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He wanted to harness the energy of the sun. He made detailed sketches and solved equations. He became obsessed with power and electricity and heat. The question of how plagued him day and night, and the sun mocked him, far from reach and ever eternal.

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Guide…showing you where you need to go and how to get there. With confidence but humility, strength but empathy, your shepherd is you soul’s father.

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There was a big party going on in the other room. You wonder why you aren’t inside, laughing and celebrating with the others. Well, it’s not so much a celebration, but a huge get-together with friends. And there it is, the truth smacks you in the face. Hard. Are they your friends? Aren’t friends supposed to be people you don’t feel awkward around? It seems as if every second you spend with them is a second wasted in awkwardness. So now, here you are, sitting alone outside a room full of “friends”, and you feel the least awkward you’ve felt in ages. It’s liberating.

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the water was really shallow but i couldnt seem to stay up long enough to reach the other side. my feet were up, but i wanted to test my doggy paddle skills. it was intense. i didnt really know why or what made me want to try this, but i kept going with it. anywho, i got about three feet and began so fall to the bottom.

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They weren’t on the same level, really. She was a shy, introspective girl who lived her life through books. He was outgoing and friendly, and never hesitated to share his opinion. He lived. They were so different, on so many different levels. But somehow, they clicked.

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She had almost reached her boiling point. She swears that she is just this much further away from exploding. There’s just so many things happening, so much to do, so much to think about, and come to terms with. She can’t stand it. She’s simmering, just below the surface, one degree away from burning, but she hides it well, and not many people think to check.

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Mmm. She sighed into the water. It was relaxing, letting herself get lost in the bubbles and hot water. She let her thoughts flow freely, and it was a relief not having to keep everything in, not having to hide things, even from herself. She let herself think of whatever came to mind as she slowly closed her eyes into sleep.

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She wondered what it took to be successful. Did one need to be charming? Or should one be cunning? Many people would of course say that one should be hard-working and diligent, but of course, a lot of people are liars too. They probably did work hard – at manipulating others and stepping over them in their quest to the top. She wondered if even half of the successful people nowadays got there by being honest. Probably not.

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She was breaking the rules just being here. Mind you, these were her own rules so it didn’t matter so much. At least, she hoped it didn’t. But really, she knew that if you couldn’t follow your own rules, it was worse. While the authorities could arrest her for breaking the rules, she could do a hundred times worse to herself, wallowing in guilt, overthinking everything. But as she watched the figure cross the road, hair swishing in the wind, she felt no regret at all. It was the right thing to do.

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She was prone to wandering off – not physically, but sometimes, she gets a vacant look in her eyes and a dreamy expression on her face. She would seem a million light years away, even though she was standing right in front of you. And she would smile – a bright, brilliant smile, and you would leave her be, letting her enjoy her own perfect world where nothing horrible ever happens and war is a distant concept, something that doesn’t even have a name.

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You said you would be my friend forever. Back in the gold-tinted days of our childhood, amidst games of hide-and-seek and laughter, you swore we would be best friends forever. And I believed you and your promises of eternal friendship drawn on lined paper. You used to give me drawings proclaiming our unbreakable friendship. But now, we are grown into the years of gossip and awkwardness, and I see you, and I see me, and there are a million other people in between us. I see you, I pass by you sometimes in the hallways, but our eyes just glide past each other, onto new friends, onto more important things. We are strangers, when we were once inseparable. We are nothing more to each other now than another person who walks the earth.We used to ask each other what growing apart meant — we didn’t understand it, never thought it would happen to us. Our pinkie-promises whispered in the corner of the classroom mean nothing now. I doubt you even remember how close we used to be.

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She hated this feeling, hated feeling like she was losing control. But she was. Oh, she was. She was losing the little bit of control she had over her life, and she absolutely hated it. It was dizzying and horrifying and slowly, she could feel the constraints on her mind disappear. Losing control was hard for her and doubts began creeping into her mind, but in the end, she loved every second of the freedom losing control gave her.

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It was basic, it was obvious, and she couldn’t believe she hadn’t figured it out sooner. But she still didn’t know what to do, and she was frustrated because it all seemed so simple before. And it was simple in theory. She just didn’t know how to get from Point A to Point B, and thinking about it all just made her so dizzy and confused.

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The woman played with the charm on her bracelet, examining it at every angle. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. It was pretty, though, she had to admit. But still cheap. She wondered why she still wore it after all these months, all that time of waiting and wishing and hoping. But he was gone now, and this was all she had left of him and so she kept it close.

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The keys jangled as the girl struggled to get her locker open. “Bloody useless thing.” she muttered under her breath as she finally got the rusty lock to pop open. She grabbed her books, slammed her locker shut, and sped away to her next class, all the while playing with the keys in her hand, and fingering the new charm on it.

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The music from the barber shop floated out through the open window. She sat on the curb, thinking, always thinking. She wished that she didn’t have to think anymore. Her mind ran around in circles, chasing one possibility and then the next. Thinking made everything so complicated. As she let the soft tunes from the barber shop flow over her, she got up and decided to think less and live more. She started walking. Her next stop was somewhere she hoped and wished she would be welcomed.

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They sat there, on the bench, their bench, worlds apart and yet only centimeters from each other. They spoke quietly, in whispers, for one hour, once a year, every year on Midsummer’s Day, until their hairs turned grey and their skin wrinkled with smiles and a life lived full of Dust. They spoke about the Republic of Heaven, and prayed that one day, they’d finally be together again, each of their atoms tightly entwined, even in death.

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The sweet smell of mangoes reminded her of the beach. The warm feeling of feet buried in sand, the curve of salty hair drying. The sun setting over the water, reflecting off the crest of the waves, and the warm glow of colours spreading across the sky.

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She shouted so much, she was so tired of being angry all the time. But it was a great release for what she was really feeling – scared and confused and insecure and alone. A catharsis. But it would just build up again and again until she couldn’t contain it any longer. And so she shouted, releasing all of her pent-up emotions until she was hoarse. And it started again.

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The leaves on the trees urged her on, through the spiraling, dizzying path she was taking through the forest. They whispered secrets to her until she got to the clearing over the hill. The heart of the forest, moonlight shining down on her through the branches. Sitting down in meditation, eyes closed in concentration, she listened as the forest taught her, and told her its deepest, darkest secrets.

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They were playing cards the last time she saw him. Laughing around the table, stealing secret glances at each other, talking through their eyes. The next day, he was gone, like smoke in the wind, leaving nothing behind but burning eyes.

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She was tangled up in everything. No matter what she did, she couldn’t avoid that. The messiness of life, the subtleness of relationships. She couldn’t stop it just by wishing everything away, wishing that life were easy and perfect and uncomplicated.

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She watched as the man rifled through her things. She was afraid to stop him, afraid to admit that she didn’t care. About anything, about him.

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Bellatrix stared at her cousin Sirius as he threw strings of curses at her. She stood and barely flinched at the harshness of the curses. She then hurled multitudes of curses back at him.

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Discussion was irrelevant. There was nothing to discuss, The aliens just wanted to take over. How can you argue with that?

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taking a bow is the hardest thing to do because it is humbling yourself, which i don’t think anyone really likes to do. after all, it takes courage to say that one is wrong and that one is not all right about everything and to concede to the fact of the matter that someone else is right. take a bow. woohoo.

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