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She laid there holding the child in her arms. The pain from birth was gone, everything still and now she was able to lay in the silence of the bedroom with her daughter. How much she wished her mother could have been there to see her, the beautiful pink cheeks; each finger and toe… She brought the quilted blanket around the child a little bit tighter, the only touch of her mother she had left. It was soft, gentle, and if you paid attention close enough to the smell – you could find her mothers floral perfume on a few of the squares.

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Sputtering coughs left the dogs throat, his skin pulling in with each wheeze. They gathered around him, concerned as the vet listened to his heart and breath. Moments passed with suspense, breaths being held with fear of the worst to come. With an exhale, the vet stood up and turned towards the family with a smile, “He will be okay. It is just allergies nothing a pill can’t fix.”

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She sat there, legs swinging over the examination table’s edge. Her hands were pressed so firmly down beside her, she could feel her wrists aching. The doctors footsteps outside the door were growing louder by the second, and she knew her fate was in the manila folder in his hands. Her breath was suffocating, tightening in her chest and she wondered if she could draw another one when the handle began to lower. He briefly knocked, before pushing it open.

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