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beer food potato friends party crazy deserve nice fries

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same old thing, safe, repeatative, boring, boring ,boring, lines, paralell lines, zigzag lines, astez designs, pretty, dependable, solid, geometrical, the same, restrictive, sa

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in the night monsters emerged from my closet howling and making funny noises i layed frighted in my bed i felt a shiver down my spine!

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I felt attracted to her like a moth to a flame. She was flamboyant, her personality shined like the sun, and her beauty was uncomparable to anything else I had ever seen. She was everything I was looking for in a girl, and she was mine.

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I watched the boys out in the yard, screwing up their fists and releasing punches onto each other. No matter how many times one would hit the other, even if he fell down, he always sprung right back up again with a flying fist. The boxing itself was pointless, utterly stupid, but it got me thinking about the contest. Maybe I wasn’t down and out just yet.

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I crossed my arms and stared at the people at the Other table. They were always huddled together, murmuring and looking skeptical and afraid. The idea had been to integrate them into our society, but it didn’t seem like that was ever going to happen. Nobody had ever tried to befriend them before….and yet, the red-head girl was always catching my eye. I had almost talked to her yesterday. What would happen if I did? I turned away when I realized my staring had become gawking, and tried to think about something besides the Others.

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I lifted the box with great concentration, trying to ignore the fact that Ethan was staring at me from behind. With my eyes on the ground, I set my box in my trunk and went to retrieve another. Ethan’s feet were planted firmly on the grass in front of my boxes, obviously waiting for some kind of explanation. I finally lifted my head an reluctantly met his eyes, my expression going instantly soft. I didn’t know what to say.
“Good luck out there,” Ethan finally said, pulling a small smile onto his face.

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I gave a disheartened sigh and sank lower in my office chair. There was nothing much I could do about William; he was young, rich, and his new-fangled ideas were already getting the company hopping. I couldn’t compete with that. Running my hand through my already disheveled hair, I considered retirement.

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The tunnel ahead of him was dark and foreboding. But this wasn’t the time to get scared, especially when his companion was standing a few feet behind, shaking with hurt and fear.
“There’s nothing in there….right?” she murmured, stepping forward a little. That’s when they heard it–a faint but unmistakable chittery sound from deep within the passage. Quick, clippy, and definitely not human.
He unconsciously slid his hand onto her shoulder protectively, his eyes still trained into the darkness. This was their only way out and they both knew it. “Yeah,” he finally replied. “Nothing.”

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She sighed and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Everything would be different now; the old brick house that was filled with laughing children on yesterday would now be abandoned, left to crumble in solitude. Worst of all was the thought that none of them would ever see Miss Miranda again.

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He frowned up at me, his face peeping out from the swathing of white towel that covered him. He was almost unrecognizable with all the dirt scrubbed off of his face, his clean brown hair sticking up every which way. “Can I eat something now?” he pouted. I had to laugh.

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We were breathing heavily by the time we reached the top, our lungs scorched by the chilly, thin air. I peered over the edge of the rocky incline, my eyes sweeping over tiny dots of pine trees and little threads of streams woven through the forest stretch. Meanwhile, Lila harrumphed herself into a pile away from the view. “Are we there yet?” she moaned, clutching her knees in agony. “We’ve been walking forever!”

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I sighed and plopped my chin into my hands as he made a swift exit from behind. Why did things have to be so complicated? I started at the dirty dishes in front of me, feeling like all that food was turning inside of me.

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The picture was awful. My hair was knotted up in a scruffy bun and I looked like a needed coffee desperately. At least they had made me take off my glasses; I can only imagine how misty-eyed their glare would have made me look. But no matter how ugly I looked in my passport, they had to let me on the plane. I would be going to China either way.

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She rubbed her icicle nose with one hand as she walked through the muted winter streets, using her other arm to hug her notebooks tightly to her chest, as if they would provide warmth. “If it’s any colder, I’ll be stiff,” she muttered, her words manifesting in the air as a cloud of silver vapor.

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I leaned against the picnic table and watched her stare into the distance, the sunlight shining through her reddish hair and making it catch fire. She turned her head slightly and met my gaze with a light smile. Sometimes I was glad things were so casual between us.

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She stood framed in the doorway, silently pursing her lips, her hands stuck deep into the pocket of her red apron. A curly strand of coppery hair fell in front of her face, which she didn’t bother brushing away. Finally she parted her lips and spoke with a quizzical expression, “What’s all this have to do with my Ellie?”

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She spun around in the bright pink dress, which gave off an almost blinding glow. When she staggered to a stop, grinning, she looked up at me.
“Soo, what do you think?”

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I cringed as my brother zoomed into the parking spot, hitting the curb with a noticeable jolt. I shook my head and quickly clambered out of the car, pretending not to notice that he was definitely not between the lines.
“I know what you’re thinking,” he said as e came into step beside me in the parking lot.
I sighed. “We’ll have plenty of time to work on your parking skills after the ceremony.”

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He ran his hands over the dark mahogany, wondering what could be inside such a plain cabinet that would make his aunt so bonkers. sliding hid hand under the door, he carefully opened it so that it wouldn’t creak and took an unassuming peek inside.

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Through the wet lenses of my glasses, I watched him pull open his blue umbrella.
“You’re going to get wet standing out here like that.”
I pulled an awkward but grateful smile. “You have excellent timing.”

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The cloud of dust the book raised was so immense it made me cough. Once I had finally gotten it out of my lungs, I straightened back up to look at Kay. She was holding the ancient book close to her like it was the greatest treasure imaginable.

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Taking her eyes off her book, she looked down her long nose at me with a positively disgusted expression.
“Did you ever think of doing something besides…eating?”
I wiped the donut crumbs self-consciously off my mouth. “Like what?”

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The van in front of me was the strangest thing I’d ever seen. It was painted bright pink, with a large rainbow splashed across the side under the words “Happy’s Vacuum Service.”
I pointed to Freddy. “This is…yours?”

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Every time I see that photograph, I feel empty inside. My eyes pass over your glowing smile, which once would have made me feel fuzzy inside, but now only offers a disturbing coldness. I put my head into my hands and sigh.

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I hate noise. It is so loud and grating on my ears. It causes me a headache and greatly annoys me. I want peace and quiet. Unfortunately that does not seem to be possible.

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The call came late at night. When he awoke, the bright green letters of his alarm clock nearly blinded him. He sat up in bed, groping around for the phone, which he finally grasped.
Silence on the other end.
Then finally, a voice replied.
“Hello, Andrew. We know what you’ve been up to.”

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doing the same thing over nd over and expecting a different result. Having dreams and expecting them to come true without actually knowing what they are! thinking thing

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The wind was blowing fast, and the detective was out of breath as he rounded the corner in the dark alley way. The summer mugginess was getting to him as he lost control of his footing on the wet gravel and slid to a stop. Scratched, exhausted, and wheezing he figured this one was better left to police.

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Ugh, the air is just thick. I don’t know how you BREATHE here. “Honestly I don’t know either. Probably because I spend so much time inside with canned air. No one in LA goes outside except to take, like, sunset pictures for insagram.” Ha, I suppose that’s about right. Now what is it exactly that you do? “Yo, I told you. I just carry around the lighting equipment, set it up, take it down, and make sure nobody fucks it up. “And then you make lattes on the weekend?” Yup, lattes by morning, fucking cosmos by night.

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