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Lady was not the sort of girl to swoon over flowers and chocolates nor was she the kind to over indulge in candies. She was, however, the sort of girl to get up at three in the morning, tip-toe to the kitchens and steal a slice of cake or two. Preferably carrot but she would also eat chocolate cake or the kind with lemon icing. She was also the sort of girl to carefully clean up the evidence before going back to bed. After-all, she wasn’t the sort of girl to sneak around, was she?

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She could tell she was unwelcome from the moment she stepped foot inside the door. His sister was glaring at her, and he looked none too happy to see her himself.

“I’m sorry,” she ventured, and that just seemed to intensify his anger.

“No you aren’t.”

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He lies on the once pale white stretcher.
Gasping for each breathe….
Paramedics run around but nobody seems to notice him.
He is but another victim.

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not ragged, maybe rugged. no, she actually meant ragged. “you look ragged.” he stared at the floor, not knowing what to answer. she kept washing the dishes, and wondering how long he was going to linger in her kitchen. she had work to do.

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I wanted to go so badly, I didn’t even know where I was going. My mother told me to stop, to look around me for chrissakes, not to run like a headless chicken, but I didn’t even hear her. The gate was open, the flood was coming, I was between free and trapped and didn’t want to stop there, on the precarious line between this and that. I wasn’t about to be trapped there! My mom’s voice died away as I sprinted out into the unknown,

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La survie cest trop cool.

» Posted By alis On 10.06.2009 @ 2:41 am

we have to survive everyday but no one knows why.

» Posted By alis On 10.06.2009 @ 2:40 am

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