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The sound was deafening as he approached the hole in the ground. Squinting down into the blackness, he could feel the hair on his head blow back from the waves of energy that emanated from deep within. He could not place what the cause of it was, but one odd thing did stand out. Admist the chaos of noise; John could hear a soft, sweet sound.

It was the sound of Angels.

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To be fair, John didn’t think much of his gambling addiction. Yet, somehow he made a slight miscalculation with the amount of time he devoted to card playing.

His family will never forgive him for it.

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It wasn’t hard to entice Ryan with promises of great success and glory beyond his wildest dreams. He should know, it was all he had been thinking about these past few years. Yet, it took the appearance of a wealthy widow to make him believe in the possibility. All it would take, is a little scheming on his part…

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His mother unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a heaving, ample bosom. Nipples alert and ready, life saving nourishment that would restore his fragile imbalance. The only trouble is, Tim was 42 years old. He shielded his eyes in disgust.

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He recoiled in horror at the sight of the puddle. It took him a few moments to discern what exactly was it that lay unmoving at his feet. Blood. A calm, collected ring of blood lurked near the soles of his feet. He panicked, looking to his left and then ran as fast as he could. Far, far away.

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The branches were firm, held in his grasp, John pulled himself to the very top. Feeling the bark scrap against his knee, the smell of moss entering his nostrils.

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He thought he would flip upon the sight of the three-headed mare that stood before him, peering out from under it’s hair, regarding him with as fascinated a curiosity as Ryan bestowed upon it. It was nothing short of a miracle, to see such a specimen managing to survive to adulthood. A testament to the resilience of spirit, animal or otherwise.

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Her charms were such that most men could not resist the way she batted her eyelashes. They fell onto their knees, looking up (sometimes down) at her in quiet resignation at the beauty she radiated. Alyssa knew all this, leveraging her appearance in order to win favours. This was nothing new.

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She lost her temper, arms flailed wildly in the air as she struggled to get a grip on the man that raped her. Before, she was scared, but now — she was livid. Her fingers gripped the flesh of the man’s cheek and tore savagely with pointed nails. He cried into the night, and fled down the street. Never to be heard from again.

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The torch was held high, burning brightly against the darkness that loomed before Ryan’s eyes. He could make out a figure in the distance. Shrouded in black, huddled against the giant redwood trees. In his hand was a scythe, it gleamed in the light of the fire he carried. Even across such a distance, it shone with quiet malevolence.

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A petition in blood, he thought. Looking at the sheet of paper nailed to the wooden fencepost. It was scrawled in the way a child on his first attempt at cursive would have attempted, but the colour was a deep, crimson, rusted red.

He could not make sense of anything it said.

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A true professional does not simply write for the sake of putting words to paper. A professional endeavours to do more than to earn a living by his craft. A professional is one who recognizes the importance in telepathic communication via the written word. The importance of communicating complex ideas, events and feelings that will shift the current paradigm to hopefully a much better one.

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Off to town they went. With hands clenched tightly in each other’s fists, and smiles as wide and bright as a strip of Vegas show clubs. These dames were easy to please, Jack thought. Dinner, dancing, flowers. He chuckled. “This was too easy.”

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The medical community were enraptured at the sight. Two eyeless heads joined in a single torso and ending with a serpentine tail. Not only was such a sight an uncommon occurance at the Royal James hospital, but nobody could tell what it really was. Was it human?

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At the Carnival there was a series of grotesques on display. Disfigured giant men with club feet. Women with beards. Midgets without any limbs. A spectacle asking nothing more than a morbid curiosity and the exchange of a flat, shiny nickel.

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The bland taste of the apple failed to penetrate his senses. He had lost his ability to taste food, to recognize the sensations and flavours that danced across his tongue. Jack placed his head in his hands and mourned his predicament with half restrained sobs.

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She lifted her glass of champagne to the room, flashing everyone with a sparkling smile as she twirled coyly in her red dress. Amelia was having the time of her life, being here among the elite, a debutante of renown. But no one really knew the truth of who she really was. A virus.

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It was a fine dessert he thought. Whipped cream, chocolate syrup and the requisite cherry on top. It wasn’t until Jim dug deeper into the dish that he began to notice something awry. A disembodied eyeball peered up at him, it’s lifeless orb reflecting the light from the ceiling. How had it come to this, he wondered as he dug his spoon dish, balancing the orb precariously on his utensil.

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She carved a bite out of the meat. Human flesh, she thought, with a wrinkled nose. The fork was buried deep into the charred lump, red juices streaming down the sides. Anna remembered her Grandmother’s request, she still felt queasy as she raised the utensil to her mouth…

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The thunder crashed loudly around him, brilliant forks of lightning hooked their electric fingers into his bones, making them hum with a terrible energy. Daniel looked at his smouldering shoes and puffed at his cigar, oblivious. He smiled.

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Her scars criss-crossed down the right leg, ending at an ankle. Thin strands of puckered flesh, a path of physical memory wrought by the point of a six-inch switchblade. Carrie sighed, remembering how it first came about.

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The gown was streaming down her body like a wet napkin clinging for dear life. Her thighs were exquisite within the sheer confines of the fabric, wrapped around each like a warm hug. David couldn’t take his eyes away.

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“I deserve nothing but the best!” She proclaimed, holding the keys to her new Lexus while David watched her carefully.
“Is this what it will take to make you happy?” He asked, wiping damp palms on his shirt.
“Yes. For now.” She said. “I’ll let you live, for now.”

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She always did tell me, that she wanted someone stable. Conscientious, passionate, kind, loving, gentle… masculine. And I ball my fists and scream at the inside of my lungs, causing them to vibrate with a violent intensity. Because, she doesn’t know want she wants. Women want the world, and they are without the capability to appreciate the things they have now. I can’t change, but I am most of those things. She’d better be happy with just that.

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Anywhere there is sex, Paul would be there. Peeking into the windows, in-between the slit of the blinds, gawking with wide, sparkling eyes. Indeed, he was a pervert, but a refined one at that, considering his destination of choice were always estates of the rich and famous.

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