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Metro is one of the fastest means of transport. It carries many people. It goes underground. It ca

» Posted By Ahmed On 02.14.2019 @ 3:29 am


The clarification is a skill in League of legends where someone clarifies himself from debuffs and stuns, it use mainly used by ad carries as if they’re debuffed they can not perform and if they die the team instantly lose the fight, so it’s a pretty important skill for adc

» Posted By Ahmed On 07.09.2016 @ 12:21 am


i don’t know what is the meaning if this word could you tell me ??

» Posted By Ahmed On 03.05.2014 @ 6:05 am


Everytime I think of the declaration of independence, the phrase “pursuit of happiness” seems to stand out and dangle and dance in front of me, as if teasing at the inability to achieve happiness and alluding to my life of pursuing it.

» Posted By Ahmed On 09.15.2013 @ 1:22 am


I have bought a new trench.

» Posted By Ahmed On 04.09.2013 @ 12:23 am


I played in egypt’s wrestling team in the Olympics and we were third and got a bronze medal. The rest of my team was glad while I was devistated because I wanted to be first.

» Posted By Ahmed On 03.29.2013 @ 10:16 am


As she went through her resume she kept looking at the experience section. Although that she’s 36 years old and supposedly has a lot of experience, she was never even near the proposed experience level she claimed to have. Seconds later she felt her stomach twist.

» Posted By Ahmed On 01.05.2013 @ 4:29 pm


history present future tense done finished beautiful ancient civilizations pharaohs pyramids

» Posted By Ahmed On 11.28.2012 @ 1:34 pm


I’m always using headphones for meetings, and conference, sometimes it help much to isolate yourself from external world, I like it pretty much,

» Posted By ahmed On 09.09.2012 @ 3:44 am


my parents, my siblings, family, wife, close friends, funny people who make you happy, first love, my wife,

» Posted By Ahmed On 08.31.2012 @ 3:22 am


Zone is defined as a bordered area specified for a certain purpose. Either a zone can be open or closed. The most common zones used or what we here today are restricted zones. There are several other kinds as well.

» Posted By Ahmed On 08.16.2012 @ 6:08 pm


Hello every body .I’m New in this web site and I have an interview of recrutement .I have to make a presentation .
I want to know if someone can help me and give how to make a presentation ( how to start …how to link between differente parts ) and if possible to send me an example of this kind of presentation if someone have it .

» Posted By ahmed On 08.14.2012 @ 2:37 pm


this word is important in any culture, it represents books, lettres, i

» Posted By ahmed On 08.11.2012 @ 7:22 am


“Put your hands up!” the cop screamed.

“Shit, man. We’re fucked. Get us out of here!” screamed the teen. He and his “possy” dived for cover and crawled as fast as they could to the getaway car.

» Posted By Ahmed On 07.20.2012 @ 3:17 pm


i don;’t know what’s swing bc i don’t speak english, but i like to swing my sword. swing some papers in this world, everytime i remember swing. i remember japanese peopolel and their attire and how they swing their swords

» Posted By ahmed On 03.06.2012 @ 2:15 pm


i hate every things except i like what i like it, well …. thats my life and i free what i told it, no one have deserve to like it .. thats all

» Posted By ahmed On 03.05.2012 @ 12:11 pm


already wrote on it . waiting for my 60 secs to finish. that will be EPIC

here they end!

» Posted By ahmed On 02.02.2012 @ 1:43 pm


now, easy, fast, accesible, antimanual, prepared, computer done, reflex, uncontrollable, car, math,

» Posted By ahmed On 10.24.2011 @ 8:09 pm


cars take us wherever we need of want to go, they’re fast and awesome.

» Posted By Ahmed On 08.21.2011 @ 2:42 am


its just a way of luring people into some bogus film,an art of deceiving people which these cinema people do it quite skillfully .masterminds

» Posted By ahmed On 04.27.2011 @ 11:07 am


soft heat resistant gud for coffee and tea cups and even plates. useful material, not sure if its too safe for health. i think it must be as it is used alot.

» Posted By ahmed On 04.23.2011 @ 6:04 am


imagine when we first started trading goods, cheese for eggs, build you a chair in exchange for milk… who would have thought we would end up in suits riding elevators

» Posted By ahmed On 03.30.2011 @ 6:35 am


i was soo freaked out as the exam was getting so close and i was just thinking how i willhing it but i triesd so hard to keep my mind offf her just to get the score i want..bas keda khlas..and FINallyy IAM DONE WITH BOTHHHHHHH

» Posted By ahmed On 03.03.2011 @ 7:25 pm


the one downfall of humanities existence. while you may be thinking o yourself, what do you mean? science has helped improve our lives 100 times the rate of what would have existed beforehand. well i don’t know about you, but I’m not counting our progression on beakers and test tubes.

» Posted By Ahmed On 06.06.2010 @ 12:30 pm


being so put in the drkness with n one there to help uou out everything is just lame and greasy and so blind like the memories of a mrder. Locked with nothing but hope to get out one day and become free in the sunshine and the breeze

» Posted By Ahmed On 03.18.2009 @ 4:19 pm


I am going to install some new software on my computer today.That will make my machine more useful for me. Perhaps it will become more fun to use as well. I have noticed before that installing new programs gives me some kind of joy.

» Posted By Ahmed On 02.24.2009 @ 10:07 am


i don’t like to be suspend in school.

» Posted By ahmed On 11.19.2008 @ 1:42 pm

one word is an important concept in understanding human psychology. It allows people to think instantly of what means the most to them. Not only that, but it also allow them to make a reasonable judgement of their behaviour and relationship with

» Posted By Ahmed On 11.18.2008 @ 1:25 pm


Sitting on your ass all day is the greatest,you don’t have to wory about career,income,assholes,jerks,bosses,posers….etc
on the other hand it might not be that great cause one day you’ll wake up at 70 finding out that all you’re life experiences are through a TV.

» Posted By Ahmed On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


I thought that the word elevate had divine purpose of reflecting how one’s person can go to a higher place or higher better emotion but now i see that after having to write about it that it is nothing of that sort.

» Posted By Ahmed On 04.20.2008 @ 5:47 am

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