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no me importa

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They were going farther than they thought they would. Her eyes searched his for any sign of hesitance but she found none. His, however, found a sea full of it. They thought they could make it, but it seemed that one of them loved the other more. It was tiring for him to constantly work at this. It wasn’t effortless anymore. And so when they parted ways at a time that seemed early to everyone else, they knew that they had walked a distance longer than they were supposed to.

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Well, I’m totally devastated!! This is the third time I’ve logged into Hopefully I’m getting the login and password down so tomorrow I’ll have another word besides devastated!

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I’m devastated! I just wrote my first ‘ entry last night. Thought I’d have another word today! Guess not!!
Oh, well, maybe next time!

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I’m devastated due to the toxic nature of a relationship that I’m in. I’m very much in love, an affectionate person who lives with someone who is exactly the opposite. What do I do! I’m frustrated, bewildered and devastated.

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A glass of Riesling on a warm summer night.

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Pressed olives!

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Port to starboard, cap’n!

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Black. Striped. All over the place. How could one decide between them all? So many, all different colors and patterns. Then ties and shirts to match.

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Something that is unchanging. Physics seems to come to mind for me as we use constants in many equations. But it means much more than that.

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surely. definitely. SOitantly. Currently. Assuredly. Full throttle. Without hesitation. Truth. Undoubtedly. Without a second though. Circus. Cirrus clouds. Curtain.

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i cant wait to create my first masterpiece. last night i talked to a lot of people about throwing a killer block party this summer–what really has me excited is the thought of 500 of my closest buds, listening to bands, drinking, and having an awesome waterballoon fight in the middle of a hot august day in tennessee

WAHOOO! i think it’ll be a masterpiece.

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green pods, pea light and
filled to burst; they make little
quasars on the edge of your plate
like little lotus stars and
you touch them —
sickly sweet and vinegary.

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guitar, armp making cool sounds….tool, talk bos……..Pedal? bike b=pedal? i guess…..guitar pedal? no no no……im starting to think about it now, i dont feel like this is genuine…….hmmmmm, pedal……to the metal…..i dont know what to think.

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