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When you revved, and then stopped ,and then spoke again, it was not for the fear of what slowing down, not ceasing, or silence would bring, but for the necessity of not destroying the sovereignty of trying.

» Posted By Aleksandra On 02.24.2014 @ 12:35 pm


soft fur, soothing baa. A baby animal you just want to befriend. I may not be Mary but a lamb would be nice. I would take it with me to school and get the lamb to bite people in the ass for a good laugh.

» Posted By Aleksandra On 03.04.2013 @ 8:20 pm



» Posted By aleksandra On 01.10.2013 @ 3:54 am


Brief wind has gone through her hair. “Oh” she said. I got an idea. Maybe next time I’ll be more specific. It’s going to be a long summer.

» Posted By Aleksandra On 06.13.2012 @ 6:40 am


My teacher is a real interesting woman. She’s sixty-five and under five feet, but boy is she ever feisty. She drives to school every day in her black VW Beetle, covered in flames, metal music blaring.

» Posted By Aleksandra On 06.09.2011 @ 12:25 pm


The corner of the road was a special place. The kids would run up to it every day, yelling and shouting. We would run out to them, playing along, until one of us scraped our knees. And it always happened. Sometimes it was Bobby, sometimes Jane or Mary-Anne. But we’d all brush it off and keep playing.

» Posted By Aleksandra On 06.08.2011 @ 4:57 pm


playing games with your friends although you don’t know how to play football, it’s fun anyway because everybody’s trying to teach you and you all laugh a lot

» Posted By aleksandra On 05.11.2011 @ 8:17 am


I have no idea what “wand” means. A can collocate it with the verb “want” and I begin thinking what I want. I want everything!

» Posted By Aleksandra On 03.14.2011 @ 5:22 am


A woman in black who submitted herself to a lifelong slavery to someone or somethng that doesn’t exist.

» Posted By Aleksandra On 08.02.2010 @ 5:57 am


He was suspended in grade six, because he wrote a bad word on a piece of paper. Childish and foolish, we all laughed. he missed two days of school. Seven years later, I’m staring straight into his eyes and I remind him of this. We laugh, harder than we did when we were eleven, it wasn’t childish, it was real.

» Posted By Aleksandra On 11.19.2008 @ 4:17 pm


the road was empty, the lights were off. what could we do? we were going nowhere, feeling nothing. just following the path. restless, boneless.

» Posted By Aleksandra On 10.21.2008 @ 4:06 pm


This word contain five letters. It’s an instrument that is like a guitar. I often imagine a frog or maybe a hillbilly animal playing it..I think I’ve seen that when I was younger on TV.

» Posted By Aleksandra On 11.26.2009 @ 4:32 pm

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