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mode is something that you can change stuff with like a control mode that controls stuff.

» Posted By Alisha On 06.19.2017 @ 1:16 am


I was on a ship. The sea was so vast I couldn’t see anything beyond the sun.

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There exists an urban legend, very rarely told, in fact so rarely, only four people in the world know the tale. However, I shall reveal this secret story to you all now. It takes place in a small, unnamed town in the United States of America. One night a year, on national food day, which is on October 24th, this town becomes blanketed in fog. In the night, it is said that this boy emerges from the forest nearby. THE LEGENDARY SLEEVE EATING BOY! Legend has it that this boy enters people’s houses while they sleep, and eats crumbs that have fallen into people’s sleeves, and then disappears until next year.

» Posted By Alisha On 10.25.2015 @ 5:04 pm


There was a bright flash of lighting the sky. Nobody knew what it was or where it came from, but the flash of light had turned everyone into statues. Every single person in the vicinity had been turned to stone, except one person. This one person ventured outside, only to find that everyone was frozen in time.
“Hello?” He yelled. His voice echoed through the area, but to no avail. Nobody would answer him. They were incapable of doing so. He walked up to one of the statues, and touched it. He was baffled. How could everyone turn to stone without him knowing. And why hadn’t he turned into a statue himself?

» Posted By Alisha On 09.20.2015 @ 11:34 am


Mary was bound to a tree in the middle of a forest with rope, and had no hope of ever getting free. One day, a young adventurer named Jake found Mary. He took out a small knife and cut her loose.
“What is your name?” Jake said curiously.
“Mary.” She stated simply.
The two people felt a connection upon meeting.
“Mary. We were bound to meet.” Jake said.

» Posted By Alisha On 08.28.2015 @ 12:51 pm


Stalling like waiting, or delaying. The mermaid in Spongebob stalled her father so that Spongebob could return the crown in time, but she didn’t admit to it, which stalled even more. Neptune was mad. Stalls can also contain horses.

» Posted By Alisha On 08.22.2015 @ 11:25 am


There was a very tall person standing in front of me. She bent over to get to my eye level, and I noticed something wierd. She only had really long shins, her proportions were otherwise correct. “I know what you’re thinking. They;re called stilts,” she said, showing me pieces of wood attached to her feet.

» Posted By Alisha On 06.24.2013 @ 9:49 am


Once upon a time, there lived a lamb. This lamb had run away from a farm when she was young, and now lived her life on the edge of a bustling village. Normally, lambs prefer open meadows and the like, but this lamb found the humans nearby comforting. The only reason she h

» Posted By Alisha On 03.04.2013 @ 5:01 pm


The end was coming, closer and closer. Even as she tried to escape, it pressed forward. The dark closing in, she lashed out as a tiger would when hurt, desperately and viciously. She had ended up hurting everyone around her, and as her story drew to a satisfying close, she couldn’t help but think that it was her destiny all along.

» Posted By Alisha On 01.13.2013 @ 7:24 pm


Its what you do in the morning. What you do when you get knocked down.

» Posted By alisha On 11.29.2012 @ 6:10 pm


I like my headphones beacuse they are blue and blue is just my favourite colour. the most I like about them is their skull features. You can even change the top of it. they are soft an I just love them.
I want to have different colors of headphones. I just love them all. i especially like to take my haedphones with me everywhere because you know when you are bored you could always get lost within the music. I would love to get red headphones if I could!!!

» Posted By alisha On 09.09.2012 @ 12:51 am


auxiliary un bahasa means pembantu or the thing that help you to do something. actually i don’t know what’s the word really mean, i just translate it in google translate and tarraaaaa, the word comes. h

» Posted By alisha On 07.15.2012 @ 3:19 am


Pour Jons is a place in siloam springs, AR where you get delicious coffee or tea. The walls are filled with customers’ art, making it very unique and for the public. Several people write things like Bad Wold, which makes me happy, because there is a man in a blue box out there somewhere, i just know it.

