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It was just out of reach.

Her fingers strained, stretching to their fullest length. Only an inch a way, less, even.

“Come on,” she muttered, desperate to reach it.

She was almost there, yet not close enough.

Kicking out, she growled angrily and tried once again. Yet, it stayed persistently out of her grasp.

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“This is your final try,” he warned.

“I got it. I’m ready,” she replied, stretching her legs out.

“Very good,” he replied, then nodded to her and walked away.

The buzzer rang and she walked to the starting line. Looking to the side, she found herself looking in to the eyes of her arch nemesis from the other school.

She smirked and the gun went off.

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Wow, I have no idea what to write….specific, specific.

Don’t be vague, be specific.

It rhymes with Pacific, and prolific.

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“Don’t eat that!”

She looked up at her best friend, who had dramatically reached out a hand and was rushing toward her.

“Why not? It’s just chocolate,”

“No. It’s not just chocolate. It’s fake imitation chocolate. The cheap stuff. You simply can’t eat it,” her friend insisted.

She rolled her eyes and despite her friend’s horrified look, popped the small piece of chocolate in her mouth and chewed, enjoying the sweetness of it.

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“What’s that?” he asked her.

The shy girl looked down at her backpack.

“Just a keychain,” she replied, picking at a thread on her backpack.

“It’s cool. Where’d you get it?”

“When my parents went to London they bought it for me, since I couldn’t go,” she replied.

“I like it,”

The girl looked up at him with a slight smile on her face and he smiled back easily.

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“Be strong, sweetheart,” he murmured to his daughter.

“I don’t want to be strong! She’s gone, forever!” she cried out in reply, tears streaming down her face. She didn’t bother to wipe them away.

Her father wrapped and arm around the girl, but as he peered over her shoulder at his wife’s grave he couldn’t help but shed a tear himself.

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“Of all the jobs in the world, I never thought I’d be a waitress,” she muttered under her breath as she tied on her apron. “Mama would kill me at the very thought of my waiting tables. College was also the next important step after high school to her, but here I am.”

“Hey, get out here! Now!” her boss yelled.

“And having a man boss me around. Definitely not what she wanted,”

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The girl sat on the bench, swinging her legs idly as she stared up at the large sign that was before her.



“What does that say?”

Her mother looked up at the sign as well. “It’s the bus sign, honey. It tells us where we’re going to go,”

“And where are we going, Mama?” the girl asked.

The mother hesitated, looking up at the sign. “I’m not sure yet. Just away, for now,”

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I used to try and do card tricks, like magic, all the time, but I was never good to perform them in front of someone. I like playing cards though, mostly solitaire. A while ago, a year or so, I came up with this idea to try and win every single Freecell card game. I’m not even close to finishing, though I win at least ten games a day. At my calculations, it will take longer than I have to live, probably, to finish all of them at the rate I’m going. All well, I can still try, can’t I?

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Light flying
Up into the air

A single flare
Sent into the clouds

A plane above
An island below

Stranded sailors
Yelling and signaling

Rescue so close
But yet, so far

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At my brother’s girlfriend’s baby shower, we played a game where we had to look in “dirty” diapers and write down which chocolate bar we thought they had melted into the diaper. I managed to get six out of seven chocolates right, missing only the Baby Ruth. I won that game, and it made the very first baby shower game I’ve ever won. Yes, I know my chocolate.

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The cowardly lion in Wizard of Oz. Strangely enough, that was the first thing to come to mind. I haven’t see that movie in a long time, though I did see a play of it, which was pretty good.

Coward, I suppose could almost be co-ward, whatever that means. A ward of the state, maybe a co-ward is a ward of two states? That makes no sense. Maybe I’ll just stick with coward.

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Like perfume? Or smelly soaps, I suppose too. I don’t really like fragrance, especially very strong smelly fragrance. It’s kind of annoying to have someone walk in the room and there is just a stench from some perfume that they think makes they smell good.

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I’ve never used an alarm clock. My mom always comes in to wake me up. I wonder what will happen when I move out of the house in the next year and a half and go off to college. I’ll have to start using an alarm clock. That will be incredibly annoying.

Unless, of course, I manage to get a roommate who wakes me up so I don’t have to use an alarm clock. That would be great. Unusual and highly unlikely, but great. Too bad my sister is younger than me so she won’t be my roommate. That would be fun.

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I already did this one once before…I gotta stop doing this… -_-

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A tool. It’s used to pry things loose, like bolts. A symbolic wrench could be someone or something that loosens things as well. Perhaps someone taking something apart, or destroying things.

