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rise above. dont sit just rise. its not a choice or is it. human nature or a will to want more? rise its the only thing that there is to do for those that never rise above are to be forgotten as the converter belt continues and you fall off into the past. just because you didn’t rise.rise rise rise…Rise Above!!!

» Posted By alfred On 11.29.2012 @ 5:15 pm


My life is endless. Trees of life extend from my fingers, blossoming into branches of worth, and curiosity. Roots sprout into the loamy soil, providing me with faith and trust in the ground beneath me. Root for the home team. And root for the underdog. Roots.

» Posted By Alfred On 08.01.2011 @ 11:14 pm


let go, the
cliff sings before you, hear the
come, come, let go
leap, change,
let go, adapt

» Posted By Alfred On 11.06.2010 @ 7:17 am


I love weeks for they are not as long as the months and as short as the days.

» Posted By Alfred On 10.24.2010 @ 4:49 pm


drip-drip-drip, water

in the cell, dark, dank/ but she had nowhere she could run to-

or escape to

» Posted By Alfred On 08.06.2010 @ 7:30 am


and the music played on, miles and miles more; each note a weary traveller eager to return home

» Posted By Alfred On 07.31.2010 @ 7:17 am


hastened breath, cold sweat, furtive glances,

where are you?

Why did you-

Who did you-

» Posted By Alfred On 09.08.2009 @ 5:41 am


The walls are crumbling, they shake and rumble. Gutteral, their roars. I escape, no exit.

» Posted By Alfred On 08.04.2009 @ 8:35 pm



» Posted By alfred On 01.11.2010 @ 12:33 pm


I hate checks. I think they embody so much what society wants. Honestly. I never got checks though at my last job. I had an undetected job, kinda, cause I was working without papers. So they paid me in cash. Checks are funny. Nike has checks for their logo. I wonder where it came from. I’ll wiki it. Swoosh. Why is it swoosh. It doesn’t swoosh. I don’t get it.

» Posted By Alfred On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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