes up my entire world and throws my house to the ground. Some was still standing, but my great grandfather Is long gone.

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She stared at the paint covered canvas, she suddenly became discouraged at the direction her painting was going. the trees lookd all wrong and seemed a bit out of place with the checkerboard pattern that she had thought would have looked nice. An alice and wonderland type area, but it didn’t turn out that way at all.

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The blulb in the projector had died—mid movie and there was a theater of unhappy people about to become ravonous lions complaining about how their flick had shut off. They think this is so easy as flicking a switch. It’s not! One wrong move and this bulb could explode, and I’d not be a happy camper then!

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There was a lock that didn’t fit any of the keys I could find in the house, and i wondered everyday as I grew up and saw that lock on the door what it could be, or why my mother and father never talked about it. I had tried to pick the lock before but I never was able to crack it: all I could ask myself, is what was in that room so important to keep locked away?

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She stared her manager in the face. It was going to be a contest, and she would not back down from this. She earned this time, and her vacation had been approved months before he got here, and tried to tell her she would not be allowed to go: but nothing was going to keep her from blue oceans and cabanna boys. Nothing not even this toned, blue eyed manager with the fashionably spikey hair.

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She dropped her lobster into the boiling pot, this was odd It’s the first time she would be eating any kind of meat in months, but somehow being pregnet made her crave it—though she couldn’t bring herself to eat a cheeseburger. She listened closely for the tiny squealing noise that people claim is a lobster scream. She heard nothing, and it realeved her.

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There was a root to all evil, and I knew it was my mother. Usually, people like me have evil stepmothers, but there was no mistaken that the dark curls and our striking blue eyes were related: that the evil woman figure here, Is my mother.

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I’ve got wings was the thought on my mind when I woke up—though I was clearly mistaken. I didn’t know what caused this disorientation but it lasted a while, I spent an hour and a half trying to flex wings that where not there—-they ached the be spread but they didn’t even exist.

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