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A frown is the opposite of a smile. The definition would mention muscle movements and things of the such. Seeing a frown is depressing.

» Posted By Alexys On 09.16.2014 @ 3:10 pm


Sweeping is awful. So terrible sweeping is. But at times I do enjoy it. I just hate when I’m forced. To sweep away my thoughts, wouldn’t that be nice. To just be swept away into the void of nonexistence, wouldn’t that be grand.

» Posted By Alexys On 09.15.2014 @ 3:49 pm


Brave means being able to face anything, admit that you are wrong when you are and saving a life looking for nothing in return. I know a lot of brave people, and many of them I admire. Being brave means being someone elses rock, but knowing that sometimes you always have to crack no matter what. Brave is something that is hard to come by now a days.

» Posted By Alexys On 06.11.2010 @ 5:35 pm

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