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It was on the counter, plain to see. Easily to know it was a formula. I stepped up and drank it all down. It tingled and felt cold running sown my throat. My head was slowly lifting up. But it wasn’t me doing it, it was a knife across my throat.

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I think that nobody really anticipated the cinematic act that was about to occur in the front of the class as the fifty-million year old english professor sauntered up to the podium, cooky, and crazy, and full of more life than all of his students combined. Literary nuts tend to be this way: someday I hope to be one, full of passion, and wisdom, and experience, and knowledge, and a tad of craziness as well.

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John heard the sound before he felt the pain. the sudden sharpness and white hot burning coming from his hand made his face wrinkle in pain and eyes sting. Why on earth had he agreed to this dare? you shouldnt be playing petty games, he thought to himself, you should be outdoing something meaningful. But no, he was here, surrounded by drunk adolesant males laughing at his stupidity. he looked down at the wound, took a deep breath, and yanked out the staple with a grimace. who had ever

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Spoiled princess? Or maybe just a happy woman. Maybe a princess shouldn’t be derogatory. Maybe it just means feeling cared for and loved by someone.

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It makes me think of a record. Like skipping. Like the one in Lost or like the way they’re stuck travelling back and forth through time and Daniel Faraday compares it to being a skipping record. Always repeating. I also want to type repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat.

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assisted, the word alone bothers me. not really sure why. maybe because it reminds me of weakness. people who need assistance, needing people to assist me. i think especially it brings up the elderly and how they need assistance. which reminds me of my grandfather who lived in an assisted living home and watching him deteriotate. i never want to grow old and need assistance. i want to take care of myself.

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Hold the ones you love.
They’re held. Warm

Don’t let go.

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We are all obsolete in this large world. We don’t matter all that much. We just go about our everyday lives, but we never give one thought to the other billion people across the globe. They are obsolete.

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I wanted to see where things would go with you…to what level we’d reach, I don’t have a clue. Well, I thought that maybe it’d go all te way, and it’s looking sofar like it will…this is something that I’ve wanted for a long time. Like my entire life. I could imagine being truly happy without it in eternity. It’s going to be sweet, as long as we both give everything we have and work our hardest towards that goal. Yes, ill admit, I wasnt to keen on it when I was younger, but now, Its My NeXT bit goal i want to accomplish. If your apart of it, great, i cant wait for the ride and to see how high we can go.

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beauty, sophisticated, smell, love, sex,purple, inhale, flowers, man, embrace, close

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you wear a suit for dressy occasions, there are suits for guys or girls. There is also a suit in cards. It can also be used as a verb, something can suit you.

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i never really played with dolls. my mother always noted this. i hated barbie and just didnt understand the appeal. i liked stuffed animals and shit, some toys i guess. not action figures though. i supposed id just rather climb trees. i was an active outdoorsy kid, never watched tv or played with dolls. DOLLS ARE FOR BABIES.

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I remember when I was a kid, thinking I was happy. Upon reflection I realise I was making the best with what I had. Sure, I had happy times, but I remember the sad times the most. I don’t remember many ‘I love you’s. Shame, really. Children deserve to remember a happy childhood. I wish I could.

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When I was in Lake Tahoe with my family one summer we took a trip to the dock just after some lame touristy museum that we visited. All I really remember of that part was standing on the dock and looking down between the planks and seeing all the little fish below me. They looked so happy and free and I was happy for them. I wished that I could swim all day like they could.

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Her sigh echoed in the room. It was painfully loud to her and it overwhelmed her almost. How significant to her it was, that she could hear her own sigh so loudly. How symbolic of the loneliness and the tiredness she was experiencing.

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with tears streaming down my face, i taped the polaroid we took onto the wall. thinking back of the time when we were all so happy taking pictures together.

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Sometimes I feel broken. I feel like no one likes me because I’m so faulty and I’m not special as I was when we became friends. We were so tight last year and then you ditched me for them. I don’t even know why. You honestly broke my heart and break it every time we hang out and then you leave me. I’m broken to you.

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The burnt toast really wasn’t all that appetizing for her. Granted, she wasn’t feeling very well, so perfect toast probably wouldn’t have looked good to her either, but really. Burnt toast? It was like kicking someone when their down. It was a mockery. “We know that you don’t feel well today, so we’re topping it off with trying to feed you some burnt toast. Sincerely, The Mockery Crew”

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We were laying together, holding hangs, laughing, and smiling. It was one of those times that you remember. Not because it was some big adventure, but because it was quiet. Intimate. I’ll never forget the sound of your hearbeat under my head, the feel of the rise and fall of your chest.

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manual transmission and no transmission all together. No idea where the transmission is heading to or where you might end up. A radio transmission. Manually done. Man. U. Lee. Who knew. It’s a manual type day where you get out and do it all yourself.

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hanging from the ceiling wish i could touch the floor. running out of breath. running out of time. help.

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The smell of the gingerbread men in the oven was delicious. I loved the smell of baked goods and it made me miss home even more. I was tired and maybe it was time to end the argument. Maybe it was time for me to return home to my family and bake our own gingerbread cookies and laugh and smile like his family was letting me share in.

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while she looked like a delicate flower, he knew there had to be something more to her. while her features were striking, but calmed by the small bit of extra flesh on her bones, this indicated that there definitely was something more underneath.

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