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What does it mean to be a witch? Witches now are very commonplace, believe it or not. The girl playing hopscotch on the corner, the teenagers giggling over inconsequential gossip, the woman chastising her incompetent subordinates over the phone, all of them are witches.

Note though that men cannot be witches. This is a result of the gender split in the fairytale mythos: girls were princesses-in-disguise, women witches, and men princes, heroes, farmers’ sons.

The point is, men simply don’t have enough experience with being systematically categorized into one of two groups: the innocent and the reviled.

Well anyways, most women have a bit of magic in them. It’s the ones that have a bit of natural talent that become witches.

And talent, this particular witch had in spades.

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Now the beast wasn’t to go unchallenged, because even as the witch dreamed it up, she also dreamed its three adversaries.

And like all fairy tales, it takes trials to reach any type of result.

So the beast was to conquer the fields of asphodel, gather the five Hwansaengkkot, and steal the Sudarshana Chakra.

In response to this hodgepodge of mythology, the beast spat in narrative convention’s face, but left for the fields anyways. Even beasts must follow rules after all.

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But while A and N were trapped in the witch’s apartment lair, as I’ve mentioned before, they were only children. Mostly insignificant in the scheme of things.

So while they couldn’t leave, this was not the most interesting bit of the story.

No, that honor goes to the beast still hiding in the village, and the witch it managed to subdue from the deep confines of her mind.

While the witch was wasting away, trapping her influence in the mortal plane, the beast was getting ready to transfer its consciousness from hers to the ‘real world’ so to speak.

But to do that, it needed to finish the story.

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At the same time, the witch in the high rise bled on her floor. Her blood and lymph soaked into the cracks between the tile.

This seems quite irrelevant, or at the very least redundant, but what you have to remember is that the girl was a witch, and witches, much like English teachers like to thing of authors, rarely do anything without purpose.

And the purpose was soon to become clear.

When her watchers made to leave the penthouse suite, soon after they had created a foolhardy plan to escape the witch’s curse, they couldn’t move.

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So what now?

Her two listeners, let’s call them A and N for now, weren’t really prepared for this type of situation.

As you may or may not have surmised, despite their general air of indifference, A and N were actually quite young.

Everyone in the small city, well everyone who wasn’t a college student at least, knew about the creepy witch who lived in the penthouse of the only upscale apartment complex in town. Get through one of her weird stories, and as long as you don’t speak, you’ll get a boon in return.

What in the world’s a boon? Well, look it up, we have time.

Okay, so A and N were hoping for something. Unfortunately came the corollary to the previous condition. Let a story go interrupted, and you’ll fall under a lifelong curse.

Obviously, A and N were very unwilling to go along with this course. So, they hatched a plan.

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