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Justin and Paris gripped onto each other. It was bitter cold and they were shivering with the cold. They don’t have anywhere to go, They walk through the thick, deep snow to a nearby shop. They stand inside trying to keep warm. They go up to the counter and ask for a hot chocolate each. They both drink them and get a bit warmer. “I am very cold” Says Paris. Justin walks outside and into another shop. He buys a really warm jacket and give it to Paris. “Thanks” Said Paris. “No problem” Says Justin.

I really like winter…but its just…Its vey cold and me and Justin always get a cold. Mother doesn’t have money and used any pennies she had to buy us food. Mother died last week and now me and Justin have no where to go. Summer and Spring will be ok but Winter and Autumn are really hard. Mother gave us $10 before she died and we have now only $5 left…We ain’t gonna survive this month, never mind this week.

» Posted By Alisha OConnor On 12.22.2014 @ 5:01 am

Wintertime is a wonderful time.Christmas is coming up, and there is snow falling down. Children make snow angels and snow men. Christmas is really fun because you get presents and give presents and best of all SANTA comes!!

Santa Claus is amazing

» Posted By Alisha OConnor On 12.22.2014 @ 4:48 am

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