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Always have an escape route.

It was the mantra my father lived by. Always have an escape route. Always be prepared to lose everything. He instilled the words to me. I remember being maybe 5 years old, playing hopscotch in front of a brick townhouse. I remember the way the chalk clung to my black patent leather shoes with gold buckles. An alarm went off in the house and I looked up to see my father hurry down the stairs. He swept me up in his arms and ran, abruptly turning a corner into a deserted alley. Police cars ran past us and my father plopped me down and shuffled me towards a gate at the end of the alley. It was to a park. I remember peering up at him, eyes full of wonder. The alarm shouldn’t have gone off, but we didn’t run far. He seemed to read my mind. “Always have an escape route, Emily,” he smiled, wisely tapping his temple. I’d heard the words only once but the idea was instilled and reverberated throughout my life. Jobs gone bad but people still safe.

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“I’m calculating coordinates right now,” Rory announces, attacking the keyboard, his eyes alight from the monitor. The screens around us shift and brighten as if on they’re own, displaying maps with red dots and series of encryption codes I don’t have the time to even absorb before they are processed by Rory. Carrie comes up close to me and hisses, “He’s really good with computers, huh?” I suppress a laugh for the sake of his focus. “One of the best,” I whisper back.

“So…he wasn’t joking- like trying to impress me or something?” I push away Will’s words of a dumb blonde quickly from my mind. “Um…no- I mean, yes. He has.”

There’s a ping and we all look up. “I got it a hit!” Rory beams, swiveling around in his chair. “Not your ordinary gamer-boy,” Rory tilts his head forward, eyeing her above his rectangular glasses.

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“i just…” he looks away and i feel my stomach sink. “i need to sort some things out. it wont take that long.” Will smiles but i can see the urgency behind it. he’s withholding something from me. to protect me. “Will,” I protest, “i can help. you don’t need to cut me out-”

Will closes the space between us in two strides and cups my face in his hands, sweeping me into a deep kiss. when he breaks away there’s something new in his eyes. a mix of frustration and love. “please, let me handle this. its my problem-” he amends himself immediately at the look on my face. “situation,” he corrects, “its my situation, i can fix it. just let me do it alone for now. i dont want you getting hurt.” i glance away, withholding all the arguments that bubble to my surface.

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i wheel around at the sound of a car skidding against pavement. a trooper car slides to a halt at the other end of the warhouse. “they’re here! let’s go!” Will barks but i just stand there. i stare at the seemingly harmless trooper, watching as black clothed soldiers flood out.

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“Where’d you put the gelato?” Rory asks from the doorway. “Freezer,” Will answers, “And if you’re eating some, make me a bowl.” He gives a thumbs up and disappears. “Me too!” I call after him. He sticks his hand out in the doorway with a thumbs up and I laugh.

A moment later Rory thunders down the hall again. “It’s not there.” He says. “Of course it’s there,” Will replies, getting up and heading to the kitchen. Will yanks the fridge door open and pulls out a white carton of gelato. “That’s not the freezer,” Rory glares at him, taking the carton and stalking to the other side of the kitchen.

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I scratch at my shoulder again. “It’s like-like they’ve got a GPS on us,” Carrie whines. “That’s not possible,” Rory argues earning himself a round of glares from everyone. “I mean, I check our airspace fourteen times a day for a virus and nothing.”

Will’s eyes fall on me. “Would you stop that?” He shoots me an irritated look. “Stop what?” I ask. “Stop that scratching!” I look down at the red rash growing on my shoulder. My hand is still clawing at it senselessly. “I didn’t even realize I was-”

“Stop!” Rory cries, striding towards me. “What is it?” Will asks, sitting up in his wake. “They input a tracker in her. That’s how they’ve been tracking us!” I want to rip the skin off my shoulder at that.

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“i’m assuming you’re kidding,” Carrie laughs at Rory. “well you’re assuming wrong,” Rory stamps down on her laughter. “Rory,” i chide. “you’re asking to enter an area of the Grier that even high profile royalty need an appointment for!” Carrie shrieks at him. “i’m assuming that wasn’t a question,” Rory says steely. i gasp just before Carrie steps up to him and slaps him straight across the face, nearly knocking his prized glasses to the ground.

