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Troop transports unloaded out of the aircraft carrier heading to land spotted earlier from air scouts . Once the troop transports stopped in shallow waters the soldiers disembarked and slowly made their way onto the white sandy beaches. After resting for a minute the soldiers stealthily maneuvered their way through the tall tree thriving forests. ” Delta leader to spectre move north west. ” the overall company leader.

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Three cloaked figures quietly opened the door to a large hangar. As one of the cloaked figures switched on the hangar lights they were surprised to find a large number of soldiers pointing their rifles at them. “Outstanding work agent Novak ” a commanding officer said as they walked out of the crowd of soldiers. The middle figure quickly stepped foward as he pulled out two pistols. “Arrest them ” the officer ordered as some soldiers walked up handcuffing the other cloaked men. As the other soldiers prepared their gear for packing agent Nova and Captain Roswell explored the rest of the hangar. While walking into a dark room with some soldiers they flicked the switch on as the room light up, revealing a large sleek black Airbus. “What the hell ” Roswell said as the group split up checking out the plane.

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