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I walked down the street, many kids begging for money or food, I tried to walk by without looking at them… I didn’t have anything on me, it hurt just to look at them. As I went around a corner I saw a group of kids beating up this little blonde boy. I yelled at them they were all half my height, “Get away from him!”. At that they all skittered away and blended in the shadows, the boy slowly got up, as I picked up his broken glasses from the floor. “You okay?” He nodded lightly but before I could give him my hand I heard sirens, and some of the boys came with a cop, “There he is! And that girl is helping! She’s an accomplice!!”. I wanted to yell when the blonde boy grabbed my arm and pulled me past the corner…

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She really did wanted to trust him, really badly. Since they were a long ways from any road and there was way too many trees to navigate around and dangerous beasts lurking about. But what seemed more alarming was the boy in front of her,because of his strange clothes, manner and eyes… They were so bright almost glowing in the darkness that surrounded them. He smiled at her and she followed him anyways, pushing the feeling of doubt down.

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The two kids ran around a tree, laughing and cheering as they tried to outrun each other, but as one boy grabbed the tree an apple fell. They both looked at it, and thought they could share it, and as he reached for it, his companion screamed as she grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled back. A large branch had crashed in front of them, nearly getting the boys hand, but they looked at it thinking of the flattened apple…

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The kids were screaming and cheering, everywhere you could hear the energy that flowed through the stadium. Many men had fought and the new fighter still had not fallen, everyone cheered as the last champion faced him. Here comes the time of the underdog…

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You could see two of them walking down the hill towards the ocean, one was short with long dark hair and the other was taller with white hair to his side. Only thing you could see was thier footsteps in the sand…

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He laughed as he watched her little figure slip from the edge. Down, down the edge she went, her eyes wide in shock and fear, staring straight at him. He smiled so sweetly at her until she disappeared into the dark abyss…

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Lights blared past me, as I hurried thought the alleyways and backstreets of the city. I still had a couple of men on my tail, but I wasn’t sure what time it was. I wondered if I had enough time to get to the theatre. Then a beeping noise sounding in my ear, and a clear voice came through. “James?” I smiled, “Don’t fret, I’m still alive, though I’m not sure if I have enough time to catch the show?” She laughed and said, “Well it all depends how fast you make it to the car waiting for you at Bakers Street.” “Not a problem, bout 2 minutes.” “But we don’t need your extra guests..” “Oh them? I was about to give them the Slip anyways.” “Right then, we will be waiting

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The air was cool on my face. It bit lightly at my ears and nose, while the snow was falling lightly throughout the sky. I was looking down at the forest across from me, and the beauty of the snow. I was waiting patiently for my target… At the sound of hooves and a few birds waking in the trees I set up my gun, and looked through the scope. The dark carriage, pulled by four big stallions, contrasted against the pure white of the snow. They got to the front of the manor, door opening, and target about to step into view. I took a deep breath, the cold air stinging my lungs, and held it… Then the snow was stained red…

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John ran down the hill, laughing to his companion who was far behind him. “You gotta move faster than that slow poke!” He cried. The other boy with short blonde curls tried with all his might to keep up, “John hey! Slow down!”. John kept going down further, winding between the tall trees and roots uprooted. But as the blonde curly haired boy tripped he heard a sudden yelp. Looking up to see if his friend fell, he notice he was all alone. “J-John?….” Silence. “John? John! this isn’t funny.” But the longer the silence the more scared he was becoming… Then “Dylan? Dylan! Hey!”. The blonde boy froze and looked around the tree… Nobody. “John? Where are you?”. “I don’t know… I think I fell into some hole?”. “What do you see?”. “Nuthin really.. Wait.” Then Dylan heard a bang and jumped. “Whoa!” “Dylan? I found something…. A gun.” “What?!”

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I looked at his bright eyes. He’s right there at the border waiting for me. I try to get through but they hold me back. He yells my name. But them a shot is heard. And I scream.

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