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i fiddle with the pendant between my fingers. “you knew beforehand, didn’t you?” my voice is rough but steady. Will doesn’t meet my eye but i feel him nod. “you knew he wouldn’t spare me,” i say, almost to myself.

he nods again and with that, i break. “can you not speak or something – did you lose your voice in the last-” i feel my throat tighten and contract, my eyes sting and i struggle to keep calm again. i try to cough out the tension but it only builds more, coming out as sob. i have to punch a nearby wall to find myself again.

“i knew Jackson wouldn’t save you,” Will blurts. “i knew beforehand. he’s selfish. he wouldn’t let a part of his failure walk away, wounded or not. my brother already made that decision beforehand too. i wasn’t going to let him have a choice.”

i’m too stunned to say anything appropriate so i let Will off this time, he won’t stand a serious conversation too long. “i can’t believe a piece of metal, the size of a quarter, saved my life,” i mutter.

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will presses his palms against one of the tiles. it scrapes back. “help me out here,” he calls to us. rory and i rush over and and we all push the stone to the left. it locks into place and the scales on the wall become leveled.

there’s silence, anticipation like electricity coursing between the three of us. rory straightens and pushes his glasses up. “guys, i don’t think-”

the walls rumble and shake so hard the images on the wall fall to dust.

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“you guys on that quest or something?” the skinny man drones. we both look up. “quest?” we both ask in union.

the man raises his eyebrow ever so slightly. “i don’t know. some other kids were here just yesterday asking for the same old thing – same code too. guess not the same thing though.” will and i lock eyes. i turn back to the man, the counter cold against my palms. “what did they look like?”

he pauses then shrugs. “ehh ’bout your age, what are you fourteen? fifteen?” i immediately answer, “seventeen.” the man waves a hand at me, “same thing. had dark hair like you two too. but uhh less blue.” he squints at me and i pull away. will and i look at each other. emile and kate.

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“how long have i been out?” my voice is raspy and i try not to talk too much for fear of breaking my cracked lips. autumn puts a hand on mine, her fingers are cool to the touch. her face is pale making the gray bags under her eyes look darker. “it’s been five months.”

i want to shake my head but all i can manage is “you haven’t been taking care of yourself.”

“you tend to lose yourself when your sister is in a coma,” she smiles but i can see the pain behind her eyes. i feel a small stab in my chest at her calling me her sister. it was selfish of me go into that building alone.

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“The plan derailed,” he explains. The sunset makes the gold flecks in his eyes light up. “Andy turned out to be a Society member. Instead of opening the shaft, he closed and bolted it, locking us in.”

I rub sand between my hands, needing something to occupy me. To keep myself from getting lost in his eyes and story. “We barely got out of there alive.” He shakes his head

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My knees shake but I’m standing. I feel a rush of cool air sliding into my lungs. I feel bigger, stronger. Like I’m untouchable. I laugh, the impact on my chest jerking me backwards. Will puts his hand on the small of my back. “Hey hey hey,” he says, lifting me a little, “Take it easy.”

Old me would have pushed him hand away, said something snappy and started walking without thought. Now, I indulge in the comfort of him being so close, supporting me. “I want to run, I want to jump, I want to go,” I whine.

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I wake with a small throbbing at the back of my head. I can’t see anything. I shift, and feel someone next to me. Will, enveloped in a white spotlight. He’s already awake, smiling down at me. I must have been sleeping on his shoulder. “You okay?” he asks. I nod and the pounding courses around me. I grimace.

“Are you kidding? She’s not okay,” a voice says. It’s Rory, standing in front of us, arms crossed. His glasses are gone, making him look older. And, I’ll admit it, handsomer. “She’s a big girl. She can make a judgement of herself, I think,” Rick says suddenly appearing next to Rory.

My heart starts pound in my throat. No, this can’t be happening

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We walk huddled together, his arm around my shoulder, my hand at his opposite side, down the wispy winter sidewalk. Just a boy and a girl. Just a couple out for a morning stroll.

He tugs me closer, as if it’s the most naturally thing. I feel Will’s lips against my ear, “You have a tail.”

I smile up at him, feigning girly bliss. “I know,” I snuggle into him, “I’m pretty sure Cedric commissioned her to spy on me.”

