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I continously wiped my clammy hands on my slacks. Everytime I attempted to speak, my throat clenched. I tapped my feet nervously and replied in an embarrassed, disappointed whisper

“Yes. I have a criminal history.”

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A sparkly gold headband could be made out amongst the wild patch of frizzy, crimped, ginger-colored hair. Her eyelids were adorned with two fluorescent blue circles, her thin lips painted a vibrant pink the color of her leg warmers.

“I’m Mary-Anne.” She cooed, twisting the mass of hair around and around and around her finger as she obnoxiously chewed a wad of gum.

Mary-Anne looked like a cheap stripper.

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She was wonderful. She was spirited and young and passionate. She reeked of curiosity and excitement, and was over flowing with wanderlust. You could see her optimism shining in her smile. She was fiery and quick witted, and everything that I wasn’t. I hated her for it.

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Tofu was an alien substance- something I had heard of but never seen or smelled or felt- and I was more than excited to try it. I was deliriously happy. I was euphoric. After Thanksgiving at Brenae’s house, however, I cringed at the thought of it. It’s as if I went from knowing nothing about tofu at all to knowing far too much, and the sour taste of the squishy, smelly blob still seemed to linger in my mouth and in the back of my throat.

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I knew that Minerva told me to find the necessary ingredients for her spell and to find them rather quickly too, but I couldnt help but sulk when the idea of me trekking out to search for them came to mind. Where on earth was a person like me going to find a fluorescent green, scaly dragon tale that glistened only under the light of the full moon and a rabbit foot with five toes and the silver hair of some crazy old bat in a cottage and the ear of a dead elf, which I find extremely unsanitary. This was hopeless. I was useless and gutless and I was not looking forward to touching the ear of a corpse.

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once upon a time there was a toadstool. it was living in a forest then some men came along picked it,and then ate it. they got poisoned for the toadstool was not for eating the end

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She sat on the toadstool, an overwhelming feeling of awe and anticipation growing inside of her belly and on the brim of her heart.
“Me? Are you talking to me?” The bearded man nodded, his silver wisps of hair dancing furiously as he did so, and offered his hand to a girl so small, so frail, so delicate, so beautiful.

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She was speaking, but her words and the meaning behind them were inaudible. I slouched on the couch, fiddling with my mug, nodding my head as if I agreed. One raindrop fell on the window, then there were two, then it was pouring.

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