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Aw man, I already did this one once already…

So, darkroom. That’s like a photo developing room, or something. I took a photography class once. I never learned how to develop photos though. I’ve also taken a digitally editing photo class. That was interesting, and forced me to use my nonexistent artistic side…

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I used to hate sleeping in a dark room, so I slept with the light on. Soon after I got used to the dark, I watched a semi-scary movie, which freaked me out a lot, causing me to sleep with the light on again. Now, I have the light from my fish tank on at night and it works well.

Isn’t a darkroom where you develop photos?

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I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Once, I ate one every single day for an entire week. And then I got sick of them.

My favorite type of jelly is probably strawberry. I also like grape.

My grandma makes the best homemade peach jam, which is different from jelly, but who cares? Anyway, then she freezes the jam and it is great on toast.

My sister in law also makes jam, except it is boysenberry flavored. I haven’t yet tasted hers.

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I dropped the dish
And then it broke
But I don’t mind
Because it was ugly

I dropped the cat
Down off the porch
He landed on his feet
Then hissed and bounced away

I dropped the elephant
(It was a toy)
It bounced off the bed
And landed on the floor

I dropped the computer
It hit the ground
And now it is broken
I mourn evermore.

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My mom used to make me write a daily report telling her everything I learned in school for the day, since I’m home schooled, and all. She thought it would help me get better grades or something. Eventually, I just stopped doing it, because it got annoying. She doesn’t seem to notice, or care, though. Maybe she’s right about the grade thing, though, since I nearly failed all of my classes this year.

She’s blaming it on writing, though.

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I have a ton of relatives. On my mom’s side, I have about seventy cousins, mostly because my mom had ten siblings. She’s the oldest.

My dad’s side of the family is quite a bit smaller. He’s the oldest of five kids, and I only around ten-fifteen cousins on that side, mostly boys.

They all live in diverse places, so I don’t see them very much. Perhaps once or twice a year.

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When I was younger, I was so into rockets. Now, I’m just into space itself. I wrote a novel that took place mostly on the Moon. Until a comet came and destroyed it, anyway. Yeah…

Anyway, so the story had these cool advanced rockets and stuff, even though it took place in the past. Apparently, the government is hiding advanced technology from the rest of the world or something, in my novel. Oh yes, and aliens do exist.

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I think I need to stop doing this at random times during the day. This is the same word as yesterday afternoon. I think I need to solve the problem of writing after the same word two days in a row by figuring out what time they usually change the word and only write after that time, or only before it. Whichever works best.

Yes, this is a problem that is not yet solved, yet. Hopefully, it will be soon. :)

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I used to hate math, where I would have to solve all those seemingly pointless problems. Yesterday, I took the SAT test, and figured out how much of that math I really didn’t know, because I opted out of taking another year of math this year. It’s not like I needed the credit, but I guess it might be nice to know more, even if it is just calculus.

Plus, me dad’s an accountant. I can’t be bad at math. It’s like, against the rules or something, right? Well, he certainly wouldn’t be happy, anyway.

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Didn’t we already do this one before? A spider is a creepy crawly creature that I very much dislike in my room when I’m trying to sleep. I don’t mind them in other places. I mean, they’re just trying to live out their life and get things done, just like everything and everyone else in the world. So why kill them?

Well, since some very poisonous ones live around my house, I kill them if they’re in my room. I don’t really want to get bit in the middle of the night and end up dead or some other such thing happening.

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I hate spiders. I know that they’re supposed to be good or something, since they eat other pests, but they still creep me out. I can’t sleep when I see there is a spider on the ceiling. Especially since there are black widows and hobos and brown recluse that live in my area. I could DIE from those. Or something.

Anyway, I always squish the guts out of the spiders if I see them in my room. Anywhere else, however, I don’t mind so much. They’re just chilling, doing their job. No reason to kill them.

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I love collecting recipes, mostly because the only way I can cook is by a recipe. Making things up isn’t so great. My favorite recipe, I think, it the one for chocolate cookies, that comes on the back of the chocolate chip bag. The only real reason is because it’s the recipe I’ve made most often.

My mom has this box, where she keeps tons of recipes, and then she has a shelf above it with recipe books. But, she hardly ever uses a recipe when she cooks. She just wings it.

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I hate sports. Really. When I was younger, I used to think that I wanted to play soccer, but then I was pulled out of school to be home schooled, and that thought went in the trash.

Now, I occasionally only play volleyball. I’m horrible at it.

The only sport I’m really good at is chess, if that counts. I’ve been told it’s a sport.

Who cares anyway, about sports. Really, I’ll stick to my books. And my writing. It’s so much better.

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