“Spy?” He takes a peak at the woman in a brown overcoat examining a newspaper stand in a passing window. “Hardly seems fair,” he grins, “for her.”

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She spins the chair around and I stare at an unfamiliar face in the mirror. Well, she’s not completely alien to me. Her face is mine: green almond eyes, slightly flat nose, high cheek bones with a little too much chub around them for my taste and sharp eyebrows. But her ebony hair is parted a more on the right than the left and flows down in sweeping waves. The bottom of her hair has a light brown ombre.

Autumn tilts her head to the side in the reflection, judging her work. “I like it – brings out your eyes more,” she says then spins me around again. “Make-up time!” Oh no.

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I plaster a wide smile on my face as I turn back to the Havensports. “Hi! I’m Rayna Wynn.” I extend my hand to them. Richard. Caroline. Elissia. “You’re here for a tour?” I ask. The father, Richard, nods. “I was under the impression this would be a prompt appointment.” Funny thing that prompt sounds like improv. I make a mental note to give koodos to Rory for sending me to improv classes.

“As it turns out, I’m afraid,” I pout, “Our head representative is a bit tied up at the moment” – I have to catch my breath after saying ‘tied up’ – “So -”

“I will be escorting you around our refine campus.” Will touches me lightly on the shoulder. And takes the Havensports away.

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I feel prickles of dread up my neck. The chance of being Chosen is almost impossible, I tell myself. Why would anyone see any potential in me?

I imagine leaving the Grand Hall, pretending to be disappointed at not being Chosen. But the look of sadness on my mother’s face will be worth while when I tell her about Will. I have to hold down the smile that immediately dawns on my face at the thought of Will.

Twelve lucky girls will leave this hall with the overwhelming hope of protecting and marrying the Prince. I will leave a lucky girl, knowing I will marry Will.

“Emily Scarlett,” Lyra’s voice reads proudly. Everyone turns to look at me. Their eyes filled with congratulations and envy. My heart plummets.

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the marble wall is smooth and cool to the touch. i run my fingers lightly across the intricately carved wall. my nail falls through for a second, catching on a small fault in the stone.

“it’s here,” i murmur. i swivel around and take the hammer from Will, balancing it at my side. i take a swing. “you can’t-!” Carrie shrieks as the metal slams into the black stone. a small cloud of white dust comes up. i stare at the small indentation in the wall against the fault. just enough.

Will hands me an awl and i jam it into the aperture. another whimper from Carrie. after a few twists, i finally jerk it back towards me and flip out a chunk of stone, revealing brown parchment paper half an inch thick behind. Carrie’s wide eyes glint.

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i hear shouts of reproach and gasps. down the hallway, Sasha is storming passed all those in her way. some people pick it up and move out of the way before she pushes them against the lockers. oh geez…
she reaches me in three clean strides without having to move anyone aside. i slam my locker loudly and she erupts.
“who do you think you are?” she shrieks. she obviously doesn’t know how to be intimidating, assuming that was her desired effect. “it says Lily on my birth certificate but it’s been in my opinion that a person cannot be summed up by just one single word,” i reply, looking her dead in the eye. her eyes dont meet mine though. they dart around my face and the hall. her eyes are a light green, too light and prominent against her pale skin to be natural. they remind me of a typhoon. destroying everything in it’s path. but hope and faith. the two things i still hold close despite everything.

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A chorus of trumpets greet us as we emerge from the tunnel. The sound richochets around us and I smile. The sun warms my skin and I squeeze his hand in mine. The green of the field, the blue and white of the bleachers, the good of the trumpets. It’s as if every sense in my body is heightened and expanded. It’s as if I’m in a dream.

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I finger the large metal stencil. Rory looks up at me from the ground and swipes at his hair, leaving a green paint mark on his forehead. “Like it?” he asks. “Yeah,” I reply wistfully. I trace out the word ILLYRIA in all caps in the air careful not to cut myself on the fresh metal. He smiles and turns back to the poster on the ground.

A shadow swallows the studio and we both look up to Will’s silhouette standing in the doorway, hands on hips. He steps in and gives me a grin. “Cool place,” he says, looking around, “Nice work, Rory.” He slaps Rory on the back. “Dude!” Rory exclaims, gawking at the green smudge on the poster. “Oops,” Will says, the side of his mouth dipping into a scowl.