» Posted By Alisha On 06.16.2012 @ 3:59 pm


Everything passes my lips, the physical life of lies told earlier. “I’m not hungry,” says my stomach as I pass up the remains of dinner, “I’m tired,” says my eyes as they slowly cut closed, as I rest my head against the bowl of my toilet.

» Posted By Alisha On 06.04.2012 @ 10:53 pm


Caterpillars do this when they’ve reached a point in their life that they require a change. This change is significant, mostly because it shows that change is not always ugly, but a beautiful thing.

» Posted By Alisha On 05.27.2012 @ 6:54 pm


i like pastel colors. my favorite is baby blue. often bridesmaids dresses will be in pastel. easter is the holiday where you will see a lot of pastel colors. easter eggs are pastel the word paste is inside of the word pastel i like light colors more than bright ones.

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Getting a job, trying to act a certain way that’s not necessarily reflective of who you really are. I think the real application of “professional” should be becoming the professional version of you. You to your fullest extent, you trying your best, you pushing your hardest, you being your most excellent. Any job in which you are that kind of professional is a fucking good one.

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chips,white shirt,cookies.neat and clean.carrots food line not to cross.. clear lines. defined.eyeliner.

» Posted By Alisha On 01.13.2012 @ 11:44 pm


invention. patent pending. cooler backback commercial. yoyo. shamwow. patant pending is on most things. patent looks like the word patient. which is what i though this word was

» Posted By Alisha On 11.08.2011 @ 4:19 pm


Ally rally Ally rally !!! Friends at work always yell that when they see me <3 Always cracks me up !

» Posted By Alisha On 09.13.2011 @ 4:55 pm


something that’s close to you

» Posted By alisha On 08.13.2011 @ 11:46 pm


The ways of old, the rules we have created to forget we are animals and try and still a Godlike elegance. Toast with one finger lifted delicately, dangling ballerina-like from your glass. Speak only when spoken to. Package yourself up in crisp wrapping tucked in neatly at the corners. Behind closed doors, do whatever the fuck you want. Go crazy and do it all again

» Posted By alisha On 07.14.2011 @ 1:42 am


I saw one thing as she was walking away. That one long braid. It was long, it reached all the way to her perfectly shaped rear. It was messy, just like her. Wild and free.

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I remember waiting at the bus station all the time during college. A lot of the time I was either too early, or too late. I was normally too late if I had to make it to an early class, and too early when it was an afternoon class. Funny how that worked out (or DIDN’T work out). In a way I’m going to miss taking the bus. It was kind of a defining part of my undergrad experience. On the other hand, I won’t have to rely on it anymore. It did save a lot of money, though.

» Posted By Alisha On 06.15.2011 @ 4:17 am


my beloved is someone most precious and dear to me he is my loyal companion and soulmate my child and my teacher Be Loved love yourself i dont know what else to say this reminds me of shakespeare or letters to juliet im not a very affectionate person but this is a nice word someone you treasure respect and admire

» Posted By Alisha On 06.12.2011 @ 6:39 pm


Lock it up and store it safe inside. That which keeps us distant from the outside world. Just another accessory for a door. But a protection shield that keeps everything in and everything out. Or so they say. Lock up my heart and hold these secrets within. Things you’ll never know if you don’t try and speak to me. The deadbolt to our lives. Keeping us safe but keeping us alone as well.

» Posted By Alisha On 04.28.2011 @ 3:50 pm


i think of trailer parks, going to our camper “trailer” in the woods in northern wisconsin evvery summer when I was little, pulling around my sister in a little green trailer that went on the back of my toy truck when i was five, and packing up a trailer to move houses.

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you are determined when you know exactly what to say, when you are not afraid of letting people know who you are and what you feel. Be determined: do what you want say what you feel because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind. Be determined and trust yourself and love yourself. Be determined and make others trust in you and believe in your thinking. Be decisive and precise.

» Posted By Alisha On 04.08.2011 @ 5:51 am

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