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The world around them had adapted to the post apocalyptic world. Buildings remained in ruins but with little cubbyholes as homes. Blankets were used as doors and children played with wrecked car parts.

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The village at the end of the river lay in fire and ash. Not a single soul had been spared to witness it’s desolation. Not a single one except Adam, who had been lowered into the villages’ well by his mother, his baby sister asleep in his arms. She cried during the destruction, but not a single cry had been heard over the villages screams of agony as the rangers attacked.

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The village sat in fire and ash at the edge of the river. Not a single soul was left to bare witness to it’s desolation.

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The sultry taste of her lips brought him to his knees, his resolve breaking and his commitment to himself broken. Mark leaned into Rebecca, cupping his large hands around her face and pulling her close.

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