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I tip-toe downstairs, thanking myself for wearing socks. The wood flooring creaks and I cringe. The only light is from the small fireplace in the living room. I creep around the corner and smile. Rory dozes in an armchair in the corner of the room right next to the fire. His glasses are askew and his mouth is slightly open. The fire softly illuminates his face making his cheekbones and chin stand out. His usually dark brown hair looks slightly gold and auburn, too. I pick up the glasses and set them on a nearby table. He looks so calm and safe. Innocent. Something we were never allowed to be in our lives as operatives.

I sigh, dropping a kiss on his forehead. He stirs, placing his hand on the back of my neck, pulling me closer and pressing his lips to mine.

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Her gray eyes found mine and she gave me a leveled look. “How dare you,” she said, every word escaping her mouth like ice, “How dare you accuse me of such a unthinkable act!” Mrs. Kent clutches at her chest. Dramatic as always, I think.

Pushing the urge to roll my eyes, I shrugged at her, despite the prickles of fear climbing my spine. “You always taught us to think outside the box,” I give her a grim expression. Pure hatred and shock splays across her face. Her hands grip into fists and she purses her lips until they’re purple.

Carter lays a hand on my shoulder. I don’t have to look at him to know the hand isn’t for comfort or protection. It’s a warning. I can fight my own battles.

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A blinding yellow peeked its head over the silo, only a dark cylinder now. I laid down, welcoming the warm sunshine on my cold skin, and watched the sun raise up gloriously slow illuminating the features of the silo. Squares of metal stitched carelessly together, the occasional one bent over or at the corner. Time was plainly streaked across the rust framed red patches. A questionable ladder clinged to the side of the silo. The entire piece spoke of love and decay.

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“You don’t get it, Lily!” Ky looks at me. Betrayal and wrath streaked across the canvas of his hurt face. “You just don’t get it!”
“I’m sorry, Ky. I’m so sorry!” Hot tears stream down my face. I struggle for words, willing the burning lump in my throat to subside.
Ky turns away from me then comes back, the anger slowly being dissolved by sorrow.
“That was my father,” he whispers, almost like a plea. My heart lurches.

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She turned, striding down the empty street. Red, orange and yellow leaves scuttled across the sidewalk and crunched beneath her feet. Her black heeled-boots clicked against the concrete. Kari shivered against the cold fall wind as it blew across her face, fanning out her curly auburn hair. She snuggled into her gray wool scarf. The cold was coming in.

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i walked over to the recycling bin at the front of my house and opened the lid to throw away a bottle when i saw a note at the bottom. that’s in the wrong recycle bin, i thought. so i leaned in and grabbed it. it wasn’t regular paper either, i think it was parchment, all crumpled up. i uncrumpled it and all of a sudden it incinerated right in my hand. just up into ashes. i’d blinked and kept my eyes shut and as i opened them, a scarlett ribbon was in my hand. there was an inscription on the ribbon in black ink. You’ve seen, and now you’ll die. i blinked at it. the word, die, had sent a chill down my spine and i was shivering. i inhaled and then the world went black

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it was snowing outside. but inside, it was warm and cozy in the cabin. i was staring out the window at the snow covered trees when i felt a warm mug against my shoulder. “pretty in a icy way” Ky said as he handed me the mug of coco. i sipped the warm liquid but i couldn’t feel the warmth, nor could i, now that i thought about it feel the mug. I dropped the mug to the ground. “Jeez!” Ky said stepping back wide eyed, “what was that?!”
“I’m sorry!” i said, “i just, i just…”
i inhaled exasperated. i was in my bed. i looked at the clock. 6:45. i was late. it was all a dream.

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i was in the kitchen pouring some milk into my cereal when i heard some scratching at the front door. it was a Saturday, around 9 o’clock and i was alone in the house. i walked to the door and found a little dog with a bright red collar. “hi there” i said to it as i bent down. it was wagging its tail like it was Christmas and he was licking me all over my face. “hey hey!” i said laughing. i looked a the collar but there wasn’t a name tag, only a tiny scroll.

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