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He felt lost inside the vast space of his loose fitting clothes. How was anyone supposed to see his figure. How could he show off the body that he was so proud of when the men’s jeans and t-shirts that his parents had urged him to wear were like sheets on a clothesline, flapping in the wind? That was when he saw the flyer stapled to the pole downtown and thought, “what’s a drag show?”

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Everyone collapses eventually. Whether the catalyst is a loved one, a situation, a place; everyone finds their weak point. When it happens, there’s not much that can be done about it other than waiting it out.

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Stillness crept as a sentient being through the dull night air. There was nothing but the two of them, and nothing else was needed. As they made passing eye contact and quickly looked away, they felt an aura of profound relaxation that neither of them had thought possible.

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Those who remain unkempt are typically the most interesting — physically and mentally. Those troubled by thoughts that won’t seem to let up, sometimes leading to a lack of time to dedicate to the superficiality of physical appearances. I urge them to remain how they currently exist and keep their priorities straight.

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A stencil, commonly used as a guideline to print a design on a desired medium. Representative of the lines within which we live our lives. We simply take what we’ve seen – what we’re familiar with – hold it up to a canvas and spray paint it upon our lives.

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Disco is the embodiment of the character of a generation. Flamboyance and lack of image-concern ran rampant through the time, and disco is the perfect action of the period’s inhabitants to reflect this. I can’t say that I don’t envy the population of the time period, image is everything in modern times.

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