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She stood on the top of that tower getting a bird view of the things below. it looked so beautiful yet so scary. This was the way she had chosen to end her life. She stood watching for few more minutes. It was not going to harm, nobody knew of her plans. Then she saw him, from ten floors above she was still sure it was him. He was struggling to make his way through the buzzing traffic. How did he get out of the house? Any stupid vehicle could hit him anytime. She was on a race, before she realised, to rescue her pet dog. Plans of ending her life had to wait!

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“Oh look at that!” exclaimed Monty. He was walking on the beach with his mother’s help. Sun was setting, shining bright in his last moments. That seemed like a pointer to Monty’s life’s last moments. Monty was shining brighter than the sun!

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i just woke up from a bad dream, a nightmare in fact. I couldn’t go back to sleep. When i came back i found it was dawn and sun was just raising. Looking at the picturesque sun, i felt thankful to the nightmare.

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Isn’t it nice to be involved in each and everything we do? That’s what Khushi does. She is so into it, no matter what she is doing. It takes her a while to respond to her name when she is doing something

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She screamed, excited.. “Fantastic!” She was looking at the screens in the theater. Awesome experience was it for her. It was her first time after all!

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